Saturday, September 13, 2008

Which one is better?

I need your opinion,babes..
Which one of these fabulous clothes look better?
Please..feel free to vote your favourite ones!

1) Bow Cardigan: Topshop Bow Detail Cardigan in Off-white or Black

In Off-White/Cream

In black

2) Bow Blouse: Forever 21 Pussy Bow Blouse in Yellow or Teal

In yellow

In teal

3)Sheer Top:

Warehouse Waterfall Ruffles


Principles Navy Blouse


Forever 21 Sheer Crop Top

4) Ruffles and Frills Top in purple:

Principles and Forever 21

5)Black Satin Corset:

Topshop Satin Ruffle Corset


Forever 21 Satin Corset Top

6) Hot Pink Top: Dorothy Perkins Drape Front Cardy or Principles Hammer Silk Blouse

Dorothy Perkins Drape Front Cardy

Principles Hammer Silk Blouse

7) Drapey Front Top: Dorothy Perkins Knit Wrap in Cocoa or Black

In cocoa

In black

8) Purple Blouse: Miss Selfridge Vee Top or Principles Damson Tunic

Miss Selfridge Vee Top

Principles Damson Tunic

9) Lace Top: Forever 21 Lacey Love Top or Topshop Lace Bolero

by Forever 21

by Topshop

10) Simple & Relax Top (in turqoise): Miss Selfridge Chevron Bib Tunic or Dorothy Perkins Jade Jewel Tie Waist Top or Topshop Tie Cuff Cowl Neck Jumper

Miss Selfrige Chevron Bib

Dorothy Perkins Jade Jewel Tie Waist Top

Topshop Tie Cuff Cowl Neck Jumper

11) White Shirt with Black Details: Warehouse or Principles

Warehouse Lace Insert Button Through Blouse and Principles Shirt with Black Tipping

12) Red-hot Blouse: Principles Satin Twill Jacket or Principles Plait Front Blouse or Principles Scarlet Lattice Front Top

Satin Twill Jacket

Plait Front Blouse

Scarlet Lattice Front Top

Thank You!!!



  1. wani..baju2 DP tu u tgk online ke ade kat kedai?sbb cam cantik2 pulak..kat kedai slalu cam blaaahhh je

  2. the polka-dot bow for the topshop bow cardy in black is totally a turn-off for me. looks jinjang jer macam!

    n i didn't vote for either one of the lacey tops coz errr err...too much lace!

    i love the purple Miss Selfdrige vee top btw! i wish the sleeves are longer least 3/4.

    weh jom shopping sama2 nanti? aku takleh la shopping ngan muaz. he makes me feel guilty spending money. grrrr...

  3. ni mesti nak shopping raya kan?? hehe bestnyee!!

  4. yaya heska: hehe..tu la pasal kan..i tgk kat kedai tak byk yg cantik lar...

    I tgk online jer..lom pegi lagi kedai dia..jarang nk masuk sbb..rase cam baju2 dia byk x cantik..huhu

    along: haha..yup! it doesnt look topshop-like..heh..

    the lace top from topshop looks better in real life u know.. for me la.. heh.. dah try dah haritu..huhu

    ok! jom shopping sama!! nak beli byk2 baju laa..bosan da baju haku...aku da tadek baju yg lawa...iskk

    katak_78: thank u!

    meera: err..yeah..heh.
    just browsing je dulu..hehe

  5. betul...i tgk kat OU la paling best still kene pegi semua DP..sbb lain2 design gak..anyways..semua pun cun..nnt i vote ye? oyaa..kalau selfridge pun not bad jugak..kdg2 nampak cam xsopan je ade gak yg cun2 tetibe..

  6. yaya: hehe.. cun tibe2? hehehe.. ;)
    tu la pasal.. kadang pegi kedai cam xde yg berkenan jer mcm.. tapi bile online, ade byk la plak choice..haihh..

    anyway, thanks for voting! i tgh nak buat compare n contrast nih..hehe.. ;p

  7. lovely tops..
    me paling suke topshop bow cardigan in offwhite, Principles Satin Twill Jacket and Forever 21 in purple frills top.

  8. me dah vote anyway.. hope it helps.. ;)

  9. the red blouses memang cun!
    i like the first pic :)

  10. hey u 3 sisters been hit by Bow/Wrap/Tie/Ribbon trends tsunami!!!

  11. im not sure if they do international delivery but try Supre..Aussie brand..die buat int la website derang..cute2 jugak..they only charge like aussie dollar 30 kot..

  12. what a coincidence!! i saw almost all of the tops u are comparing & contrasting at their shops yesterday! hehe

    anyway, most of the tops nampak lawa online jeee. real life looks kinda cheap!! especially the ruffles bit. tak cantik!

    IMHO, the ones yg I vote nampak cantik, when tried on. but then again, I'm small and most of the tops nampak selekeh bila I pakai. esp,the silky droopy. but since u've got fuller figure, mesti nampak lawa on u!! hehe

    whatever u do, make sure u try it on, bak kata my hubby, it has to be hands on! hahah whatever that's supposed to mean. :D

    have fun shopping!

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