Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Final Week in Marie France Bodyline!

So we've come to the final week of the contest. Geeeee...I wonder among the four of us, who has lost the most, and get to win some awesome prizes! (Congrats in advance to you, whoever the winner is! hehe)

So anyway...on my last week in Marie France Bodyline, I did a lot of tummy and front thigh treatment. There's a lot of gliding, tapping, stroking, massaging around those area...and not to forget, a lot of involving the machines too! Oh and oils, gels, etc etc! Seriously...I never thought slimming session would be such a fun and relaxing session!

Okay! I'm ready now.. Let's go for my slimming session and shake off the fatties away!

Arrived and get changed into their green kimono

Today's treatment would be: RBT 

Every treatment that I went to, my therapist would start off with a "Welcome Massage", where she massage my head, shoulder and arms.. feels so good to get this especially when you just got back from your workplace with all the work and traffic jam... So it is such a bliss having someone to massage your back, head, shoulder etc! Thank you miss! ^_^

So anyway after the Welcome Massage, the treatment for the day will begin... So for this RBT session, she started off with putting and compressing a warm towel all over the parts of the treatment area - tummy and thighs. Then, she put some body scrub and started scrubbing my body...

Next, she asked me to lie down and started massaging my tummy and thighs using their soothing massage oil.

Then after a good 1 hour or so...she put the brown mask on those area.. - Don't know what that is. I forgot to ask.. And later, she put some gauze cloth onto my body, and put some wax/paraffin (the one that I use for the Hand Treatment) and cover the whole area on my body..and let it dries for 30 minutes

Instead of sleeping and resting...I was texting with someone and snapping pictures. haha. This girl really doesn't know how to relax! Pffft ;p

Next treatment was the FES treatment- the hot wrapping thingy a.k.a the Mummy Returns treatment! hehe

Full body wrap, except for my "twins" part. hehe

Relaxing for 20 minutes while waiting for this treatment to finish

Andddd..... Balik rumah and get a REAL rest! hehe



  1. Did u lose weight? Tak nampak kurus pon. Mcm tk berkesan je marie france tu.

  2. anonymous: yes i did. but not that much YET, as you need to attend the session/treatment more often to see the result. my treatment is only like 2-3 times per week..and plus, within a month time tak brapa boleh nak nmpk result yg mendadak. so, kena consistent pergi la...
    Like mine, only for a month je dpt di sponsor... sob sobb...

  3. Oh its okay wani. I bet u can continue with the treatments even after the competition right? Do update us whether it works or not k. Im kinda interested too, im just afraid that the money that i spent is not worth the treatment. Thanks ya!


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