Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Some Random Photos

Hey guys..I am back now! Pheww! My whole body is aching.. all from that walking and talking and shopping and massaging! Damn..these Indonesian people really stroked and kneaded my body very very hard! It felt good when they massage you though..But the after effect really uncomfortable! >_<

Anyways.. Like I told you earlier on, I was ill the whole time when I was in Jakarta.. I had food poisoning, I think. Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, you name it! Ugh! Not a very good experience for me! And until now, my body still ain't recover fully from it.. Asik sakit perut all the time! Sobs.. T_T

So right now I will be needing a lot of time to rest, rest and rest! So that means, I won't be blogging that much, these few days.. (Sorry diary.. T_T   Please forgive me, I am not that well..tsk) this entry, I will only upload some random photos during my stay there.. (No story just yet!). These are just some of the photos that I chose from a 1300+ photos that I took during my 6 day in Indonesia..for your viewing pleasure..


In Bandung, they have this Angkutan Kota as one of their public transports. It's like a super micro mini bus. hehe

Teh Botol is really popular here in Indonesia. It does taste gooood! No preservatives coloring whatsoever. And it's really cheap too!

I am holding the skin of Eel and Stingray. I never knew Ikan Pari and Belut pun orang buat bag eh? I thought only snakes and goat and cow and pig and whateverrr..

 My fave food ever, ULAM!! Yummm!


Celebrated daddy's 54th birthday in Bandung. We surprised him by singing a song while having our dinner..

"Es Kelapa Muda satuuu, Pak!"

Next we're going for a Strawberry and Raspberry picking. And yes, I wear heels into the farm. hahaha. That's so typical of me! Heeee =P

Cutting my very first strawberry!

Strawberries waiting to be weighed

 This is the crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, in West Java

This guy was cheating! I bought some raspberries and strawberries that I thought tasted really really sweet. But turns out, he actually dipped these berries with some sugar water! Bummer! There goes my 50,000 Rupiah! (That's about RM 18++)

Factory outlets are everywhere around Bandung!

This is Makanan Padang

And this is Makanan Sunda. I prefer Sunda actually.. Very verrrryyyy NICE!

Visiting the Mini Indonesia in Jakarta.. At the back of us was the Rumah Aceh

I am in the city of Jakarta!

This steak was super duper awesome, I tell you! But this is also the food that made me vomited and diarrhea non stop! Blearghhh! >_<

We stayed at a suite in Sari Pan Pacific. Such a lovely cozy sweeeet room! heh

Me enjoying every bits of my time in the suite.. Watching movies, doing facial, spa, eating chocolates on the bed, etc! Super fun!

Shopping for the little things I need!

We also went to a spa palace to pamper ourselves! Mommy did some reflexology and a cream bath for the hair, while me..some French Massage and a cream bath for the hair too!

 This is the thing that they put onto our hair! Some coconut paste that they made themselves! Coolies!

A little mommy-daughter bonding session!

Ok that's it for now. Will update you for each and every day while we were there soon, ok?

No pictures of the daddy though. He was all the time on his golof! Actually that is the main reason why we went there. My dad wanted to play some golf for that six day straight in Indonesia - to unwind a bit from his hectic and busy day at work.. So me, my mom and the brother pun ikut sekali la to do a lil' shopping and pampering ourselves! Seronokkk! This was my first time visiting our neighbour actually..and I must say, Indonesia is such a lovely country. They are full with cultures and the people there are so so so so so so so so very verrrrry nice! Like practically everyone is so nice!! Sumpah cair hati bila bercakap dengan diorang! They are SO polite! And I really love their language! So soft and so polite!

Let's speak Bahasa Indonesia after this, shall we? hehe. Till then! Bubbye!



  1. haa... kagumnya awk boleh pakai high heels kat mana2 je.. huhu

  2. wany...
    bestnye g sane for 6 days!!!
    mmg puas la jenjalan kn..

  3. i always want to go to bandung.. to shop of coz!!:-)

  4. i always wan to go to bandung.... to shop of coz..:-)

  5. last time pon, my mom kene food poisoning at bandung. kene hati2 makan kot.

  6. Loving the Indonesian entry. Do put more photos up!:)

  7. welcome back!
    cepat2 update k :)

  8. Wany, tak rosak ke heels nanti? Btw, ishkk tak baik penjual tu tipu.

  9. wow! how many handbags do u carry actually for a holiday trip?

  10. dear, tingginya heels2 kamu...takut tgk!hihi

  11. wani cantik. gambar semua pun cantik. cepat update lagi pleasee!

  12. me too experience the same thing while in bandung after i had meat for dinner...sakit perut & took me 2 days to recover

  13. Planning for bandung too this Oct...! Ur entry give me some ideas what shud i expect there. Tq dear!

  14. I have went there, and they charged the strawberries 5000 rupiah only. Wondering why they charged you so much.. Hmm..

  15. tingginye kasut! tp hebattt!

  16. beb, bole x share the brand of the blue blouse tuh. loving it and hoping to get one for myself too :) thanks! - ZaZa


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