Saturday, December 4, 2010

So How Do You Store Your Jewelries?

Accessories and me can never be apart.

"Find me a woman who doesn't love accessories! They're like toys for grown-ups, aren't they?" - Victoria Beckham.

That is SO TRUE!

I would always wear at least one, to just about anywhere I go! Be it a ring, or a bangle, or a belt, or some necklaces around my neck or even a chic bag! Heyyy...a bag is an accessory too, no? hehe. So yeah, I would never leave the house without an accessory on me!

Accessories personalized an outfit. They last a lot longer than clothes and they can be a good, quick and not too expensive treat on days when you really need one! For instance, I always ended up visiting (and buying) Diva store whenever I dunno what to get for myself when I'm in a mall. They're consider cheap and always chic to wear! I think, it is worth to spend or should I say...invest in some accessories as compared to clothes, because you'll tend to use your accessories more often than your clothes. - You'll carry your bag everyday, whereas you probably won't wear the same top for every single day! Am I righttt?

Anyways, among the stuff that can be called as accessories i.e bags, shoes, belts, jewelries, hats, brooches, scarves, hair pieces, etc etc... what is your most favourite item, ladies? be honest, it's really hard for me to answer this question actually... because, apparently every girly-girl like me, likes everything girly! And accessories happened to be a girly thing! haha. So for me, if I really had to choose.. I think it would be shoes and jewelries. Those two things really do put a smile on my face. (Oh well..  and bags too! and err...head pieces, headdress..and err..lots more! LOL  ^_~) 

So this is my accessories/jewelries section on my dressing table.. Just a small area, though. (And yup, it's kinda messy.. Still saving some money to buy this type of vintage jewelry cupboard. Heh)

Anyway, today.. I wanna talk about some jewelries..since I have received some requests regarding my fashion jewelries collection. I know, you've seen my photos with really big rings or chains and whatnot, right? So today.. I'm gonna share with you some of my favourite pieces and how I store these jewelries! (Mom just gave me her jewelry box! - Thank you ma! ^_^). 

Just so you know...before any of you jump into conclusion that I wanna show off or anything... Oh well, this post is really not for me to brag. Seriously. I mean..why would I wanna brag my jewelries that I mostly bought for like 5-10 bucks? haha ;p (You've seen it yourself, right?). Well.. This is just for me to share how I store them (since I know a lot of girls would love to get some ideas on this) and to share with you, some of my favourite pieces, since some of you have asked me!

Okay... So let's start! ^_^

Now I'm sure most of you girls do possess some pretty costume jewelries, right? So how do you store them? Does it get messy and tangled with each other? Mine does! Like all the timeeee! Especially the chains and necklaces.  It's annoying! Especially when you're pretty late, and about to go out and just wanna grab your fave pieces, but only to find yourself untangling those chains for hours! Ughh >_<

That's why I need a proper jewelry cupboard. So I can just choose, grab and go! Yes, not just a box, but a jewelry cupboard! Because apparently, my overflowing accessories can't fit in the jewelry box anymore! tskk.

But least these days I stored these babies of mine quite better than the last time... Just so you know.. Last time, I used to put my accessories lying on the dressing table..

...and it's really really messy and sometimes they got lost in the jungle of Wani's junk.. and I won't find them ever again! T_T

So the other day, mom gave me this Mitch & Marc awesome jewelry box for me to store all my favourite pieces in here!

It has a lot of compartment to store all the rings, bracelets, etc! So it's cool! I likee! =)

It is a two-tier jewelry box. And in this compartment, I use it to store my watches and some head pieces/corsages, etc

Here's how it looks like when I have stored all my favourite pieces into the box!

At the both sides of the tray, I stored all my fashion rings. Some of the rings, I had them since I was 13, you know! Can you believe how long I've kept them? hehe.. I'm really good in keeping my stuff, don't you think?! Hee.. Oh well, they're my vintage pieces! Of course, I gotta protect and love them! ^_^ 
And in the trinket boxes, I put all my pins and small brooches. And the purple boxes on the other hand, I store all my real jewelries given by my parents. Whilst the black sequined box, I store another fashion rings of mine. Those that are considered as.. quite big rings..

 I have two of these boxes actually.. Both, I stored my fave bold rings in them.. 
Hmm.. The next time I buy any rings from Diva or whateverrr..I don't know where else to store them! Not so many space, now...ey? LOL ;p 

Anyway, in this compartment, I put all my items that needs to be sent out to the Jewelry Doctor! hehe

Ok..moving on to the lower part of the box.. where I kept all my pretty pretty items!! hehe. I've always love to see my stuff in here.. They're girly and flowery. I likeeee! ;) 
(I'm not really a watch kinda person. Hence, the space is so small. I dunno why...even though I have a few other watches, but I always ended up wearing the same one, every time I go out! haha. Lazy me! ;p)

Anyways...let's have a look at some of my fave items around here..

These are my classic pieces.. I love all of these! Sometimes I use it as a brooch on my scarf. Sometimes I put it in my hair or on a hat or something.. and sometimes I pin it on my tops/jackets, making it as a fashion statement

And these are some flower power! Normally I put these on my blazers..

Okayy..enough about the stuff in that jewelry box.. Now, we move on to another fashion accessories that I store outside the box..

Since I don't really wear head pieces/hairband/head band or whatever you call it thattt often.. So..I don't really need a huge space and compartment for this one..

So I stored all my cute little hairband, gypsy head band, etc etc in this small wooden basket..

Next.. I placed some of my bangles, bracelets and charms on this pinky cylinder thing.. They're great to store your bracelets! But unfortunately, there is not enough space! I need it some moreee! tskk. T_T

If you're planning to get one of these, I bought this at Girls Store in KLCC, by the way..

And just to share with you, these are actually my fave fave fave wrists accessories! These 6 items are my all time favourite among my other bracelets/bangles.. They are pretty and super cheap! (None of these were from Malaysia though.. They're from Aussie, Holland, Indonesia and Jeddah, by the way)

Next that I'm gonna show to you are...

Everything else that are on the table! haha.

Well I can't really show you girls each and every item in here, can I?  I know, you'll be bored reading me blabbering! haha.. So I'm just gonna make it short.. 


I have two doll necklace holders and one ring&bracelets holder that is in a high heel figure, which I bought them while I was in Bangkok last year. They have no brand/label as I bought them at one of the flea markets in there.. So I hang all my junks around them.. They are pretty messy actually... I don't know how else (and where else) to store them! T_T 
Does any of you have any ideas on how to store necklaces and chains without looking so messy? 

Oh yeah.. by the way, that hot pink bangle was given by one of my reader as my birthday gift, this year! Thank you so much Kak Mawar! ^_^

And next... In that blue Tiffany & Co cute jewelry box, I stored all my scrunchies, hair bands, hair clips, bobby pins, etc etc.. While in that black box, I put some miscellaneous items..

So that's it... That's how I store all my accessories!

Ohhhh... and before I forget... I have another part that I want to share with you girls...

...well, under the dressing table, there are some drawers.. And in one of the drawers, I divided the section into two parts; I stored my brooches, and another compartment is for my most favourite necklaces everrr. I love all of these necklaces so much! That's why they deserved to be placed in a safe and comfy place! haha. Unlike that messy dolly necklace hanger! haha ;p

So these are my lame brooches. I don't really wear expensive brooches, unless it's a gift from my mom (which rarely happen! LOL ;p)

And..can you see the flower pearl brooch at the corner lower left side of this tray? was a gift too, from my reader, a.k.a Kak Ain! Thank you kak! You're so generous to give me some brooches and the Tie Rack scarf! God bless you! hehe ^_^

So these are my favourite necklaces!

Okayyy.. That's it! Enough already! You've seen most of my jewelry collection now! hehe.. So how do you store yours, ladies? Care to share? =) 



  1. Wanny.banyaknye aksesori kamu ;) Rasa macam nak balik rumah skang & susun atur sgala mala brooches sy yg bersepah2 itu ;)

  2. aaahhhh bling2 n girly stuff...i love it,simply gorgeous...byknya items ni wani...k.suzie selalu simpan dlm box tp asing2 ikut items mcm bracelet,necklace,chunky rings etc.

  3. wow! u keep it nicely in those case ya! Ni ble last long sampai bape hari ni kemas sebegini?heheh

  4. I've seen in DIY magazine from oversea showing the good storage of acccessories. They put their necklaces/bangles/bracelets in the tissue holder. (Tissue holder like what we have in bathroom.)

  5. banyak nye...
    rambang mata.. hehe..

  6. hi wani! you know what! i have an idea how to organize your accessories especially necklaces! i already posted the picture thru facebook message. check your inbox! have a nice day! xx nurul :)

  7. u are a one jewelery seriously.. amazed gurl

  8. Banyaknya Waniiiii! *pengsan* Boleh bukak kedai Diva sendiri. Hehe. Suka tengok broochesssss tuu.

  9. love ur huge accessories collection...i never have my own jewellery box.usually i just store them in shoe boxes.haha.. n now i was thinking of getting 1... i was thinking of getting something like this...wut do u think?

  10. eee cantik nye .. suke i tgk ;)

  11. wani nak tahu tak nur punya accessories kan suku saje dari wani punya.. hehehehe..u know what u have everything dear so hargai la oke ^___^

  12. salam wanie
    sy ske tengok cincin2 awk
    cantik la..
    boleh tahu wanie beli kat maner selain diva?

  13. hello wanie,wanna share sumthing with u..
    i think its better not to put all watches bertimpa with each other coz it can affect their mechanism.. sbb battery la, magnetism laa.. etc.. etc.. nnti cepat rosak..
    mybe u could find urself a box to store watches plak.. and actually, ada kedai borong yg jual brg utk display accessories.. dkat2 dgn berjaya times square.. ppl call it Bastow (i donno how to spell it)..
    its much more cheaper and lots of choice.. tp dh nama pun kedai borong,u kena beli borong la. like 1 item kena beli 12. mybe u could have a look first.
    i'll turn to 22y.o dis 24th but i dont know why i looking foward for ur birthday so much.. perhaps bcoz its a 1st time i found someone who is just like me.. and for sure, i LOVE higheels so much..
    by reading ur blog, its like my dreamS come true.. sbb ape yg i nak, u ade.. and my fashion sense its nearly same like u.. i got the idea already but couldnt make it real.. sob2.. so, thanks you!!
    btw, i love toffe nuts also!! bought it for 1st time and fall in love instantly!! and help myself for the 2nd time. hihiii..
    (wahh.. sorry for blabbering so much. gomenasai!)

  14. wah banyak nyer**pengsan jap**

  15. wani, kat mana beli brooch tu...sume cantik2

  16. Hi Wani, baru jumpa ur blog since last week..tak puas2 baca all about ur blog N3 which i loved it! napa la i tak jumpa ur blog before i got married yea..hahaha LOL :p
    mmg byk giler your accessories, why tak beli jewellery mirror cabinet je..ada mirror plus additional parts for them!


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