Friday, May 1, 2009

My Stila Haul!

Guess.. what's inside this Parkson paper bag?

Yep. My stila catch!!

I bet by now most of you guys already know about stila is going back to the States, huh? (I know.. this news was like a month ago! But I got no time to blog about it..heh. So here I am..writing this post for you girls! hehe)

Well, if you still don't know anything about it, I'm going to tell you this sucky news..

Apparently, we won't be having stila counters anymore cuz stila is going to close their counters in Malaysia and in some other countries as well, girls! (Omg! How am I gonna stock up my make up supplies after this?! I've been using stila ever since 'she' came to Malaysia! isk). Well.. it happened not because they are bankrupt or something (like what the rumors have been circulating all these while) but rather they said, they are doing a financial restructuring internally and sort of like reassessing their funds or something. I'm not sure. So they would only sell their products in the US only after this! sob sob! =(
(err...but it still sounded like bankrupt to me! hahah)

Did I ever tell you guys that I looovee stila products? Well, not only because of the cute packaging that they offered, but also because the quality of their make-up itself is really great! Just ask any of the make-up junkies, if they ever try stila's eye shadows or their kajal eyeliners or their famous lip glazes, they sure gonna loved it! Well, at least I do! haha.

One of the foremost reasons why I love stila products is because they designed their products to make them easy to apply. Especially their eye shadows! Oh I love their silky, velvety texture so much! They are such a pleasure thing to apply and blend.
Putting on these highly pigmented soft shadows using a real brush or even your very own finger is a true joy. They are also wonderful to use wet as liner colors. Just so you know, I've tried so many products before, and stila's eye shadows are the best so far! The shades and shadows that they offered are all beautiful, highly pigmented colors! So basically what you see on the pan is pretty close to what you will get on your eye lids! Plus, stila eye shadow stays on throughout the day without smudging or creasing!! Seriously, the lasting power is pretty impressive you know, as compared with other brands like M.A.C, Clinique, Loreal, Body Shop, Benefit, Estee Lauder, etc etc.

I personally think that every woman who wears makeup should own one of their eye shadows! And trust me, once you’ve tried one or two, you’ll sure want more! hehe =P
(Oh, and just so you know, 97% of my eye shadows are from stila! That's how much I loved the brand! hehe).

So here's a little background about this Stila Cosmetics.

Make up As Individual As Your Signature.

Stila Cosmetics is a wide make-up range that has celebrity status not just for their quality of products, but the packaging that comes with it too! Stila's signature look is fresh, polished, and feminine. Stila Cosmetics was originated from Los Angeles and was created in 1994 by a top celebrity makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell and is known for its modern, sophisticated, non-intimidating approach to beauty. The brand's innovative, multi-tasking formulas, eco-friendly packaging, and fashion-forward colors have cemented its place on must-have lists of top beauty editors around the world. The prestige color brand is a regular on the pages of magazines like Allure and InStyle, and frequents the runways of top designers during New York fashion week. Stila's goal is to help every woman celebrate her own unique beauty, to look and feel like the best version of herself, and to have fun doing it.

Jeanine’s vision was to help every woman look like the absolute best version of herself, without compromising what makes her special and unique. Jeanine innately understood that when we all try to look like someone else, we all end up looking the same-the very opposite of stylish. Putting her philosophy into practice, she imbued her new makeup collection with a sense of her own individuality and innovation. Recyclable packaging broke all the rules of the time, but reflected her personal values and respect for the earth. Lipstick shades were named after cherished friends. Clean, fresh illustrations of the Stila Girl allowed every woman to picture herself wearing the products instead of aspiring to be or look like anyone else. And because this was Jeanine’s brand, a professional makeup artist’s brand, only the highest quality ingredients were used. Stila was fresh. Stila was fun. Stila was revolutionary. And it still is.

So anyways..

While we have this bad news that stila will no longer stays in Malaysia, however, I have a good news for you girls!

The great news is that ALL STILA COUNTERS in Malaysia are having clearance of their stock, which is up to 70% off! And I mean everything is on sale!! (Actually, it started a month ago! hehe.. But I did not got the time to blog about it.. Anyways, I managed to grab some stuff that I needed throughout this one month..haha.. Fyi, the sale is still on-while stocks last! So, if you need anything, go and grab them fast ladies, before it's too late! They still have some eye shadows, foundations, lippies, etc etc. But most of the value buy items/ limited editions/ beautiful unique packagings have sold out already! sob sob.. How I wish I have their Hair Refresher, a pretty pink umbrella,the Bronzing Powder, their fabulous Shimmer Dry Oil, the Precious Pearl Palette, the Convertible Mascara, the Silk Eye Shadow Wash, Silk Shimmer Gloss, and this Double-sided Brush)'s my catch of the month! (Some of the Stila merchandise like it's travel bag, notebooks, etc were my free gifts when I purchased their stuff a loooong time ago. And that was when I was about 16 or 17, I think! hehe)

These are 3/4 of my Stila items! My collection from few years back!! hehe

For Face:

All about the Eyes..

Some gorgeous Lippies:

My stocks for Make-up Removers, Face Powders- Sheer Pressed Powder and a Hydrating Loose Powder (oh, and perfumes too)..

And the rest of these pictures are all of my collections of stila merchandise that I still keep even though some of the items were already 6 years old and are kinda looks worn out! heh =P

Oh, I absolutely loved this tin cans! I have 6 altogether! (Another one is on my office desk! haha) This tin container can be used to stuff all your make up brushes, your mascaras, your liners, your lip glazes or lip glosses, your hair combs, or even your stationary. Oh what a cool stationary holder, right?! hehe ;)

These are all the notebooks, oraganizer, postcards and catalogues that I kept since 2003. Stila used to send out these catalogues to their customers' address. But recently (since around 07/08 I think), they don't do that anymore.. Hmm.. no budget I think. Plus, the catalogues were quite expensive as they used quite high quality glossy papers..

And this is the inside view of the hard cover blue diary/ organizer. Cantik kan? Ver.ry cool, I think. But it was meant for 2008. iskk.. I really love the girly persona that the stila girl potrays. =) 

Oh, and this.. "Stila Comes to Malaysia". I got this postcards when stila just arrived Malaysia! Very cute, ey? She wears a Pink Kebaya! =)

And this is not a bookmark actually. It was actually for perfume testers. But I make it as my bookmark cuz it is so cute! hehe

And this is some of the stila paperbags that I have.. The one that I love the most is the 'Chinese New Year' theme. Cuz it's in pink. And the stila girl wears a cheongsam! How cute! =)

This one is a Kleenex facial tissue! By stila! It has stila girl and lip glazes all over it! It is one of my collections that I love cuz it's verry rare. =)

These are my stila girlfriend club mugs.. Awesome designs kan?

And last but not least, my stila make up cases and travel bag which looks like a baby bag..hehe.. I use this bag for overnights or sleepover for a short period or balik kampung or balik weekend from hostel or wherever lah. eheh =)

Oh... That's the end of my stila stories! Goodbye stila! I shall miss you very much once my eye shadows and lip glazes are out of stock! =P

Oh yeah..btw, even Victoria Beckham uses Stila lip glaze! Coolies! =)

P/S: What's your stila stories girls?? =)

stila is style



  1. For me, Stila sucks.Their lip glaze are overrated.Not that high quality pun.And imho, Loreal eye shadows (yg palette) wayyyyyyyy more better than Stila eye shadows.I've been using the Loreal eye shadows, then ingat nak try Stila plak since it's cheap kan skang, tapi result hampehhhh.Color tak 'lekat' pun compared to Loreal.

    And lip glaze, adoiii sucks gila.Make Up Forever lip gloss is the best to me.Chanel pun lagi best.Stila dah la mahal, tapi low in quality.Harap cute packaging je.

    Sorry Wany, but that's my Stila story :)

  2. fara: ngeeee =)

    reena: hey there..

    oh..for me, chanel's makeup pon sgt best!

    tp i tak brape suke loreal, i plak yg tak lekat eye shadow dia kat mate i..hehe.. sbb i find most of cosmetic brands, jarang i nk jumpa yg senang lekat warna dia kat mata stila sgt senang nk apply..thats y i love it very much

    n the lip glaze plak, i suke sbb dia tahan lama..dah minum air byk kali pon or jilat bibir sendiri, still ade glossy effect lg..
    i only wear it for the sake of nak bagi effect gloss lame kat bibir i, if i plan mcm malas nk touch up2 on that particular days..hehe

    but for really high shine mcm watery effect punya gloss, i'd go for estee lauder or juicy tubes by lancome or dior and chanel. oh, bobbi brown pon ok jugak..hehe..

    oh btw, i dont like stila lipstick actually. but i love love love make up store and giorgio armani punya lipsticks! those 2 brands punya lipstick mmg sgt best i tell u! hehe =)

  3. OMG!!! Banyaksssnya.... collection....

  4. i love Stila Lip Glaze, Major Lash mascara and Kajal eyeliner!

    hey that black eyeshadow palette with diamond studs is mine ;p

  5. byknye yr stila stuffs!
    anyway,tak tau plak stila dah takde kat malaysia sad..ingat lagi dulu mase brand tu baru kuar n we were both crazy about it!hehe.

  6. Waaa Wani.... Byk nye ur stila stuff!!! I'm so freaking jealous la girl,hehhe =D lets trade/swap some of our stuff, ^_~

  7. omg nape kawe tatau pasal niiiiiieeeee!! STila bankrupt ker?? bukan ramai ke pakai stila. hoihhhh smpi bila saleeee??? tlg2

  8. wah wani,

    banyaknye...tanak jual eh? hihi

  9. wOw.. love ur collection :D i <3 stila sebab packaging n eyeshadow je..hehe.. yang lain i <3 lancome, and BB.. disebabkan stila tengah sale, ku beli 10 stila cans, 4 pouch, mugs, supaya senang buat hadiah kat i tink :p hehe.. i'm looking for the talking eye palette tapi takde dah >.< kne laa kirim kat mak nanti (dia pi boston, nak tumpang sekaki?hehe)

  10. Jgn sedeh, next time just beli from Ebay US ajer lah :)

    You can get the Lip Glaze as low as RM15 campor shipping to Malaysia. Murah kan?

  11. Wahhhh so many Stila stuff! U ni mg gile la. ;P i've to agree with some girls here, stila is sometimes overrated. If not for the sucky expensive $$$, I mg nk pki Stila. But I have to say, i LOOOOOOOVE the Lip Glaze!

  12. wow. saya sgt kagum.
    sangat byk koleksi Stila tu. Berpotensi tuk bukak outlet sendiri.
    Kamu memang Godzstilla. (ini bkn spesies antu)
    he he.
    Cute tak terkata. Kamu pun cute.
    Semuanya cute.

  13. omg how much u spend on this?? o_O


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