Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Valiram Sales

Today is the last day of the Valiram Sales at The Gardens.
I only went there once just to look around what's on sale since quite a number of people asked me whether it is worth to go or not. be honest with you, if you're looking for luxury items that cost slightly (or maybe more) lower than the boutique price, then this is the right place for you. But If you're looking for verry cheap items (and I mean stuff like handbags, watches, etc that cost just a few bucks), then I don't think that this is the right warehouse sales for you. The reason why I said this is because I overheard some girls were complaining while they were in the hall. They said something like "This sales is stupid and ridiculous", "After less also still thousands. Might as well just buy fakes." , "Wtf?! What kinda warehouse sales is this?!", and et cetera. Malas nak panjangkan cerita. hehe.

Anyways.. let me tell you what kinda warehouse sales is this..hehe. =P
Valiram Group carries branded luxury items like Dunhill, Hermes, Asprey, Rolex, Chloe, Jimmy Choo and etc. Their main target customers are from high income people. So based on my observation from just one month of my internship here, I can see that basically their customers are from middle to high-income level people (depending on which stores). And for these people, items that are usually cost like 10k being reduced to like 2k or something is consider cheap. You can't expect a Jimmy Choo snake skin boots that was priced for RM 13k++ being reduced to only a RM 100! Even an Aldo or a J. Lo's shoes cost more than that! ;P

And also, some Chloe's ready-to-wear items that cost 10k has been reduced to only 1k++! Well.. 90% off is a lot, man!!! (Although for an ordinary girl like me still feel that for just a plain normal top that costs more than 1k is madness! What more if it is 10k? huhu). But well, different people have different perspective of what is expensive and what is cheap. For someone who earns RM 50, 000 per month might say that an item that costs RM 10k which then being reduced to just a thousand Ringgit might say that it is bloody cheap! Just like for someone who earns RM 5, 000 per month and saw an item that cost RM 1k being reduced to a hundred Ringgit, right? I bet if he or she loves the item very much, would definately grab it as fast as he/she could! hehe. But..then again, it all depends on what kind of items la. Some people might think that a small car that cost 100 thousand of Ringgits is considered affordable. But for some other people it is bloody ridiculous. all depends on your perception towards how you view things.
Like me, the other day when I went for a store visit in Pavilion, I saw a handphone that costs more than a RM 100k!! I was like..really realllly surprised! I never knew there're handphones that expensive!!! is ridiculously insane la! Well..that's my opinion..cuz I would rather use that money as a trust fund for my baby or whatever that is beneficial for future use.. heh
But then again..for millionaires or bilionaires or whatever..may say that "Oh.. 100k for a handphone is nothing!". hehe.

Eh..entahlah.. Apa entah aku merepek nih.. =P I making any sense here? haha. I just realized that I am starting to blabber ridiculously. =P
(And I refused to press the 'Backspace' button and delete all my words that I just typed. Penat type woo..).
So if you do not understand anything at all that I just state there..just ignore me k.. cuz that is not the topic that I wanted to share with you today! Melalut pulak.. Itulah.. disebabkan dengar orang tu marah-marah and complain2 dgn kawan dia kat situ buat saya membebel kat sini pulak..haha =P


So on Friday after work, I dragged my mom and
sister to go and a have a look at their sales. Umm.. there were not so many people la, for a warehouse sale.. (which is good..because I cannot stand crowds..I could faint, you know. Seriously. Saya tidak boleh berada di tempat yang terlalu sempit atau tempat yang terlalu ramai orang. Nanti tak cukup napas pastu pengsan. Dari kecik lagi asik pengsan. haha. Macam hobi pulak.) =P
Oh.. and I still remember the last time I went to a warehouse sales by FJ Benjamin..oh my goodness.. People are insane you know! The ladies who went there were like piranha ready to attack their enemies who touches things they saw first on the racks! haha. Women are really funny, I tell you! (Teringat scene dalam Shopaholic) ;)

Anyways..this is the catch of the day!

Gucci Horsebit bangle watch. It has diamond and mother of pearl, which adds a little glam to any wrist.

A Fendi B Orologi Watch. Mine's a leather strap though. Hmm.. I think this watch would look great with jeans. =)
It looks kinda big and rugged on my small wrist.. which is good cuz it has been so long since I last wear a big watch or a watch that looks like a man's watch. (My Cartier watch-that-looks-like-a-men's-watch has been stolen by a bitch from hell! isk.. Hmm..well, nevermind. It was 3 years ago.)

And this is a Charles & Keith grey satin clutch. It was the last I grab it! hehe. This clutch reminds me of
Fendi's Stone Belt! I have been eyeing this clutch for months but at that time I decided not to purchase it because it was priced for over a hundred. Fyi, I don't buy a small clutch for over a hundred ringgit. So when the SA told me this is a last piece and has 30% off, I was I bought it =)

And later that evening, we had our tea time at Pastis. My favorite cafe at The Gardens. Food here is really yummy! that's all for my Valiram Sales story..hehe.

Oh, and thank you D! ;)

p/s: To you.. 27 dah dekat.. Nak hadiah! hiks =P




  1. waa Wani.. heaven nye shopping. I wish i cud be there shopping too..


  2. auwww.i love both watches!~its simple yet elegant!i've been experienced in people who stole my Dior watch.i know how u feels :( sgt sedey kan.but u have the pengganti(s) :p

  3. Yeah, mmg ada hp yg beratus ribu K.Setahu i hp paling mahal is Vertu (Natasha Huson guna hp ni).Lagi plak klu yg special edition cam ada diamond whatsoever.Tak tau plak yg u tgk ni hp apa.Nice clutch btw.A'ah i tgk pun terus teringat kat belt Fendi tu.

  4. anis: hehe.. tu lah.. byk jam lawa2 mase tu..

    anis: thanks.. =)
    yup..mine was stolen from my room in my hostel.
    My own roomate! heesh. she took a cartier watch, a dior jadore perfume that my dad gave me for bday present, a burberry perfume (a bday gift from paris,for my fren that i wrapped specially for his bday) and a packet of an instant spaghetti!!

    reena: yup2! vertu laa.. yg ada diamond sume 80k la, 100k la..
    the cheapest yg i tgk at that time was 50k kot..yg tu takde diamond..
    klaka la..smpai phone pon nak berdiamond2 n white gold etc..huhu =P

  5. i get what ure trying to say. ada in one of those self development books i've read dia ckp something like, "it's not that the stuff is expensive, it's just that we cannot afford it". coz like u said, ikut la org tu punya income n lifestyle caner. so don't get mad if the items u want are expensive. it's just that u can't afford it! i can't afford those gorgeous jimmy choos even after further reduction tapi xde la nak bengang ke hape. ouh, n one more thing, marah terhadap stuff u can't afford is not good - something to do with LOA, but that's another story.

    tapi xleh tahan bab comparing discounted designer goods with fakes? apakahhh?? ;p

  6. setuju dgn iza,say NO to fake itmesss for whatever reason it is!kak suzie bought pre-owned item pun ada yg mengata but i always think it's better than buying imitation.even 2nd hand tp masih in good condition

  7. wany.. i suka ur explaination... mmg sgt bernas... u make people think twice bila nak buat perception buruk dekat org yg high income... u n iza very humble which is good.. i sgt suka pada org yg senang tp bersikap sederhana mcm both of u.. keep it up gurl...AIDA

  8. along: itulah pasal..huhu ;p

    Aida: errr...u salu ada perception buruk kat org yg high income ke? naper?

  9. Hi Wany! Saja nak tanya,smlm pun I went to valiram sales at the gardens.I really like this one coach shoes tp sayangnya its 1/2 size bigger.Bila I balik rasa menyesal x beli, pg butik dah xde sbb season lama.Mcmana nak beli ya sbb dah habis warehouse sale itu? :)

  10. Hhehee, i love the Fendi watch esp on the buckle details. Last summer i balik Msia nak buat glasses, ade this one beautiful Fendi frame. Tapi tak mampula esp since pakai glasses bila kat rumah aje :p. So opt for yg mana i mampu. :)

  11. hi your watches...and the clutch...i pegi sales tu hari sabtu tapi takde pulak diorang keluarkan clutch tu...huhuu...cantikla...

    iza, heels jimmy choo cantikkan..tak tahan tgk...haduii...

  12. cun la clutch tuh!nak jugakkk

  13. Wani, sorry had to kacau i kat sini plak.1stly thanks sbb tlg jwb my q kat blog Iza.Iza beli the keychain tu kat M&S mane eh? I carik kat one utama takde pun, tanye kat SA dia pun dorg cam tak sure mane ada jual, sorg cakap ada kat KLCC, my friend cakap kat sane takde pun :( can u tell me again where else can I dearch for those kind of keychains? and what's the price range like? Appreciate it so much if you could me jawab..thanks in advance! :)

    p/s:Sorry terpanjang pulak :P

  14. kak suzie: alah..biasa la manusia..
    ada aje bende yg tak kan puas dgn org lain.. heh..

    anonymous: hello there..
    aww..sorry to hear that! sob sob..
    umm...i dunno how u can get the shoes la..nnt i'll check n ask with my colleagues k..

    but i have good news for u..

    psstt.. i heard there'll be a next warehouse sales.. but not sure when..maybe next month..maybe next 2 months..or bile2...we'll see! just stay tuned! hehe ;)

    aida: itulah..haritu pun i tried on some fendi sunnies..oh gawd they are amazing.. tp x cukup budget la..isk

    salha: thanks dear..
    anyways..well, i pegi mase ari jumaat..n mase tu pon dah mmg tinggal satu je..

    nickila: ehee..i pun suka.. ;)
    nnt when im done with it..maybe i'll sell it k! hehe

    shasha: oh dear..u reallllly like that keychain huh? hehe..comel je sampai terus pegi cari..hehe..

    anyway..she bought that keychain loooong long time ago.. well, if im not mistaken it was muaz who bought it for her.. it was priced at 50 bucks. i wanted one too, tapi cepat gile habis mase tu..

    but then..just a few months ago, i did saw a few cuties keychain at m&s.. such as a red pumps..and the other one that i saw was a sunglasses ke ape tah..lupe dah..

    but the designs still can't compare the one like my sister's. so i didnt buy (lgpun i dah ade keychain corset mase tu.hehe)

    anyway..sebenarnye i salu gak nmpk byk cute2 girlie keychains ntah nape susah lak nak ingat skrg kat mana i nmpk tu..huhu (soo sorry, can't help u!)

    nnt kalau i nmpk, i will definately let u know k..

    y dont u email me n leave me ur contact no or email..senang sket nk bgtau u kalau i ade nmpk..
    ok thanks =)

  15. Iza..thanks so much for replying..tu la last time i rasa macam i pun penah nampak..but bile nak ingat balik time tu la cannot remember..ya, i rillllyyyy want the keychain.LOL! Ok nnt i'll drop u an email..thanks again dear! :)

  16. kite suka jam fendi itu !!!

  17. no la wani i bkn ada perception buruk pada yg high income but i pun slalu menjadi mangsa di kutuk.. org ckp mcm2... suke menunjuk la n bla bla sbnarnya its for our satisfaction rite? hurm manusiakan susah... i really adore u n sis iza.. keep it up gurl.. fyi i'm ex iium. AIDA

  18. Pastis? Very near to my internship office.

  19. Hi may I know more of your experience as an intern in valiram?


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