Thursday, May 28, 2009

Need a favor please..

Hello lovely ladies!

Tonight, I will count everything and sort out the perfumes and cosmetics according to what you guys have ordered. However, I need your help to make my work easier..

For those of you who have ordered and paid, can you please list down what you ordered and how much you paid because my current gmail is kinda messy already with more than 300 emails to reread... There's just soooo many emails and I get confused easily. Plus, there's still people who keep on bombarding me with weird questions and also asking for the list even though the sale has already close! gmail pun sudah pening kepala... =(
(I got no time to sort out my emails! Cuz I need to send out to my customers this weekend. So I only have time for tonight only!)

Plus, some of the names are quite similar and some orders are quite similar too.. So to my dear customers.. I need you to email me to my other email that I created just FOR MY CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE ORDERED AND PAID ONLY. (Not for new order or asking how much I charge, what are the list, etc...whatever whatever...). I REPEAT, FOR MY CUSTOMERS ONLY!! NOT FOR NEW ORDER PLEASE!

However, for those who have placed some orders too, but did not get my confirmation or reply, you can still email me because I did purchase the things you guys ordered even though you still haven't pay yet.

Actually I already have your names in my list, but I need to reconfirm that the stuff is yours without me pening kepala bukak email satu-satu and whatnot..

So what I need you to do is to email me like exactly the same format in my previous posts, (name, add, contact no, orders, paid, etc) to my not please..
And the subject of your email is COD (for COD customers) and POST (for customers who wanted me to post the item). So, I'll be able to differentiate which is which and give priority first for COD because some of them wants me to deliver it this weekend..

Your cooperation is highly appreciated!!! (Sooo sorry kerana menyusahkan!! isk)



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  1. dear wanie,

    if u "terbeli lebih" loccitate sweet blossom tu,lemme noe eh...nak order yesterday,but i totally forgot..huhu....



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