Saturday, May 30, 2009

My progress..

I'm sorting out my mails, my excels, my receipts, the payments and the stuffs.. to the people who preferred to deliver, to COD, to post and to the unconfirmed ones (who has ordered but haven't paid.. err...but I also still haven't reply some of your mails to confirm! Sabar ya! saya dahulukan yang dah bayar.. I'll get back to u as soooon as possible my dear!!)

I have like more than 200 items to get to!! huhuhu.. Its tiring but somehow the work is enjoyable!

I am sitting in the middle of cosmetics and perfumes all scattered all around me!! Seriously, my house is like the cosmetics and perfume counter in KLCC! hehe.

There's lotsa lipsticks standing right beside me..then there's a huge amount of superb mascaras, and the palettes, the lovely perfumes and lots more!! hehe. Even my mom couldn't resist not to take anything from my stock when she saw me unpacked the stuff! Sambil sambil tengok my barang, she said.."ala..semua best.. Mama nak ni lah.. Umm..ha yang ni pun mama nak jugak..ha yg ni ada orang reserved tak?" hehe..And my sister who came here last night also said the same thing and she said all these things are so menarik to look at! What more if you purchase it! You get to touch, use, feel, smell it and enjoy all by yourself, right?! hehe =)

Okay lah, so I'll see some of you girls tomorrow k!!

Good night!



  1. wani..ada lebih jgn lupa buat open sale ye. :)

  2. memang ada lebih pun! hehe..sabar yer..

    nak clear kan yg dah bayar n order dulu.. =)

  3. wani..jap..jap..sori if i ketinggalan zaman...u buat sale or amik order and u tolong shoppingkan brg2 eh cane ni..tak paham...aaaaa...sori...boleh tak nk tau...lepas ni teringin gak nk order from u..

  4. i tak ambil lg barang i,
    tapi kalau ade open sales... sure i tergoda lagi.... TIDAK!!!!!!

  5. salha: hehee..
    takde, aritu ade warehouse i buat service utk tolong belikan brg.. so tu lah dia brg2 yg i tlg belikan tu..

    aisyah: u ni comel lah aisyah!!! dari haritu lagi mcm ni..hehehe.. so cute! ;)
    anyway.. nnt i hantar ur brg k dear... i hope u can sabar with me.. byk sgt, i have to do bit by bit (which is 25 orders per day).. kalau tak, boleh jadi gilakkk..huhuh =P


    psssttt.. ada lagi perfumes sales coming upppp!!!

    tp ni kena tunggu i habis this one first! hehe

  6. wah!!! i'm so tempted... great effort dear!

  7. hello!

    ade tgk versace bright crystal tuuu.. nakk tau, ade lagi extra x? how much eh?


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