Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Buyers..

I will deliver some of the stuff to KLCC this Sunday. I won't be doing it on Saturday as I am really exhausted. On Friday I got back from work and reach home about 10 pm. Got important things to do. And now, it is 4 am (Saturday) and I still have not finished sorting out my mails and the orders as some of you did not follow my instructions properly. And to make it worst, my m2u account is currently unavailable! I've tried many many times.. but I just can't assess. So now I cannot check who has paid me..

Therefore, I think I'm gonna take a day off (because 4 hours of doing so is not enough!) and sort everything in order before I start delivering. Hope you girls understand! I know, mesti tak sabar kan.. I would too! But I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting for extra one day..

I really really hope you girls understand my situation..

Many thanks!

And good night!


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