Monday, May 25, 2009

I Hate Them.

I found some photos of the Cruzs.

Oh god.

They are freakingly gorgeous hot women! I am officially a lesbo now. haha =P

Woohhh.. Hotness overload! hehe..

Want moree??


It's official.

I really hate the Cruz.



  1. Oh i loveeee Cruz sisters.Memang hot tahap max.So sapa lagi hot? Cruz or Posh Beckham? Hehe.

  2. hahaha. they are HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
    especially the last pic., cantik dan sultry

  3. dia ni cantik tp kadang mcm tak bley nak control her self .. pernah baca satu artikel pasal dia, dlm fitting room pun boleh teransang dan berfantasi sendiri .. mengong tulll .. tp dia cantik kan .. hehehe

  4. dorang ni kembar ke or siblings?

  5. Yes i hate them too...

  6. reena: hehe..mesti la mereka.. posh tu baju2 je hot n i like her personality..
    tp bdn tak hot pun..huhu

    swit@kon: itulah pasal..cantik tahap maksimaa...huhuh.. geram gile tgk...
    i yg pompuan pon leh geram..ape lagi laki..haha

    aida: huh..seryes ke? uihh...sbb terlalu cantik smpai diri sendiri pun tergoda ke?? haha =P

    anonymous: they are siblings

    sarah: yeah... how i wish i have those gorgeous pair of eyes, the eye brows, the boobies and the body and the hair!! hehee =P

  7. are they twins? muka sama sebijik.

    the shoes in pic #4 is so cantik. reminds me of my hantaran shoes, tapi with roses instead ;p

  8. Iza: No, they're not twins.Monica, the younger sister muda 3 tahun kalau x silap.

  9. It is official that i love women, beautiful women that is.

    I love looking at them, i love ogling over them, i would love to touch them (not in a kinky way) just so i know how the skin feels like and i admire them.

    BUT... this does not mean that i love them sexually. Saya masih mengidamkan kot* ye..

    Hahahahah.. pervert sungguh daku.

  10. Man that's HOT! And I'm not even swingin that way, hehee~ mahu ass itu juge~

    BTW, Posh, sexy?? Skinny body,fake boobs...nothing sexy bout the combination.


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