Friday, May 15, 2009

I'll Think Of You..

I love music.

Any kinds of music actually.

But whenever I'm feeling blue, I choose to listen to songs that could make me cry. And I would listen to it over and over again till I got no tear left to cry. (Just so u know, I like to really feeeeel the meaning and the interpretations of the song).

Like today, I chose this song called You'll Think Of Me by Keith Urban. My God.. he has such a wonderful vocal! I fell in love with this song the very first time I listened to it.. He really made my heart melt.. (And listen to his other songs! You'll love it.. Well, at least I do.)

You know, whenever I listen to music, I don't just listen to the tune and melody of the songs, nor just understand the meaning of it, but I like to put myself in the singer's shoes as if the situation was mine. Especially sad songs! And if the song is so touching, I will cry like nobody's business! Even if the meaning of the song has nothing to do with my life! haha. I know, weird, huh? =P


Here's the song. Take a listen to it. =)



Such a sad song!

Oh hey, I found a YouTuber who sang this song in an acoustic version.


He IS superb! I urge you to listen to it! Suara dia sangat menjiwai lagu ini! =)

hmm.. If there's a guy with this kinda voice and sings this kinda song to me or for me..I DEFINATELY would cry the very second he starts singing it.
Sangat menyentuh hati dan perasaan saya. isk.
(Especially if we just broke up or had some fight or something.)

Oh my God.

I'm such a drama queen la. hehe =P

Oh, I really miss you, Ajeet. Dunno why, somehow this song reminds me of you.isk ='(

Much Love,


  1. Hey....

    I will spend my blues time by listening to the sad song too..or maybe watched the movie that end with sad ending..

    Hehe..Then..nangis pon smpai tersedu-sedu..mata bengkak-bangkak..=p

  2. hi wani... i pulak sedih bile dengar this song... usher separated

  3. Oh Wani.I loveee this song! Another great song frm Keith Urban is Tonight I Wanna Cry.

  4. haha, this used to be my break up song.. dem.. nanges2 sudey..

  5. demm this used to be my break up song.. sedey sudey.. huu

  6. brad paisley ain't half bad either. he has a song done with keith urban. his new single 'then' is soooooooooo schweet. plus he looks yummylicious wif his guitar heh =p

    you shud check him out!

  7. Heyyyy.Nice meeting u that day walaupun sekejap.U ni comel lah.Hehe.Sori i blah camtu je sebab masa tu tak tahan nak terkencing sangat.Haha!

  8. hey wany! i saw u that day kat surau pavilion..

    omg...u are really pretty la dear! and ur hair is SO nice!! very black n volume! can u tell me what shampoo u're using? cuz it looked so great la!

    n i really respect u, altho u have such a nice set of hair, but u still wear ur scarf wherever u go!

    i ingat nak tegur i malu sbb i x pki tudung.. hihi =P

    p/s: u're really pretty with or without ur veil! i hope to wear it too someday, insyaallah. (doakan i yer!)

    -fatima K -


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