Sunday, May 10, 2009

To whom it may concern..

Hello my dear readers..

I am so sorry I did not reply some of your emails, Yms and text messages.

I have tons of emails and messages to get to, so be patient with me!

I will reply each one of it as soon as possible. (But not in this two days time as I have another event to devote myself. It's Rolex. And it's due tomorrow!)

Okay, I'll revert to you as soon as possible!
Thank You!




  1. wani,off topic sat...
    got 1 lady who wanna let go her stila umbrella.
    it's rm45...
    i'm only willing to pay at rm30..haha..
    if u're interested,let me know...
    i'll give her email to you ok..

  2. Wow. Itu bunyi jam mahal.
    Saya nak ikut tapi sesumpah saya tak mampu beli.


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