Monday, May 11, 2009

Becoming a Mystery Shopper

On my first week of working in The Company, I have been assigned to be a mystery shopper for their stores in KLIA. Hmm..what exactly is a mystery shopper, ey? And what do they do? Well.. mystery shoppers posing as normal customers, performing specific tasks such as purchasing their product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

And on that day, I have been given evaluation forms for me to assess each and every stores that I visited . There were about 10 stores that I visited altogether which are The Flying Emporium (Cosmetics & Fragrances department store), Dunhill (Men's Fashion & Leather Goods), Coach (Fashion & Leather goods), Hermes (Fashion & Leather goods), Salvatore Ferragamo (Fashion & Leather goods), Swiss Watch Gallery (Luxury Watches), Mercedes Benz (Collectible Items), Tumi (Bags & Luggages), Mont Blanc (Writing Instruments, Leather Goods, etc), Godiva (Fine Chocolates) and lastly Fashion Galleria (Leather goods - One of the competitors).

So on Thursday, 24th of April 2009, I started touring around KLIA to visit their stores at about 5 pm and finished around 7 pm. Just so you know, The Company didn't give me any funds for me to do some shopping. (I know! So sad! isk.). So basically, I shopped using my own pocket money..isk.. Well.. my dad's money to be exact. (I am just a money maa...)
So that morning, he gave me some Euros for me to exchange it with Ringgit at the airport after I told him I had to be the mystery shopper but I ain't got no monayy..heh. (Soo..thank YOUU daddie!)

So anyways.. the first shop that I went to was the Flying Emporium. At first, I never intend to purchase anything at all..cuz you know, I thought I wanted to save and could use that money that dad gave me for something else. Or maybe transfer it to my savings account. Plus, this store sells fragrances and cosmetics. And well.. I had enough of perfumes and make-ups already.. However, the Sales Assistant was very nice to me.. She showed me this and that.. New products la.. the substitutes of this and that, some promo items, and whatnot.. So I was feeling kinda like kesian and all to her after all of her efforts. Plus, she was verry very nice to me! So I decided to make a hole in my purse..and purchased two bottles of perfume from Cartier. One for me, and one for my mom (as her birthday gift!). They were from the
Delices De Cartier range. Oh, and I also bought the Agent Provocateur Titillation balms for Nipple and Lips. hehe. The packaging was so cute you know! Plus, I couldn't resist not to buy anything from Agent Provocateur! Their stuff are just so sexay! ;)

The white balm is for nipple and the red one is for lips. This stuff smells amazing, you know! Love it to bits! ;)
So anyways.. basically this store has won my heart.. cuz I rated this store with all 'Yes' answers on the evaluation sheets. Seriously, the service was superb! I love that girl! =)

Okay, moving on..then I went to Swiss Watch Gallery. Oh my god.. I hate the experience so much. The girl just stood there and did not even greet me. She did not layan me at all! All she did was looking at me like I'm some kinda penyibuk or something.. Ughh.. I spent about 5 minutes only. She made me feel very akward and unwelcome though I asked her quite a number of questions about the watches there - to show that I know about their stuff! heh. But, it didn't work out. haihh =(
Oh, btw I rated this store mostly some 'No' answers..haha. Padan muka. Sape suruh poyo sangat. eheh =P

So after that I went to Mercedes Benz, Tumi (another excellent service!!), Ferragamo (suck!), Hermes (great!), Mont Blanc, Coach, Godiva (awesome! I got to taste some chocs!), and Dunhill.. Well, basically the services that these stores offered were quite okay la.. Only one or two stores je yang macam poyo. Well, probabbly cuz they were luxury items, so the retail assistants tend to be like judgemental or something kot.. Tah la.. Or was it bcuz I don't buy anything? Durhh.. it's their job to give the best service to every customers la, despite the fact that they're frumpy or not! It's customers for God's sake! You don't provide good service only after you judged the potential customers! But well.. then again, they're human. Humans have emotions. So probably they were really tired kot after standing there for God knows how many hours..So, malas nak layan la kot? Plus, it's human nature to judge people. Ain't that right? heh.

Anyways.. here's what I purchased.

Not much though.. Semua benda kecil-kecil sahaja..

Some Mont Blanc pens and refills, keychain holder, Cartier perfumes (for my mum and me), Agent Provocateur balms, Hermes tie (my dad's), and some Godiva chocolates.. Oh, and I almost bought something from Coach. It was something from Bonnie's. Tapi pikir 40 kali, lepas tu tak jadi..huhu. =P

Okay, that's all for today's post!

Thanks for reading! =)




  1. I hate orang/kedai/butik yang judge orang thru dressing/skin color.WTF la this kind of people.

    Oh get well soon!

    P/S: Jangan lupa update pasal Asprey event ye :)

  2. same wif me..flue and sore throat and cough...tensen je..sepatutnya company wani kenala bg duitkan utk best..=)

  3. Dear Wanie,
    Ive been reading ur blog for quite a time.juz wanna know wat exaxtly Agent Provocateur Titillation balms for Nipple and Lips can do? n can a breastfeed mommy use it? how much does it cost?

    thanks dear..


  4. agent provocateur titillation tu berapa ek... interested.

  5. wani, u r soo rich, berapa ek allowances u one month? huhu

  6. So... that was the reason y u bought the RM50-box-of-6-chocolates huh?

    I got an email to be a mystery shopper at a luxury boutique in KLCC (tapi dia tak state which boutique) doing the same things like u did, n they'd only pay RM140 for that. I pass it up. sikit sgt la kan, baik buat advertorial duk diam2 depan laptop with Ayra by my side n got paid berkali2 ganda the amount! haha.

    Well at least u got some money to spend jadi a mystery shopper! kira cam got paid la gak. ;p

  7. waaaaa kena kuar duit sendiri...adoii...kalau 10 kali jadik mystery shopper...kopak le dato'hamid..hehehe

    bestnyaa shop2..biarlah kecik2 pon still rasa best...

    eh cantik packaging yg balm tu..cute much ya perfume cartier tu?

  8. I pun benci ngan SA yang dok butik mahal2 anddd diorang belagak macam butik tu diaorg yang punyer..macam org takde duit je nak beli..not all tho..

    bestnye jadik mystery shopper..sakit sket la takde sponsor tapi experience tu tak bley dibeli..:P

    keje baik2

  9. wani,

    how much is the Agent Provocateur Titillation eh? cam best je

  10. wani

    i da sent email kat u about this.

    have u read it?

    please reply.

    really need ur help tau.hik

  11. hi wani,
    i've been an avid reader of yours for quite sometime already.i want to know more about the mystery shopper tu. can email me tak?

  12. hello there. I'm a mystery shopper too!=) May I know which company you are working for?


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