Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Week's Catch!'s only Wednesday.. hehe.. But well..nevermind..

Anyway, last week my hauls were some lippies and some gorgeous eye shadows for my customers.. Oh and also a refill of compact powder. It was for Kak Iffah. She's very nice n suara dia pun sangat cute! hehe.. I have already posted to each one of them. (Thank you for buying it from me, girls! Nice meeting you girls!)

So for this week.. I bought some eye shadows, mugs, tin cans and etc. Thank God they still have the mugs and tin cans!! Sooo many girls ordered them from me! So the tin cans I sapu semuaaa that were available on the counter..haha.. But the mugs they still have quite a lot according to the SA la..(so if you want to grab it for yourself, go and get it now, baybeh!)

Okay...these are the things that I need to post to my dear readers/customers by this week Insyaallah.
Thanks for buying ladies! It was such a great experience la!! Oh, and to you miss cutie pie.. I will post your gift in this week jugak! hehee ;P (I know.. lambat giler gilerrrr! haha.. But don't worry, to make it up to you, I ada bagi extra gift lagi! hehe.. Lagi pun I baru baik demam.. So..maafkan saya ye kerana menghantarnya sangat lambat! )



  1. wah...
    arini ade pegi ke?
    diorg dh re-stock tak this week?
    mau pegi lagi...
    tp takut kuciwa brg kosong...

  2. Hi Wany, ada extra give lagi!!cool!!. I tau u lmbat hantar tapi i dah kate I dun mind kan..I understand ur situation.

  3. Thanks wani...

    and my voice isn't cute la!!

    Hahahah. You're SO cute in real life! Patut la dapat bunga dari your young man.

    Oh and thanks for the tip abt diva sale.

    Len kali blog abt that kinda stuff la. Akak ni susah nak tahu benda2 like that... through blogs like Miu's la dapat tahu....

    thanks ye...

    (and visit my book blog kalau ada tingin nak beli buku heheheh)

    Kak Iffah

  4. u beli kata mana ye? KLCC punay cans sama je

  5. cuteeee..
    wani macam tau2 je tpt nak dpt barang2 cute ni..geram tgk!!

  6. dik wani.

    im still waiting for the 'how i wear my scarf' entry.


  7. owh plssssssssssssssssss i want the mug and the tin can also. wani, ade lagi tak?


  8. get it where?
    owh please assist..

  9. Eh, ada Anna Sui tersesat plak.Hehehe.

  10. Eh, ada Anna Sui tersesat plak.Hehehe.

  11. wani, nak pg beli lagi tak?
    amik order lagi tak?


  12. Ohh my Wanie,
    Mane you dpt those mugs yg sgt adorable tuh?
    If you don't mind, can I purchase it from you? =D


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