Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh yeahhh.. I'm doing so good now! =)

I have recover bit by bit..

Good to know that everything seems to be okay.. Well, at least half of them la..heh =)

I thought about what Aizat has told me long long time ago.. It's really true la.. Well, at least it happens to me many many times already! haha

Here's what he said..

"Kalau kau happy sangat hari ni, mesti esok-esoknya ada benda yang akan buat kau sedih sangat. N kalau sedih sangat hari ni, mesti esok-esoknya akan happpyyyyyy sangat-sangat.. Maka dengan itu, jangan extreme sangat happy sebab nanti sedih pun dapat extreme.."

Haha. Boleh percaya ke tak agaknya ayat tersebut?

I think boleh.. Sebab memang dah banyak kali sangat dah jadi macam tu kepada diriku ini. Masa bulan 12 iaitu di Amsterdam paling takleh lupa. Memang betul apa dia cakap. haha. Padan muka diri sendiri. (Note to self, lain kali happy sikit-sikit je!)

Hmm.. And last week I was soo happy with work and life, then tiba-tiba this week macam tah pape sangat je.. Sampai pening kepala for four days non stop! Heesh.

Fyi, saya ini dilarang extreme sedih atau happy. Nanti mesti dalam masa yang terdekat dapat yang sebaliknya. Kalau extreme happy, memang la takpe. Tapi, "kena" lalui saat extreme sedih pulak nanti.. haha..Tak mau la.. So better, moderate je.. huhu

Macam hari ini,

Saya sudah kembali di paras normal.

It's because some of the things that has been on my mind for the past few days, I already cleared them up! hehe. All thanks to Kelly, my supervisor! Oh my God... I love her la.. She is very nice!! She was really concern about me, and asked me so many questions. And the best part is, she was very professional! She can also read my mind and is a really good observer, cuz some of the things that she told me about her first impression, and her evaluation or thoughts on me after 2 weeks, most of them were quite true!!! And I loveee her words and her intonation very much! I don't feel akward at all! (Usually I would, if I talk to people who is much much older than my age..huhu).

We talked about my work, the people there, my issues that has been bothering me, and some other stuff.. And she even tried to solve them for me.. (How great!!)

And I feel sooooo relieved after telling her.. =)

And to make my day even more graceful, I got my paycheck, and I am allowed to come to the office at 2 pm on Monday! (Cuz I've got some issues to settle. huhu).

And also, mom shipped me out to a Thai Odyssey for me to have my body massage for about 1 hour 30 minutes tadi. Fuhh.. badan lega dah.. So thank you, mother! =)

Oh, and another thing!! I just indulged myself with Cadburiess! Oh..chocolates really can make you feel a lot better la!! =) (Tapi kena makan banyak la pulak untuk bagi efective..tapi..effect nye..kat my bums! haihh)

And now.. I'm going to have and enjoy a hot and longgggg bath to make my day even more relax and meaningful..hehe

BUT hey, I am not in my extreme happy mood! So.. good to know that! haha =P

Oh by the way, thanks for your kind words, ladies! Love y'all very much! Mmuahh! ;)



  1. hey,

    i totally believe in that thing of "being tooo happy would mean that you'll b sad the next day"..

    but this believe is often related to my exam time..

    in our case (my frenz n i)...if we laugh tooo means that the exam that we'll be facing wud b hard..n like wise...hehehe....doesn't make sense? i know...hard to swallow the concept at first too..

    hmm...tot we were the only only to feel that way...good too know there r more out thr ;) btw...cheer up mate!! -nurul-

  2. oh...
    kite pnah gak org ckp cmtu...
    mak juga selalu berkata begitu...
    jgn happy sgt , nnt sedey...
    & ade jgk pnah berlaku...
    tp kdg2 terlupa diri jap , so jadi over excited...

    gitu eyh?
    sy tak berapa happy lah & tak mo gelak lah...
    coz minggu dpn saya exam...

    bestnya pi massage...

  3. told ya chocolate could help you a bit ehehe :P:P plus..cokelat ada antioxidant tau so boleh mkn cokelat tp takleh selalu la okay..

  4. wani i baru je nak blog pasal bende happy lebih nanti sedih. and nak tau benda tu leh percaya ke tak sbb dulu zarith yg ckp kat i camtu.

    mmg slalu jadi kannn. tapi psychology ke ape?

    sbb kalau kite slalu fikir camtu je kan, mesti kite rasa takut kan nak happy lebih2? cam bila nak happy gelak kuat2 ke ape pastu mesti cam opps. sabar2.

    tak aci kot. sbb everyone deserves to be happy :)



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