Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birth Day and Mother's Day

Oh. I totally forgot to make a post about those two important dates.

7th May 2009 was my one and only brother, Aizat's birthday. He turned 18 this year. Well, Happy Birthday, bro. Jangan dok gatai2 carik awek je keja.. Kasi perabis blaja dulu. haha. Look who's talking =P

And 9th May 2009 is a Mother's Day!! Happy Mother's Day mummy! ;)
You know I love youuuu.. (And you too Aizat!)

Hadiah untuk kalian nanti2 lah ye.. Saya pokai. huhu

Your daughter and your sister.


  1. errr..yang.hari ibu bukan second Sunday of May ke..huhuhu(10hb)

  2. Haha. Yeke? Tatau plak. Sukati je I ingat kan saturday.huhu

  3. adik wany, muka your bro mmg klon muka your mum ek... anyways, happy birthday to him & happy mother's day to ur mum and your sisters...

    your silent reader,
    kak dany

  4. eypp... what a coincidence!! my brother Amir turned 15 on 7th May 2009 too!! hehehe..

    so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both our Brothers & HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to our Moms!!! ;)


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