Thursday, May 21, 2009

VG Sales

Ladies.. Here's some information I managed to get! (But I haven't be able to go there yet! isk)

For Coach bags, they have discount mostly up to 30%.

Jimmy Choo shoes prices from RM 500 to Rm 600. (Just a normal pair of shoes, tho) But the nicer ones do expect some RM 1000++ and above (quite a good bargain bcuz it's Jimmy Choos!!)

Charles & Keith shoes you can get from as low as RM 30!

Chloe Bags around Rm 2000++ (usually the lowest price for Chloe bags are around RM 4000++)

Dior, Fendi, Gucci, etc watches you can get them from as low as RM 1000++ each!

Hermes for RM 1600++ after 70% discount! (Omg..Hermes??!)

Tag Heuer watches around 50 to 60%.

And Cartier perfumes, "buy one free one!!"

Okay, that's all I know for now..

Kawan-kawan, mari kita rompak bank!! hehee =P



  1. i went this afternoon but sadly mos of the good catches has been bought... but it's ok tho cuz i still managed to have sum good bargains like coach hanbags, perfumes and watch.. tq waniee

    p/s : gaji bulan depan nampaknya kena jimatla.. ha ha ha...sudah mlampau spend

  2. kne rompak bank sendiri la gamaknya ;p

  3. thanks for the tip. i went yesterday. dapat la some bags.

    sadly the shoes i liked takde in my size. so i left after 30 mins or so.

    but thanks so much for the tip!! i saw this group of ladies descending on the coach counter and carrying off a few bags. One of them was a carly (pink). I think the carly was going for only RM1300. Cheap la. :)

    thanks again for the tip!!

  4. C & K shoes for Rm 30?



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