Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lush is Love!

Ever heard of a cosmetic brand called Lush, ladies?? Oh well... it's something like The Body Shop, but much much muchhh moreeee awesomer! heheheh ;p -Body Shop used to be my fave brand for body products, ever since high school.. (My first cosmetics that I tried and purchased back then was from The Body Shop too, btw)

Well..I've seen this Lush shop before when I was in Paris, London, Amsterdam, few years ago..But I don't know whyyyyy I didn't go inside the shop to check it out.. - Every time when I felt the urge to go inside the shop...there must have something that happened after that or... I got not much time or something like that... =__=' 

So anyway, last December, when I was in Zurich...finally, I get to go inside! ^___^

And mannnnnn......I felt like a fat kid in a candy store!! hehe. I was soooooo fascinated by the stuff in hereeee!!! O___O
This shop is sooooo colorful and has a lot of pretty, awesome, cute, interesting stuff to look at!! Oh, I fell in love instantly! hehe

Just look at all these soaps!!! Isn't it cool??!! And best of all, these are all HANDMADE! Yes, Lush is a handmade cosmetic company that uses fruits and vegetables, essential oils, synthetic ingredients, honey and beeswax in their products...and they don't use animal fats in their products at all! And just like Body Shop, they are also against animal testing and only perform tests solely with volunteers! Isn't it grrreat?! hehe 

These are the skincare section..

Everything is in black containers, tubs and bottles.. with a cute font of descriptions on it!

These are the facial cleansers! Everything looks so interesting, I felt like buying all! haha

But I settled for this Herbalism cleanser. It's for oily/acne prone skin like mine.. And it's such a great product! It's great for people who have oily or combination skin.. 
The smell isn't great. But it didn't really bother me - This thing smells like earthy kind of smell..some people don't like it..But for me, it's ok!

Some other testers..

Their perfume..

....and these are my fave part! The bath bombs! Such cute stuffs here!!

Shampoos! Yes, these are shampoos! A bar type, that is!

And these are bath bombs..

Soaps...and more soaps!

Massage oil bars..

Body butters/lotions...

Bubble Bars..

Thisssss bubble bar called The Comforter is awesome! It has such a sweet smell, which is very comforting! hehe.. And this is one of their best seller item!

Bar soap called Honey I Washed the Kids! Cute name, ey? :)

..more bar soaps!

It doesn't look like soaps to me! It really looked like a cake to me! haha

Me trying on their face products..

These are their fresh face masks..made from a very fresh ingredients! They smell verrry natural...and they have such a cute name too! Oatifix, Love Lettuce, Cosmetic Warrior,  Brazened Honey, A Crash Course In Skincare, Cupcake, etc etc!

Lip scrubs..

Lip balms

I only bought 4 items that day! I really feel like buying a lot, especially the bath/body products, but since I still have a lot of body products at home (4 stacks/racks of body stuff in my bathroom) that has not even reached 50% of usage for each bottle! tskkk.. So...the rationale woman in me said, just try some product first... And later, when most of my Soap and Glory products has finished...then only I buy new stuff! heeee ;p

So yeah, I bought the Herbalism cleanser, since I heard that it's great (and it is! Been using it since December! And I love it! ^__^), the Tea Tree Water toner, the Cosmetic Warrior face mask, and the bubble bar soap called The Comforter.. 

Wanted to buy more face products that day...but I just purchased some facial stuff from SK II and Sothys.. And I don't want to keep on changing products! Heeee... So that explains why I decided to purchased those stuff; Cleanser, Toner, Mask and a Soap :)

.....I'm lovin' this face mask! But the smell is horrible though...hahaha ;p
It smells like egg or something! But oh well, never mind..cuz this stuff is gooood!

This is The Comforter bubble bar soap!

I used this when I had a girl's night in, with Shida last time..

Look at that! Pretty bubbles!!

....ahhh...So comforting! hehe

Two happy friends, having a girly time with Lush products! hehe ;p

Can't wait for Lush to arrive Malaysia!!! I wanna buy the massage bar, their shampoos, all of their facial masks, and lots and lotsa soaps and their bath bombs, so I can have a girlie session like this again! hehee. Or....... in the mean time, I can get them in Singapore if I ever go there! hehe

Ok, take care girls! ;)



  1. the soaps looks awesome... :)

  2. Lush is the most awesome bath products ever, love love love it, Msia should have our own LUSH too kan?

  3. Hey there, you should try the bath bombs! It is insanely, amazingly, superb nice yummy smells..i really wanna eat that!

  4. Wahhh it's awesome dear...I memang suke sangat with products skin care like scrub, mask, etc...

  5. My ohh my. Sooo true. I thought you were in a candy shop just now. Do you know if there is any in Australia?

  6. hi babe, yes Lush is among the best product ive tried. Help me a lot with my dandruff hair while im in UK. However, sadly, they have this campaign to boycott using palm oil from Malaysia/Indonesia stating we have unsustainable plantation. Although the one we had in Malaysia is the best practice by far. I feel a bit upset with these and some Malaysia already boycott from buying their stuff.

  7. Cute-cute je semua product tu rasa macam nak makan. ;p

  8. I adored LUSH! From Youtube only. :((( They are not available in Malaysia... D':

  9. halal ke smua nih

  10. amirah. ..lush is available in i guess they should have one in OZ..but i'm not sure about that :)

  11. anonymous: she wrote it there, it's made out of of course it's halal. -____-"

  12. lush is available in aussie too..I went to perth last time and found the shop but a bit expensive compared to UK price. Singapore pun also mahal..Am currently using rose jam for bath and jungle for hair..totally love it!

  13. Thank you for this informative post... Love it!!

  14. Lush is available at flatabovefoodsbury! Check em out!

  15. so do we have lush in malaysia yet??? :-(

    1. hey :D my friend and I are opening orders for LUSH products :D we are students in Czech and I am going home soon. feel free to DM me on Instagram if you wanna know more details :D You will get the items between middle Dec-middle Jan.

      My instagram: hanis_amanina


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