Monday, May 21, 2012

A Girlie Affair with Shida! :)

I had a realllllyyy great time with my friend Shida, the last time I had a girl's night in with her at Marriott. We did a lot of girly stuff in the hotel.. And ohhh it was such a fun time! Facials, spa, movies, gossips, pillow talk, manicure, bubble baths, camwhoring,  etc, etc! We really did have a great time together! I loveeee having this kinda sleepover with my girlfriends  ^___^

I will definitely blog about this later.. For nowww, let me just have a quick post, and share some of the random pics I took over there.. (there are more than 600 pics to be chosen and I'm gonna need a lot of time for that! haha ;p)

Checking in..

We sure did bring a lot of pink stuff over there! Including her pink car, to suit the theme! hahaha ;p


(the bellboy smiled at us for bringing all theseeee... But we didn't care! haha ;p)

Pillow fight. haha


Had awesome hot bubble bath!

Getting ready..


Sleep! HA HA. So fake. LOL xP

Went for a spa session at Dewi Sri by Martha Tilaar Spa 

Gotta love this cute girl! ^__^

Packing..and it's time to go home!

Isn't it fun to have someone who shares the same interest as you do? Will blog soon! Now am gonna catch my dinner! Taaa! Talk to you soon! ;)



  1. Ohmai.
    I love your style soooo much.

  2. Assalamualaikum sis, I really love to see how you style your shawl by making it into turban. I try so many how to wear turban, but it doesn't work. Can you do a bit of tutorial on how to wear a turban like you. Really appreciate it if you can make it one. :)


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