Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bridal Event at Zebra Square

Was invited to a Bridal fair/event by HGMS, at a place called Zebra Square (somewhere near Jalan Tun Razak) last Thursday night... 

The event was beautifully done by their wedding experts and in collaboration with BetaDome as the venue sponsor.. This is my first time seeing an igloo in Kuala Lumpur! haha.. I think it was such a cool concept that they used here! It's something different and very unique! The size of this dome is about 20 metres if I'm not mistaken.. So it's spacious enough for you to have like a little event or something.. Birthday parties, or product launching or whatever...
Hmm.. it's kinda cool you know, if you're planning to host a party in here, playing around with the lights and whatnot.. Such a cool, different ambience! ;)

So anyways...what do they have in here? All bridal/weddings related thingy! this! The pelamin!

Or this... the wedding photographer Ikram Ismail, that is

When I saw this person's work...I knew I saw it somewhere..... It was my sister's wedding!
(Last time, her official wedding photographer was Ikram Ismail too.. and I reaaaalllly like his work! ^__^)

Datuk Siti's wedding last time pun pakai Ikram. Oh, she's soooo sweet and pretty!!!

Enjoy some of the rest of the photos..

..with the pretty Christine

The lightings here made me looked so purplish blue! haha

With the sexy voice, Rachel ^__^

Later that night, they brought us for a tour around the Zebra Square..

They have a Fashion Academy in here, offices, a main hall (still under construction), a garden area..etc.. This place is quite big..

It's perfect for a wedding spot!

With kakak CikLilyPutih

..and here is the Fashion Academy area

So for those who would like to learn how to make a scarf or accessories or baju or whatever that's related to fashion, you can join this class in here! ^__^

The sewing room!

Fashion 101 lesson!



  1. shaz..!!cool gile igloo tuh and the wed thingy inside there was super ohsem! =)

  2. Salam wani, I nak tanya, rose buds yg u jual tu available lg x?I nk order.thanks.


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