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Day Two in Hong Kong: A Magical Saturday in Disneyland!

So on our second day, we've spent another day in Hong Kong Disneyland, since it is soooo big that you need at least two days to discover all rides and entertainment in there!  ^___^

For those who haven't been to any Disneyland before, you must be wondering what's so special and magical about Disneyland that you need to spend a whole day in there, right?? Oh well.. Disneyland offers a world-class, unique family entertainment experience inspired by the original Disney's stories, and it features some of the best classic attractions and entertainment in there! And it is so big and have a lot of fun theme lands and attractions that you surely wouldn’t want to miss all of them! So that’s why you gotta need at least two days in Disneyland! ^__^ 

And Hong Kong Disneyland is designed for guests to leave their troubles behind and enter a world of yesterday, tomorrow, adventure and fantasy! ^__^

So anyway..on my second day there, me and my brother started the day having a breakfast in the Enchanted Garden, in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.. 

The place is enchantingly beautiful! hehe. I loveeee the main door/gate!

Very garden-y 

...and oh! While we were having our buffet breakfast in there, 
there were also a Meet and Greet session with the Disney Characters! ^__^
I was a happy kid in there! LOL

There were Pluto, Mickey, Daisy, Goofy, etc etc...
They would walk around and greet you and take pictures with you..while you have your yummy breakfast..
And if you're lucky, they would even hug you! hehe ;)

Oh, I'm lucky! LOL ;p

By the way, these are some of the food I took.. It was Mickey's cute little pancake...

....and waffles too! 
(Gotta love this waffles! - I ate a lot of these, the whole time I was there! hehe)

That's the pretty Daisy looking at my camera! I love her shoes! hehe ;)

I still remember, when I was a lil' kid, Daisy used to be my favourite character because she wears pink! hehe

All the kids were so excited seeing Goofy and Daisy!

Oh...he's sooo tall! ^__^

Then after I had my breakfast, I went outside to see the beautiful garden and the Mickey Maze!

Pretty view, isn't it?! I loveeeee this maze!!!

Finding the way out!

These kids can't find their way out...

...and they use this secret tunnel! heh

Beautiful, right? :)

Brother, chilling..

.....while sister, err camwhoring? ;p

When we went back inside the hotel, we saw the beautiful Cinderella!!

She's too sweet!

I was mesmerized with the princess! hehe

Anyway, after we've finished with our breakfast and a little morning walk around the park, we took the shuttle bus and we went to the Disneyland!'s not raining today!!

There's a lot of unique and nice classic, vintage vehicle around the Main Street, U.S.A

Nice cab!

Walking around the street.. I thought I was in the 50's era! Everything looks so lovely!

Oh, there's Chip n Dale!

That's Sleeping Beauty's castle!

First stop..I went to one of the shops in Fantasyland... because I saw a lot of bubbles coming out from that shop and I was so eager to know where does it come from! hehe

The shop is called Storybook Shoppe

....and it came from this thing, actually! hehe

Inside the shop..

All the Disney princesses outfit! 

These yellow shoes make a pretty cute soles while at home! ^__^

I'm a Minnie Mouse!

A girl will be a girl.. haha. Look at the other girl beside me camwhoring with her pretty Minnie Mouse ears! hehe

And I want one too! haha ;p

Other merchandises..

I saw Tinkerbell!

Her voice sounds like she inhaled helium gas! Which is very cute! hehe  

My niece, Ayra, must be so thrilled if she ever meet Tinkerbell! hehe.. She loves her so much!

And I took a picture with this man...

....and he gave us these cute cards after taking a photo with him!

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, in Hong Kong Disneyland, there are 5 main theme lands that you should go. And they are: Main Street, U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland...and the new one is the Toy Story Land!

So our first park that we went to, was this!! 
It's the new theme land in Hong Kong Disneyland!

"It's that way!"

Oh there's  Woody!

The soldiers were marching!

All of Andy's toys look so big around here! ^__^


And that's Wany ;p

See! It's so big.. this remote control or whatever that thing is called! hehe

Our first ride in here was the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop!

Waiting in line for our turns..

It looks fun from down there!'s our turn!

I wore a Disneyland sweater that day! ^__^

We're up in the air!


"Next is....?"

This guy! 
The Slinky Dog Spin!

Slinky chases his tail around and around!

I saw that U-shaped orange track while waiting to ride the Slinky Dog Spin...and can't wait to ride those! It's called the RC Racer!

So we went there...

We didn't have to wait! There wasn't a long queue for this ride.. So yeay!

....and it was realllllllllll FUN!!!!

Then after we have finished all the three rides, we were back in the Fantasyland....

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Mad Hatter Tea Cups

The beautiful Fantasy Gardens..


Next stop was.. it's a small world!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride around the world!

A journey on "the happiest cruise that ever sailed" as children of the world sing and dance to the song "it's a small world (after all)"!

There's a lot of cool looking stalls along the street selling popcorns, cotton candy, drinks..and etc!

Popcorn maker!

Cute looking ice cream!

Next we went to the Tomorrowland again...

Because I wanted to ride this thing for the second and third time! I loveeeee Space Mointain! hehe

That's Orbitron!

Starliner Diner

In the Space Traders shop, trying on these cute hats from Stitch!

So cute!!

Buzz Lightyear!

Next we went to the Adventureland to have our lunch!

...because apparently, this is the only restaurant that serves halal food! ^___^

The place is called the Tahitian Terrace

They have Indian food..

Asian/Middle East food

Flavors of Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thai, etc!)

I ordered this Malaysian Korma Chicken with Rice!

..while the brother ordered this Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Kebab! - OMG the curry or whatever that orange thing is, tasted sooooo yummy and creamy!!! O___O

Mmmm....and this is mine.. 
It tasted real goooood, I tell you! Better than the one I had in KL! haha


After lunch, I went inside the souvenir store.. buy one of these

Then around 3.30 pm, we were back at the Main Street, U.S.A area since the Flights of the Fantasy Parade was about to start!

Pretty princesses!

After the parade ended, I went into the shops along the Main Street, U.S.A... shop for my friends and nieces! (and for myself too! hehe ;p)

Delicious hot Mickey waffles! I loveee!

Everything looks so cute! I feel like eating all! hehe

Anyway, I went inside the Art of Animation,  to see how the animation were made!

Very cool stuff!!!

At 6 pm, it was time to go back to shower, solat and relax a bit!

Around 8 pm, we took the shuttle bus from our hotel, Disney's Hollywood hotel, and went to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, to have our dinner at the Walt's Cafe..

I loved this Walt's Cafe! It's so cozy and romantic! And not to mention, all the food here is very very delicious! I was very very verrrry happy dining here! I enjoyed every moment of it! ^_____^

Mr. Walt Disney on the wall..

This sweet gentleman took our order..
We requested all seafood/vegetarian meals..

Very soft buns!

The lightings in here are quite dimmed.. So that explains why all pics looked yellowish in here! Heeee..
(I don't like using flash, btw... And plus, my camera battery is about to die at that time. If I use flash, it'll be dead faster than I thought =/)

First course, this yummy Tuna and Cobbed Salad! 

Next, Roasted Vine Tomato Soup with Basil Pesto in Demitasse

Mmmm...tastes goood!

Then the third course, Sauteed Fresh Mushrooms, Baked Vegetable Lasagna with Parmesan Cream

....and lastly! The awesomest dessert ever!!

It's a Cinnamon Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream...


For me, what makes the taste of this dessert sooo delightful is actually the ice cream! ^__^ (I love ice cream, by the way!)
I've never tasted a vanilla ice cream that's soooooo good like this, that made me laugh while eating it! haha.  I couldn't control just how happy I was, when the ice cream slides and melts onto my tongue.. haha.. 

Mmmmm... I could still remember how this apple tart just made my night! :)
It. Was. So. Goooood

Anyway...later that night, me and my brother went a little sight seeing around that area..and came back around 11 pm..

Hidden mickey in the mirror, at lobby area..

In the elevator..
There's Mickey cute voice in here!
"This is it! Level 5!"

So that's about story on Day Two! Will continue in the next post! Have a magical day! :)


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