Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Woman Wants in a Marriage..

Recently I read an article about what woman wants in a relationship/marriage, that was forwarded to me via email from my friend.. which I find it very true and thus, today..I would like to share this on my blog.. :)

I'm not sure who wrote it though. Kindly let me know if you know it.. But from the article, it says that the author is a man/ustaz.  If it is true, mashaallah..he must be such an understanding, lovely husband!
I agree with every word he says here. As a woman, I too..want all these from my dearly future husband. Inshaallah! :)

What Woman Wants in a Marriage?

1. Woman get married to find a special friend 

2. They want someone who will..
  • Share their secrets 
  • Laugh and joke with them
  • Love them unconditionally  
  • Cherish and adore them while being romantic 
  • Making them feel beautiful 
3. She wants a man strong in his deen

4. Someone who can stand up and take the responsibility of the household, and help raise their children in accordance with Islam 

5. They want someone who will be attracted to them emotionally through their personality, and attracted to them through their bodies. 

6. A woman wants a partner who will strive together with her through this life.

7. Laughing and rejoicing through the good times.

8. Sticking by each other and supporting each other through the bad times 

9. A woman wants her husband to be her friend, companion and her soul mate! 

10. Any good husband MUST realize that a woman's primary need is: EMOTIONAL

11. He must take into account the prophetic tradition 

12. And strive to be the BEST to his wife.  

13. He must take care of their wives and this entails treating them with love and respect, and striving to make them happy as men have been assigned this responsibility by Allah.

14. If a husband can fulfill his wife's primary needs, not only Allah would reward him, but his wife will definitely be content with him, and together the couple's life will be more HARMONIOUS!

15. When a woman's needs are fulfilled, she will be MORE willing to fulfill her husband's needs. 

16. The BEST way to satisfy a woman's emotional needs is to LISTEN to her and respond to her with COMPASSION. 

17. By listening to her intently, with your undivided attention, and taking a genuine interest in what she has to say, she will feel loved, cherished and important! 

18. And men must realize that when she approaches you with her problems, she doesn't necessarily want solutions, she just wants a sympathy and UNDERSTANDING. 

19. To have a successful relationship, both must understand each other's needs. A husband must take into account that a woman's needs and expectations are different than a man's, and vice versa. 

20. If a woman and man finds a complete, fulfilling relationship, it is then that... A GREAT INTIMACY FOR BOTH HAS BEEN ACHIEVED! 

If you found someone that can fulfill all these, hold on to it. And never let go and take things for granted. And always appreciate the person and strive to please one another.. May Allah grand us all the knowledge to please our spouse everyday, and to live in a harmonious life together, forever. Inshaallah :)



  1. hai...wanna share this too.,nk copy cat je.,buleh ka.? ngee ;-D

  2. Betul.. Semua orang yang Akan Berkahwin, Dah kahwin mengimpikan perkara macam ni...

  3. I LOVE this article! Am gonna share it in my blog.

  4. Salam Wani, nak.share this. Blh ker?

  5. Salam...

    During my usrah recently, Prof Dr Harlina has mentioned that this is not wrtitten by ustaz or hadith by Rasulullah.
    It is actually a jewish poem.
    ; )

  6. love it.. and love to share it in my blog too :D


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