Monday, May 21, 2012

My Kind of Kamar.

I just watched The Notebook again. And in that movie, Noah built his beautiful house with his own hands...and it got me thinking, hmm....wouldn't it be nice if I get to create my own house too? hehe.. So anyway, I was playing around with my iPad just now.. And I doodled and drew some stuff... One of it was my dream bedroom. Haha..this girl sure does love to berangan a lot, ey?! haha (but the drawing is half done, actually! It's not fully siap yet! ;p)

Mmm.. I would to have my own space in my room. Like, a space for me to do my work.. a space for me to read, a space for me to relax,  a space for me to get dressed and ready.. a space for me to put all of my stuff and organize them properly.. a space for me to do my make up and a space for me to enjoy my 2 hour bath with candles and whatnot! hehe.. Oh, it's soooo awesome! ^___^

Hmm.... For me, a bedroom is the most important area in a house, as I'm the kind of a girl that likes to sit and spend my time in the room, enjoying every minute of my life in my bedroom..haha - I don't really spend much time in front of the telly/in the living room.. So yeah, a bedroom is my space! ;)

So's what I drew just now... Imagining all my pretty stuff are in here, in my imaginary bedroom! haha.

I'd love to have a blue room. With a pretty white bedsheets.. And have a lot of vintage frames/pictures in the room. And also a hugeeeeeeeee vanity area and closet! hehe..

Oh, and with lots and lotsa mirror too! hehe.. That'd be awesome! ;)

Anyway..this is not an architect nor I.D student who drew this. So don't laugh at my cacat drawing, kay? ;p I just thought of sharing my dream room here.. Heee

How's my drawing skill? LOL
VERY BAD, I would say! Teeeheee ;p

(Showed mom this drawing, she laughed out real loud at me! =_______=' Sobs.  - She has some interior design background. And was working with engineering line too, last time. So she laughed at my stupid drawing. hahaha. Whateverrrrr mummyyyy I was just drawing according to the plan that you showed me! hahaha ;p)

Anyways...wouldn't it be nice, to enter your room and see all of your gorgeous high heels are all on the racks, neatly organized according to type, and colors, as one of the feature wall/deco for the room? Mmmm... And wouldn't it be nice to have a large closet where you can walk inside it, and see every piece of your pretty clothes, all hanging beautifully and ready for you to take them out for the day? hehe.. And have an island cabinet that holds all of your accessories and perfumes?! Oh my...I'm imagining a lot of things right now... How niceeeee....'s what I imagine the inside of my walk-in-wardrobe would look like.. Lotsa racks, and stacks and compartments for the little things I have..

And this is the kind of blue that I like. A tiffany blue! So soothing, so calm! :)
I don't like that bedhead though..

And this is not exactly the bathroom that I like, but I like the bath tub and the space it has in here! It's hugeeeee! I likeeee. hehe

Oh, bestnya berangan! hehehe ;p


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