Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tidying up My Room!

Hey girls! How's your weekend so far?? Mine..was full of rearranging and organizing stuff in my room! My room was a mess...thanks to the many stuff that I have in here! tskk.. I have so many stuff but too little space. So, tidying up could be tricky! Heeee. 

But seriously, it's a lot of thingsss in my room now, which is not fun and funny anymore. Even dad and mom keep on nagging me about my things that were cluttered all over the room and it's a real mess! haha. - But I still think, my room is the most organized room in this house (except the guest room as that couldn't be counted bcuz no one stay there! LOL), despite having a lot of stuff in here! haha, perasan.... But really! hahaha ;p -Try open up my drawers, my racks, etc, everything are in place, or color-coded, size-coded, type-coded, etc! Trust me, I have my system of organizing things! I don't just kemas luaran, as in, only tidying up the general area in the room, that makes you think "Oh, this room is sooo clean and tidy!", when you first step into the room. But then, when you open up the closet or the drawer, everything is jumbled up in there! haha. 

When I clean, I clean all the details in the room! Even the littlest drawer that I have, I gotta make sure that the things in the drawer are all organized according to the stuff that I put in there. Say for example, socks..or panties...or stationaries drawer, or...belts, or my vitamins drawer, etc etc! 

I love organizing things, and like to keep it tidy.. but sometimes I just don't have time to do it..or simply lazy/tired. Haha. So when I have the chance to do so... I'll spend hours and hours doing it passionately! LOL. I really like rearranging and tidying things up..but only when I have all the energy and time to do so! hehe.. 

Like this weekend, I have spent hours cleaning my bag closet, my shoe area and a lil' bit of my beauty stuff...

Anyway, here's some pics I took and uploaded on Instagram (gotta love the app! ^__^) 

My study table that I turn into an open closet!
Here is where I put most of my colored tops on the lower rack; Yellow, Red, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple. And all my bottoms i.e skirts, slacks, jeans, casual pants, khakis, etc on the upper rack..
The rest of the colors like Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Creme, Black, etc are all in the wardrobe..

In the drawer, I put all of my fragrances. Upper drawer is for EDPs and lower part are all EDTs. 
I have about 200 bottles all together. 70% of these are all gifts that I get. -People must have love me so much to shower me with this! haha (but thank you, really!)

And here is my shoe area..
I organized according to color; Blue, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Black, Grey, Purple, Pink, Red, Brown, Creme, etc!

Oh..and at the upper rack, since it's kinda hard to reach (because I'm short T__T), I put all my booties that I'll use for my winter holiday..

Mmm... I gotta say, I love all my heels! There's just something about shoes that can make me really happy! hehe. Give me this two things; perfume and shoes, you'll make me the happiest girl on earth! LOL ;p

.....and I changed my bed sheet to a fresh, new one! hehe. Gotta love my comfy bed! 

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See you there! hehe ;)

Mmm...I love having a clean and tidy room. It gives me a peace of mind! Gotta kemas my other room, next week!
So what about you? What did you do on your weekend, girls? :)

P/s: Last time when I went to my friend's house, I saw her dressing table all messed up! And so I voluntarily uncluttered the mess, and rearrange her stuff happily! So who wants my service? LOL ^__^ 



  1. I know why they said ur room was messy. Maybe ur hanging pants and blouse at the study table. For me, clothes should be hang in the cupboard so it looks neat. Just my opinion :) xoxo

  2. Wahhhhhhh, banyaknya kasut! :)

  3. not messy lah..i loikkee...=)

  4. Wow.. Macam artist!

  5. sangat kemas ^_^
    kalau i dah tido, confirm liat nak bagun tu...eheheee..
    jeles tgok ur dress, shoes and perfume collection...ahahaaa..

  6. tak sabar nak tgu u punye ala2 Carrie Bradshaw's Closet from Sex and the City..heheheheeh..wani nak tanyela ..mana u beli hanger kayu banyak2 tu...

  7. @irmmafittaputri: byk jual kat jusco babe! Go get it! ;)


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