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Day One in Hong Kong: Whole Day in Disneyland!! :)

Hey peeps! I just came back from a short trip to Hong Kong and Indonesia! Oh, it feels so good to have a little break from my stressful life right now. heh.. Oh well...not so stressful anymore, actually.. I had a great holiday! hehe ;p So anyway, now that I'm back, I'm gonna share with you guys all my holiday experience in here! But for now..I'm gonna start my stories on Hong Kong first!  ;) I mentioned earlier, I went to HK with my brother only...while my parents went to Japan. So yeah, it was the first time I travelled on my own without daddy's supervision! And I've survived! I feel so proud of myself... LOL ;p
(The last time I went to Japan-alone, didn't really count, as I went there with my friends/other students in a group. And this time, I was totally on my own! I love being independent! heheh ;p) 

So since our flight was so early in the morning (around 7 am), so the day before our flight, we decided to stay at the KLIA Pan Pacific Hotel since it's nearer to the airport and it's easier for both me and my brother to go to the airport straight from the hotel, early in the morning later on..

Oh, there's welcome back note! Gotta love the hotel! hehe 

So anyway....we stayed there for one night, and then that morning, straight to the airport at 5 am! Got there within 10-15 mins! If it's from my house, it'd be about one hour! 

Bored.... Waiting to board..

After 4 hours of journey, we arrived Hong Kong International Airport!
(So big and sooooo nice airport!!)

"We're going up!" sleepy

In the cab, off to our hotel! 

When we touched down HK that morning, it was raining... And I was hoping that it would stop raining later on - So we can play ALL the entertainment in Disneyland...
But sadly no, they said in HK...once it's gonna rain for quite some time... Sobs..

And was raining for the whole day! Such a bummer, cuz most of the time we went to the indoor area! But luckily the next day, the rain has stopped and we get to play all the outdoor stuff.. (will continue my story on Day 2, in the next post! ^__^) we arrived our hotel! We stayed at the Disney's Hollywood Hotel! Such cool hotel!!!

I love the bellboy's outfit! So cuteeee! And SO hollywood! hehe

That's my bodyguard for this trip..hehe

Checking in..

The staff there is sooo friendly and helpful! ^__^

Look at the room's card! So cuteeeeee, right?? ;)

FYI, there are lots of hidden Mickey in the hotel and guests can try to find them out ☺

Look! Even the carpet has Mickey's head! ^__^

And look at the room! Full of Mickey some more!! hihi

Ahhh...such big beds!!!! Awesome!

There's a mini bar..

And also, an open wardrobe! What a unique closet! hehe

The furniture is very 50's :)

Look! On the bedside table, there's a telephone with some weather forecast, radio, etc... 

And what's cool is that it has a Story Book feature too, for the kids to listen before bedtime!! How cool!

Let's see...what story do they have there!

So cool, right??!

The bathroom...

Evvveryyy thing is Mickeyyyyy! Me likey! 
They really did bring out the kid in me! I felt sooo excited seeing everything Mickey! haha ;p

One for the kid, one for mummy and another one for the daddy!

Comel kan??!

After we have put our luggages... we went out for lunch, which was at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. We took a free shuttle bus there.. 

Look, even the bus stand seat is cute! ^__^

This is the bus! The bus come every 5-10 minutes!

Me and my brother...already in the bus!

....arrived Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel! Yeay!

We had our lunch at this Chinese restaurant called Crystal Lotus in Disneyland Hotel..

Such pretty ambiance... 

I love the err....chandelier, I suppose? Such pretty lotus lamps!

Reading the menu of the day!

Mmmm...seriously, this has gotta be one of the most delicious tea I've ever tasted!!!! I dunno what they put in there...but whatever it is, it's workingggg!!! hehehe 

Steamed Piggy Buns.. LOL. It's just plain buns..but they make it look like that! hehe.. Cute, but I didn't eat though.. Too cute to eat! Heee ;p

Next, was this! Yummy!!!! - Disney Dim Sum Platter

Steamed Vegetable Dumpling
Steamed Mushroom and Vegetable Dumpling
"Swan" Vegetable Taro Puff

This was toooooo gooood, I want more! hehe

Next course, is soup!

Braised Seafood Soup with Mickey's Shape Pumpkin!


Next, Wok-Fried Shrimps and Disney Root Vegetable 

Look! It's Mickey's hand!! So cuteeeeee! Oh, and it matches my scarf! hehe

The zucchini and carrots, etc are all Mickey's shape!

Next was this...

...and then this!

Tada! A gold crab?! O__O

It's a Fried-rice with Tasmanian Crabmeat stuffed in Whole Crab Shell

It tasted sooo good!!!'s the dessert! A very very cute dessert!

It's Chilled Mickey's Red Bean Honey Pudding and Chilled Mickey's Green Tea Jelly. 
(Honestly...the portion was too little for me, I want more! hahaha.. It was sooo delicious! I love it!)

Then after our lunch, I went back to our hotel, to get changed, solat, etc.. and then off to the Disneyland Park!! *excited!!*

I wore this.. 
Jeans, boots and a t-shirt.. Comfy enough to walk around the park for one whole day! hehe

It was still raining, though! =/
Luckily it wasn't that heavy...

So these are my tickets... for two days! ;)

Yeayyy! Already in Disneyland!!! hehe

"Yeay..I'm in Disneyland!!!"

When we got was just about time for the Disney Parade.. So of course we didn't miss the chance to gather there and wait for that Flights of Fantasy Parade!

Everyone was sooo excited waiting for the parade to start despite it was raining! hehe
Oh btw, did you see that blue raincoat that guy was wearing..? That's Disney people/worker! What a cute outfit, ey? I want one! hehe

.....everyone with their umbrella!

..and yours truly just wore a plastic raincoat! Too lazy to hold the umbrella! hehe

I look like those astronaut or something! hahahah ;p

Here they come!!!

Since it was raining..the parade was just about 10-15 minutes. It was an express one.. (Normally it'd be like 30-40 minutes or so...)   

Disney Princesses!! They were all too pretty!

Toy Story characters!

Chip n' Dale, Pluto, Goofy, etc!

After the parade, we went to the Advertureland..

This is Tarzan's treehouse!! I wish I can see Jane in there..hehe

We took the Jungle River Cruise - A journey along the mysterious Rivers of Adventure!

We've seen a lot of scary, creepy stuff along the journey! And it was fun! They made it all looked and felt real!!! hehe

Next we went to The Festival of Lion King show! Oh my Godddddd... witnessing the colorful dancers/performers  dancing and singing happily with The Lion King music just bring tear to my eye! That classic Disney's cartoon was one of my all time favourite movie/film!! Watching them performing and dancing just brings back great childhood memories of mine!! the theatre


The Festival of Lion King!

Seeing that Timon and Pumba come to life just excites me! hehe

Awesome performers, awesome show! to Fantasyland!

We made a stop at this Mickey's PhilharMagic. It's a 4-D theatre..

This is a must see! It's one of the best 4-D experience I've ever seen! Siap ada air percik-percik...and angin tiup-tiup apa bagai, while in the show. Awesome!! hehe

After the show, I went to the Merlin's see if there's any stuff I'd like to buy for my nieces..


Street food/drinks are everywhere in here.. And their stalls are all so cute/fancy!

"The Golden Mickey" theater 
A musical celebration of Disney's films and character the Tomorrowland!


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster! To infinity...and beyond!

Space Mountain is the most fun, thrill, awesome ride in here!!! 

It's an indoor roller coaster. I went here for 3 times! was so fun! Love it!
Lepas pun gian aku nak jerit..hehe ;p

I wanted to purchase this picture...but both of us look too sleepy in the pic. LOL ;p

"Next...gonna play that!"

We needed to help Buzz Lightyear to save the universe from the evil Emperor Zurg!

Hahaha... My brother won! 37200 vs 4900 points! Pffft...haha.. I am soo not good in aiming things! I just don't know how to shoot things, I guess! Or more like...I'm busy with my camera more than the laser thingy/pistol or whatever that thing is... =__='

*loser face*
haha ;p

At around 7 pm, we were kinda tired and hungry we went to have our dinner at a nice place called Corner Cafe...

Walking around the Main Street U.S.A, makes me feel oh-so-romantic...and bring out the charming/fairy-tale/romantic vibe in me! hehe..  ;p

It's so....50's or something! Love it!!

The brother ordered Smoked Salmon and Crayfish Ravioli, served with lobster sauce. Yums!

...and yours truly ordered Spaghetti with Clams and Cream Sauce

And, a lobster shared with the brother! hehe 

I love the ambiance in vintage, so classic! 

And I also love the waitress' outfit! Especially the white apron! It's too cute, I want one!! It's different than the normal (boring) apron! I'd definitely gonna find this type of apron when I get married and then I'm gonna wear thissss in the kitchen, and bake cake and make pies for my hubby! Hahaha ;p


...with Mickey Waffles with cream and berries. 
Super super super superb waffles I've ever tasted in my life!!! hehe

The streets...

Pretty scene, ain't it? With all the lights and everythinggg....

After we've finished the dinner and walk around the streets, at 8 pm, we went back to the Sleeping Beauty Castle area.. to see the "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks.. Because the fireworks is about to begun! - One of the attraction in Disneyland! THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!! It's sooooo beautiful, I almost drop a tear! hehehe.. ;p

It was held at the Sleeping Beauty Castle area.. So make sure, if you're going to the Disneyland next time, be sure to be around this area at 8 pm ya! Don't miss out this great, awesome view!!!

Seriously, I've never seen fireworks that's so beautiful and magical like this one! (Sorry, my camera couldn't capture the very exact moment like what I saw there..)

With all the combination of the voice/music..the lightings, the place, the colors of the fireworks...and everythingggg, just makes it soooooo perfect!

For a moment there, I thought I was in a movie or something...and about to watch the ending.. haha.. 
It was too beautiful yet peaceful to watch this fireworks! Love it!

Next..after the fireworks has ended, we went to all the souvenir shops along the streets.. To see all the cute, fun merchandises that were sold there..

This is Panda Bear or Pola Bear? LOL ;p

 9 pm, it was time to go back and rest...because the next day, we're going here again! To finish what we haven't finish and discover what we haven’t discover and play in there! hehe

To be continued! Stay tune! ;)



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  3. nice!! i always love your traveling stories! i want moreee! hihihi ;p

  4. Thanks Wani for posting your HK's trip! This would be my guide for my June trip. Can't wait to read the continuation.

    Lots of love from Brunei. :)

  5. Hi, you have had an awesome time in Disneyland, actually it is my one of favourite places. Your pictures are nice too.


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