Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's in Your Room?

Hey girls!

Real sorrrrryyyy for the sporadic updates! I really tried to update as often as I could, but I was just too caught up with things lately and especially last week! tskk. And yes, I do remember to let y'all know who is the winner for my Blogniversary contest..but it'll be in my next post ya! So stay tune! hehe ;)

So anyways, a lot of you have been asking me to do like a "Room Tour" of my bedroom.  You girls are really interested in seeing things in my room, eh? haha. It's messy, I tell you! I have a lot of things that sometimes I too, get irritated by it although I love them so much! haha.. ;p

So today, in this post, I'm just gonna show you quite a bit of my stuff in my room.. These are like 40% of my stuff in my room.. You've already seen my scarf rack and my shoe home... Now let see the rest of things in my room! ;)

Let's start with my bedside table....

These are the things that filled my left bedside table. I just put them there since I don't have any other frames and pictures. Frankly, I don't really like all these frames. Because of the color, actually. They don't match my room. And I think it looks kinda messy with all that color combo - red, white, black and silver. Pfft. I like white frames by the way. And I like black & white photos too. hehe.. 
Hmm...maybe I'm gonna start buying them when I get my new room ;)
(Don't get me wrong, I love all the frames that you gave me, it's just they don't match my room! hehehehe ;p)

Next... below the table, there's a magazine and a little book rack...

So I put all my fave readings in there...and read before bedtime, if I'm not too lazy nor sleepy! 

I also have this too, near my bed area.. My little sleeping masks! hehe. I love to sleep with these on... Probably because I kinda have this sleeping problem, so I need something to help me close my eyes so that maybe I'll sleep sooner than I thought. (Oh well..actually, sometimes I still can't sleep with that thing on! Sigh. I hate that I have this problem. Lucky that I'm sleeping alone, otherwise I'll go and kacau anyone beside me..and make the person can't sleep as well! haha) 

Then, on my right bedside table, there's a 4-tier rack that I put...


Some tissue, wet tissue (behind the frame), some nail polishes, hand treatment lotions, ear plugs, and some aromatherapy oils & sprays to help me sleep! LOL. Yes..I'm thatttt terrible. I need a lot of things to get me sleep! >_<

Below it, I put all my electronic devices, and my alarm clock as well

On the third tier, I put all my little pinky stuff and foot & body lotion - to apply before bedtime..
The heart shaped box is from Claire's. I got it a few years ago in Japan. I stuff all my free skincare samples in there...and behind it there's a facial steamer and heart shaped thermos. It's soft and berbulu! I likeee..haha. Well it's not like the normal bottle tumbler type. I don't know what do people call it, but I call it as 'thermos lembik'. LOL. Because it really is lembik! I only use this to reduce my period pain... Tuam atas perut with this thing is awesome! ^_^

Then, on the fourth tier, I put all my medicines, supplements and vitamins.. Together with my cute mug, and my water bottle and some tea bags, in case I feel like pouring a cuppa tea before bedtime..hehe.
(Did you see that "Herbal Sleep" supplement?? haha ;p)

Let's move on to the other area.... which is, my work station. It's kinda messy with all files and papers...and all my stationaries and books, and printer, scanner and laptops, etc..So I just show you this area k. hehe ;p the drawer below it, I stuff all the things that I get from my loved ones..for keepsake

All the letters and gifts and stuffs I put in here! Oh...and sunglasses too! hehe

Okay now...let's move on to the other area....

Thisss....area perhaps? hehe.. 

Nahhh...I've shown you my shoe area alreadyyy ;p So let's move on to the other things now, shall we? ;p

Like this maybe? 
Nope. Showed you before too! hehe - My little accessories area..

Some hair stuff, flower corsages, and chunky rings..

And a little Tiffany & Co items! - Nahh..not those brooches and bling bling laaa. At least not yet! hehe..  But these items from Tiffany & Co are only those containers, which I put all my little accessories, my hair clips, hair bands and bobby pins! ;)

Ok next, we move on to the beauty area! ;)

I have 3 different robes. The brown one is for bath time. The white one is for in-between-clothes. hehe  (For when I'm getting ready, or when-I'm-wearing-some-slinky-clothes-in-the-room-then-someone-knocks-my-door. LOL). And the pink one is for....... I don't know when it's for actually! No specific time! ;p

These are my beauty counter. All products for my hair and body are stored here..

Tissues, facial cotton, cotton buds, baby buds, make up sponges, Q tips for cosmetics, and baby powder

Different types of hair combs and brushes  

My make up stuff.. 
I categorized them according to type: Brushes, Lip Glosses, Mascaras, Eyeliners, Powders, Eye shadows, etc...

Skincare and a bit of make up, on the right side...


I love this pink box that I got from shopping at Bras 'N Things in Perth last time.. I put it to good use and stuff all my eye lashes in there! hehe

 ...and lastly,

 my little treasure chest! ^_^

So that's it! You've seen about 50% of stuff in my room already! hehehe.. So share with me, do you store all your stuff according to types and kinds too? :)

Have a good day everyone!



  1. byknyaaaa brg,how do u handle that??..hehe..but u're such a neat person :) semuanya teratur n kemas aje...

  2. mak latokkkk banyakkkkknyer!
    fengsannnn ahkak tengok ;p

  3. wow!!!! kesemuanya...

  4. wow....your room is not messy at all...and i LOVE your perfume n makeup section. soo nice !! hurmph! i think i wann ago home and organize my room today, alang2 today pun jumaat !! thanks for the kick in my butt to clean my room :)

  5. homaigod,

    so many stuff in there.
    i guess ur room must be sm size dgn my house


  6. Uwaaaa i adore U...i mean everything about U..
    The most interesting stuff - The sleeping mask...heheh love it!
    The well organized person...soo rich...i love the chunky rings etc etc hoh
    BTW wanie..y la U put all the perfumes in 1 drawer macam tu?tak pecah ke...ahhhhh sounds scary pulak if pecah gosh...I ada suggestion..y not U beli 1 rack then susun mesti cantik n more secure..;p

  7. Hahahah.. U surely do have a lot of stuff!!! My closet/bathroom has a lot of drawers, but I am having hard time to fill even 30% of them! :P

  8. ohmy.,you sure do have lotsa make up stuff..haha..

  9. ohmy.,you sure do have lotsa make up stuff..haha..

  10. wahhhh ur life complete mehhhhh .

  11. so many ! i love all yr accessories collection ! :)

  12. How I wish to be in your bedroom! haha..My eyes goes up n down while scrolling ur makeup part and lil treasure chest!
    chop! new header? cantik..

  13. you really like to complaint.

  14. Wanie...Where did u get herbal sleeping supplement?...does it work? I have same prob to...Mesti watson ada kan??

  15. hi there..i regularly drop by your blog but this is my first time commenting..i love ur collection of eye masks! very sexy :D and your shoe collection is wow!

    anyway, since u blogged abt about bedroom decor right, maybe u would like check out my facebook page, PennyandBird. i sell vintage frames and other home decor item from Manchester that u might be interested in.. just thought i'd share that with u here :D

  16. wah.seronoknya tgok bedroom u...sukeee...semua ada..n fyi,langsung x messy....semua teratur...

  17. Adik waniee!!

    sukanya tgk ur bedroom. how i wish masa belum kahwin dulu my bedroom jugak macam ni... tapi i rent rumah and share bedroom with another rommate.. tapi try juga lah deco deco mcm ni.. tapi x lah secantik bilik you nie... best sgt especially tgk part accessories tu. mata kita terbeliak okayy... now that i am already married... nasibla ada one special room for handbags shoes and etc etc.. sebab kalau letak kat bedroom mesti hubby sedih sebab barang dia sikit je. haha... by the way, thanks for sharing.. nak lagi?? huhu

  18. wani...later leh tak tolong share macam mana nak organize brg macam u buat, and kat mana nak beli bekas lipstick yg susun tu?
    and then share macam mana nak susun tudung?

  19. waaaa...banyaknya..jeles betul..hehehe

  20. kamu memang perempuan sejati...walawehh barang yang sangat banyak tapi cool

    barang i x perlua ada section macam tu sebab sikit sangat...haha

  21. omaigad!! really like your bedroom. truly a woman. you even have tonnes to hair brush! haha.

  22. love your bedroom. i wish i had one like that. but seriously susah nak menten kemas mcm tu. huhu


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