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An English Tea Party for Plusizekitten Blog Birthday Bash with a Pedicure Spa Retreat! - One word: AWESOME!

A couple of weeks ago, Tammy my good friend, from plusizekitten.com texted me, inviting me to her 3rd Blog Birthday Tea Party at Amante Mont Kiara. That time, she was still planning a party for her Blogniversary.. And asked me whether I could attend or not as the seats are limited.. She said they'll be some English Tea Party session..and a Spa Pedicure for us too! I was so excited when I heard about this! Finally, I get to attend some girly session with her! hehe.. - We only talk/share about beauty products but never had any beauty session together! hehe... So of course I said YES to it! I love having pedicure and I have never had any Spa Pedicure yet! (Before this, I only had the normal type of pedicure. Like this!)

So it was held at Amante in Mont Kiara, around 11-ish am till 3 pm. The theme/dress code for that day was PINK! Since I don't have that many pink tops nor bottoms, I wear peach outfit and pair it up with my pink accessories for that day! hehe..

I wore a hot pink shoes (not in the picture), a pink watch, a soft pink flower ring, and a shocking pink flower corsage brooch, to follow the pink dress code. Btw, my brooch is hugeee! And I like it! hehe

So the theme was PINK...so of course, there were lotsa PINK decorations in there! And it was sooooo pweety! Seriously! I have never seen so many (pink) balloons before! All those cute little pink (and silver) balloons instantly made the place look extra extra girly and alluring to the eyes! ^_^

It's like entering a "Balloon Jungle"! There were a lot of floating balloons everywhere! And one thing I learned from this party is, putting up balloons everywhere, is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a party atmosphere, and liven up the entire area! I will definitely gonna do this the next time I'm having/throwing some girly party! Wouldn't it be cool to have like this deco and settings, on a Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower or Baby Shower or Whatever Shower  party?? hehe... 
Friends and sisters/brother/boyfriend/colleagues/neighbor/whoeverrr you are...do note that I like balloons. Yes, LOTS of them! hahaha ;p 

Oh well.. I'm definitely gonna try this easy and nice decoration! And by the way, the balloons are from Party Moo Moo ^_^

So sad I didn't get to join in this photo! T_T (I was doing my pedicure)

Excited me! Everything so prettyyyy...
Another thing that caught my attention was the dainty English tea sets on the table... It's lovely...and I feel like turning all the boring tableware at my house with this kinda sets... 

But immediately after I said to myself, "Ahh..this is so sweet.. I shall have this kind of tea sets at home too!", I remembered those Royal Albert tea set that I got at home, but have been in the kitchen cupboard for months now! haha. - We got a few different tea sets, so we rarely used that one..till I forgot it's existence! My mom said, it's only for guests, not to be used for daily wear. haha.. So yeah Wani, no need to buy then! Just use those normal mugs you got, the next time you're having a cuppa tea! ;p

The caterer for that day was Teaffani, an English high tea caterer. Tammy ordered for us the Royal Princess Tea Party package for 12 pax which includes: the English scones, cream puffs, cupcakes, brownies, mini fruit tarts, finger sandwiches, some fresh strawberries and  of course, the English tea!

"Yumss...they look pretty and yummy!"

So these are the menu for the day. 

Cupcakes, I love.

I'm eating a cupcake with orange frosting. Yums!

Afternoon tea with Teaffani, is the new traditional English affair ;p

The Duchess ;p

Anyway, just to let y'all know, Teaffani provides private mobile english tea services for private functions as well as corporate functions. They charge per head (minimum RM 35 onwards, depending on which package). They have various of packages to choose from to suit your needs and preferences..

So on that day, there were about 10 bloggers that Tammy invited. And I was one of the lucky ones! hehe. Thanks Tammy!

Tammy, John, Jeremy and Camie, playing around with the helium balloons..

And this is Alicia. She's such a fun girl! Met her for the first time...(and met her again last week, at another event I attended. I love her skin! haha..tiba-tibaa ;p)

And that's me... At work. haha ;p

So since there weren't enough nail stylist/therapist for all of us, we took turns.. Some had their pedicure first, then had their tea.. And like me, I had my food first. Then only I enjoyed my Spa Pedicure.. 

Because this girl mana boleh tak makan duluuu...hehehe ;p

While waiting for my turn, I took some of the photos in that salon...

A lot of OPI products in here...

Some manicure and pedicure treats

For this Spa Pedicure Blogniversary, we used Essie products (a popular brand from USA), as it was sponsored by My Nail Solution. And by the way, they also gave us such an awesome goodie bag to take home too!! Hip hip hooray! =D

Essie products

To be honest, I've never tried Essie products before.. So this was my first time trying and using it! So it's really great that they gave me some samples to try it at home as well! So thank you! ^_^

Alicia and Jac doing their Spa Pedicure.... At this point, I really can't wait to do mine when I saw their cute little feet warmers!

This is my friend John, doing a MAN-icure! hehe

The other girlfriends/bloggers enjoying their treat..

Before doing the pedicure... Tammy asked us to choose any color from this range for our little toes...

Well, being me..who likes all things sweet, I chose a more natural color. I chose a really soft pink, to match my outfit for the day. Plus, I don't really like bold, bright colors for my nails. I prefer natural, sweet colors. I think they look classy and posh. hehe :)

So I've chosen my color. So now it's my turn!! Yeayy... 

Since there are too many steps for this Spa Pedicure, so I don't want to elaborate more on words, but instead...I'm just gonna use pictures! You know what they say... a picture can tell thousands of stories! hehe.. 

So here are the steps!

This are the masks, scrub, etc that were used for my leg..

Happy! I got my little leg warmer too!

Just to let y'all know (for those who doesn't know and not much of a nail beauty fan), it is important that you apply some base coat before applying your nail color... I knew and heard about those base coat thingy before.. But I just couldn't bother to buy them and what more to apply them on my nails, before applying my nail colors..haha. Because before this, I thought those things are not important and it's just for the business people to make more money! LOL. So I have never ever buy them... 

But nowww....I reallly know why we needed to apply that actually!   

.... Because if you didn't apply the Base Coat and straight away put your nail color, your nails will become like this! T_T 

Last time when I had my period, I applied some nail polish on my nails for about a week. And I did not put any base coat underneath it...and as a result, my nails became dry, brittle and a bit of yellowish.  tskkk. Lesson learned! Gotta apply Base Coat next time! Put that in mind girls! hehe

So next....

Tada...the end result! So shining! ^_^

So now I got a smooth, soft, silky and clean legs! Me likey! Honestly...after the treatment, my legs felt super smooth and moist! I couldn't stop touching my legs when I was at home that day! haha.. It was my first time doing a Spa Pedicure, and I loved loved LOVED it! Definitely gonna do it again! Let's forget about the normal pedicure now, huh! Bcuz it's nothing as compared to this one! hehe.. 
Oh, "Spa Pedicure", you're in my Beauty Care List now! ^_^

Look at Elle, she too, enjoying her soft, supple skin!

The happy feet girls!

Tammy giving out the goodie bag sponsored by My Nail Solutions

These are the things in the goodie bag! 

It consists of a bottle of nail polish from Essie (from the Wedding range), some posh looking crystal nail file, and some hand treatments

Thanks Tammy!!! 
You're such an awesome friend! Too bad we can't see each other frequently like last time...sob sobb. (I really do miss my "chicken mama" presence now..hehehe ;p)

I'm gonna keep my eyes on you now, Amante! hehee ^_~

And thanks Amante for giving us the opportunity to experience such a divine treatment in your beautiful salon! Like I said in my previous post, I will definitely gonna come to Amante again and again and again! You're in my Beauty Centre To Go list now! hehe ;)

Anyway girls, do also check out Party Moo Moo and Teaffani for your party needs, if you're planning to have some girly session or a party with your girlfriends too! 

Till next time...



  1. seriously best! people who don't really like pink mcm saye pon bole minat pink bila tengok baloons yang comel tu.

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  4. Salam Wani

    I think that since you are a hijabi, it's better for you not to reveal your leg/calf in your blog. Assuming that you really wanna share the after effect of that pedicure, i think, you can reveal up to your ankle, maybe?

    Just my 2 cents tho :)

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