Monday, December 29, 2008

Class has Begun!

This is the second week for this semester.

But most of my lectures only gonna start this week. Well, actually some of my classes already begun on the first week.. Only 2 classes to be exact.

And hey, this week I got only 3 classes! Which is on Wednesday only!! Yippie!! (Tuesday all class canceled bebeh, and Monday & Thursday - HOLIDAYS!!). *big grin* =D

Anyway, here's my time table for this semester:

SM: Strategic Management
M&B: Money and Banking
HRM: Human Resource Management
MBL: Malaysian Business Laws
RM: Retail Management
CS: Community Service

Hurm..this semester I got 3 management classes. Hopefully my time management would improve too! Takde lambat2 dah! hahaha ;p

Andd speaking about classes..

The thing I like about going to school is that I could use my cute little notebooks and fully utilize it! Every semester, I would buy some cute notebooks-big & small, diaries, notepad, pencilcase, organizer, files, etc, etc. hehe.. I love cute stuff! =)

And oh, and I love love lovee Jordi Labanda's stuff!!! It's a bit pricey though.. but still, their designs are really really nice and most importantly, very girlish! hehe


These are my essentials for class! Big notebooks, small notebooks, Organizer, Scientific Calculator, Financial Calculator and a pink Pencil Case! hee hee ;)

So many notebooks!! But my favorite cover among these, would be the 'HEYDAY' by Jordi Labanda, cuz it looks just like a magazine! hehe. (People always thought I bring magazines to class! haha)

Books, books, books for me to write notes in class!! hehe =P

And these are my diary/organizer/small notebooks.. for me to jot down some important details/assignments/etc

Okay students! Happy schooling! hehe ;)

P/S: Ada sape2 nak pinjamkan buku2 untuk subject yg tertera di atas itu..? Pweety pleaseee.. by Mc Grawhill, please! THANK YOU! ;p



  1. hye wanie..(i'm ur silent reader):)
    nice blog!ske bace sume ur entry.btw, nk ty mane u bl sme cute2 stuff nie?sgt cutee..especially d organizer tu?plz share..if u dnt mind :)


  2. Heyyy

    I pun collect notebooks yg cute ni gak! (Ada blog about it ms i mula2 i buat blog).Mine tak byk la..Baru ada 14-15 camtu.DamnnnThose cute & colourfull design mmg tak blh resist kn? Kat Forever21 pun ada tau.

  3. kalo notebook cntik cmtuh..mesti syg nk gune..tak tahan tgk ade tulisan2 kat dalam tuh..huhuhu

  4. Bila I tengok all you stuff I teringat cerita "Legally Blonde".She so girlish yet stylish and brilliant!!!.

  5. hi there, im a reader of ur sis's (hanis) blog...
    i was in uia too...tgk ur schedule all memories flash back, hihi.
    but what i did was to scheduled my classes all before lunch so after that i'm free like a bird merayau rata2 tak hingat dunia...haha
    through out my years there cume 2 kali jer, unavoidable i had a class at 2pm.
    so in most cases, after lunch org lain sibuk gi class balik me on the other hand either kuar merayap or nicely asleep ;)

  6. happy studying! i just started my new sem too...

  7. huhuh...
    pasal notebooks tu...
    kite suke gak tgk yg comel2...
    kdg2 beli...
    tp bile beli , syg nk gune...
    so xmo la beli...
    kakak kite plak...
    selaluuuu beli...
    tp satu pun die x gune...
    sbb syg...
    comel sgt...

  8. huwaa...semua comel2!!All the best for this sem ye!

  9. Hey Wany,

    I also love Jordi Labarda's notebooks. So stylish.

    Sometimes I beli for no reason. Saja suka2 nak beli hehehe.

    Btw, tolong kirim salam kat mana2 building cause I also studied at the same U as you.

    Rindu pulak kat sana!

  10. comel nyeee lah u ni wani!! hehee

    muka comel.. baju2 comel.. perangai comel..
    n barang2 pun comel!!!

    haihh.. best nye! i love all ur books! n ur taste!! u've got such a greattt taste in everything!! u rock la wani!! =)

  11. happy commencing your new semester wani!
    Nak tanye, u buat course ape eh?hehe

  12. kat mana u beli??? overseas??MPH??

  13. hello everyone..

    i bought all these cute notebooks at MPH, popular, isetan, kinokuniya and Claire's(in Japan)..

    and some of them are from Stila which of course, i got them for free!!

  14. yeayy kite ada persamaan. haha.
    i love jordi labanda's notebooks tooo!
    and all pretty notebooks.
    dan sangat suka mengumpul2 tapi tak pakai. hehehe.

  15. omg i love her notebooks too!!!

    with books like these.. i can't wait to go back to studying too ^_^

  16. ohh those notebooks mostly i jmp kt Isetan je.. ada kt tmpt2 lain ke? i yg dh di alam kerjaya nih pun still rasa cute & nak beli tp hubby slalu bising ckp i cam dak2.. hahaha.. anyhow, love the designs! soo chicky!! :D

  17. i try to find it in MPH melaka..
    takda.. at 1st sight with jordi labanda..



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