Monday, August 22, 2011

.......because I'm a nice sister! :p

The other day, while I was doing a bit of work in my room, I heard a knock on my door... Then, bukak2 je, there's someone who made a cute face and said,
"Kak Waniii.... Nak facial? Saya ada jerawat. Boleh buatkan facial takkk? Pleashhhh.. Nak yang best2 punya..." (I was like...   -_-" Hmmm...  Gedix betul adik aku ni la..huhu..) 
So because I am a nice sister, so I said to him,
"Okayyy can. But let me finish my work first... And also, with one condition: If you want me to do yang best2 punya, you gotta let me take your photo of this "intensive facial treatment", too! haha. Boleh ke???" (I thought he was gonna say no to it, so that I don't have to do the facial, cuz maybe he's shy or what la kann, cuz being a guy kannn.... But then he agreed to it! Huh.. I forgot that my brother is one cool dude. LOL)
"Can. But make sure you do it super nice. Like the one in salon. And I want soothing music too, so I can sleep. Dekat salon kan selalunya macam tuu..."   =_='


So there I was, after finishing my work, I took my bedside table and prepare all the stuff needed for this so called Intensive Facial Treatment, in my room. I took towels, sponges, my products, etc etc, and all the things needed for him.. and I also searched on YouTube for any serene sound/music for this gedix boy, as requested! Pffft.

I found one music on YouTube and hit the Autoplay button.. See that "Serenity" music on that monitor? haha

Theseeee are the products used for this little boy! 
Cleansers, deep pore cleansers, scrubs, masks, antiseptic oil, essence, serums, moisturizers, sponges, cotton buds, tissues, facial wipes, facial cotton, etc etc! I even have face steamer/sauna for him! hehe. little salon is complete, you know! Jadi, marilah datang ke kedai saya! hahaha ;p

These are all of my products that I used for myself too, actually. And most of the products are from Sothys.

So if you're wondering what are my skincare routine, read on to find out! ;) These are the things I put on my skin, bila tengah rajin..hehe. Sebab sangat banyak! So, normally I would only do like this "intensive treatment" once a week je.. Or maybe once a month! LOL

Oh yeah...before I start, let me warn you again ladies, that our model today is a man. No, scratch that. He's more like a Wolverine to me! LOL.  - I asked him to shave his beard first before I do it, but he said, something like dia dah 'bernazar' about something, and will shave off after the "nazar". (Hmm...nazar about what also, I dunno laa. I think maybe about his business kot? Tah la..)

But anyways...let's get started! ;)

Everything is ready, I gave him my white robe and asked him to lay down... 
Wahh...look at that face. So excited! hahaha

But few minutes after I went to the bathroom to take some other stuff for this facial, he fell asleep already! Huhh... Must be the music from that YouTube I think! Too soothing, ha? haha

So I put on the headband for facial, and let him sleep while I do the work on his face..

First, I started off by washing his face..

...and then I apply Sothys cream cleanser

Next, I apply Sothys foaming cleansing gel. 
He was already awake at this moment. Because of the smell I think... It was so nice, so invigorating! And I heard he said something like, "Mmm...what's this. Smells good" - Of course la...your sister is nice maaa. She only use nice products for you! LOL ;p

Then, I apply Cetaphil, a gentle skin cleanser to cleanse his face even more. 

Since this cleanser didn't produce that much of foam/froth, so it's okay to lather and spread it on the face for awhile, and massage gently. Note: a foamy type of cleanser will dry out the skin. So if you have that type of cleansers, use only for less than 30 seconds on your face!

Pffft. Sempat lagi! LOL

Next, I apply a deep pore cleanser from Sothys called Desquacrem

"Hmm....okay. What else?"

Next, I apply this on his skin.. The Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D Deep Thermal Refinisher. As told by the SA last time, this can be used before the facial scrub. Well..this is actually a fancy facial scrub that seems to remove the top layer of dead skin while revealing the newer, younger looking skin that lies beneath the surface, as I was told. It's like an alternative for micro-dermabrasion, I think.. And upon contact with the skin, you'll instantly feel like heat is being applied. 

(At this point, this boy can't stop complaining... "What's thisss? It's hot! Why did you put it? What is it for? blablabla..." Haha. Men! ;p) 

Next, I use the Apricot Kernel Buff Off facial scrub from Bloom. 
I can say that the particles of this scrub are very large (ground walnut shells), as compared to those scrubs I used before.. So yeah, it's easy to exfoliate! ^_^

However, I would not recommend this for those who have sensitive skin, as this is more for people who have resistant skin - because it's a powerful face buffer I tell you! My skin felt very clean and refined after I used this. Definitely I'll use and buy it again and again! Oh, and not only that, the packaging is cute too!

By the way, I scrub my brother's face using a facial scrubber that fits just for the finger!

Steaming time!

Then I use this Soap & Glory Fab Pore mask for the nose area, to easy remove the black and white heads

Time to remove all that dirt! 

Then I apply the antiseptic serum from Sothys (not in the picture - forgot to snap!)

Next, I sprayed a bit of Mineral Mist from YoungBlood  

...and then seal it with a clay mask from Bloom

...and let him sleep for 20 minutes!

After a good 20 minutes, I washed his face again, together with his shoulder and neck, since he said at the salon he went before, there's a shoulder massage too? Huhh... Memang gedix adik ku ini... Macam-macam mintak! haha. Tapi takpe laa... Aku layan kan jer. After all, I only have one adik! - How I wish I have a little sister! hehe

So I cleanse the face...together with the shoulder/neck too, as requested! 

(Apparently, this was his favourite step. He said I did a very good job!  He said my massage was soooo good! hahaha.. Didn't know I can massage people.. I thought I did only cincai2 oneee.. LOL ;p)

Then after the massage, I apply a hydrating and soothing mask for him... For the face and neck too! It's a two pieces mask which I bought from Sasa, from a Japan brand - I forgot what. 

And then after the mask, I put on some fake cucumber for his eyes, for soothing! 

I let him relax for another 20 minutes!

After that, I removed the mask and wiped the face and apply this Skin Healing vitamin E, as his skin is kinda dry a bit, especially at the cheek area..

I applied evenly onto his face and let it absorb until the face is fully dry

.... and together with this fairy eye mask, since I didn't do any eye treatment for him except for a little eye massage. So I let both the eye mask and that Skin Healing Vitamin E to dry and absorb into his skin... This process took about 20 minutes as well..

Then, after a good 20 minutes, his skin has become normal and dry again, I apply this toner from Sothys

And next, I apply a hydrating essence from Aesop

Then I put this Matifying Pore Refiner serum from Sothys

Next, a moisturizer from Sothys as well.. 

Then I apply an eye cream from Dermavectin for his eyes

Lastly, I apply the pimple gel which I bought from Boots, onto his tiny blemishes on his nose and his forehead that he complained about, which resulting to an Intensive Facial Treatment from Miss Wani...and thus this entry! LOL ;p

Sekian terima kasih! Now....isn't me nice?? hahaha. Now who wants to be my adik and let me do an experiment on your face too? ;p

P/s: Remember this post? Yess...thisss is really what's gonna happen when you are a girly girl, and don't have a little sister to play with! hahaha ;p



  1. waaa... byknya steps dia... klu gini, i pun nk g wat facial spa ngan wani la ;-) nway, am 1 of ur zillion silent readers :)

  2. hi wani. i nak tanye pasal dermactin tu la. is it good? how long does it take to reduce dark circle etc? and where can i get one?


  3. wow!!! bestnye,.. i want to be ur adik la.. hehe

  4. woooww..that's a whole lot to digest..phew..:D

  5. Last time before I was married, dia selalu mintak aku buatkan facial utk dia. huhuh. Ada 3 kakak, gedik la jadinya ;p

  6. best best best..cepat bukak saloon, dan akak nak ditonyoh muka oleh shazwani hamid sahaja!! boleh? :D

  7. Such a nice sista!! btw, Soothys range tu bagus tak?I wanna try too..

  8. Baca entry ni terus rasa macam nak buat facial. Wani, u can bukak salon la.

  9. ..haha..i gelakkkkk tgk when u put eye pad yg ada gmbr eyelashes tu on him (a man????!!!)

    lawak la u ni :p

    wahhh mmg intensive rasa mcm nak suh wani buat jugakkk on! ;p

  10. so sweet..;-),baiknya kakak..

  11. banyaknyeeee stepss.. haha

    anyway, korang cute laa

  12. wow..complete treatment at home...akak ni dah xlayak jadik ur adik but can u do the treatment 4 me pleasee heheheh

  13. How i wish i have you as my adik!!! waa... i only have one little brother. And my brother tak akan punya nak buat benda2 macam ni. Your brother is soo cool!

  14. Really really nice laa you.. akak ni yg ada 8 org adik pun won't do dat to my sista & bro. Kalo buat kat sorang mesti kena buat utk lagi 7 kan.. pengsan.. hahaha

  15. omg, wani ur soo cute :), u must open a spa, n im very sure that u w get lot's of customer

  16. syoknya... mmg nice sister lah!

  17. omg!!

    so many product to use.. ???

    pening akak :)

  18. heheh best kan layan adik camni.. eventho mengade2 lebih... :)

  19. waaa....bestnya dpt 1st class treatment macam tu. buka la salon wani mesti ramai nk pergi salon u.

  20. Now i want to be ur adik!! haha.. Pick me! Pick me! hehehe :p

  21. can I be the one(your adik)??looks great ...i've never been to facial treatment before..and I wonder how it would be...:)

  22. wahhhh...lucky him having a very talented sister macam U wani! Good entry ;p

  23. Heaven... Bestnye jd adik u ^.^ Rajin betul wani :)

  24. u r such an adorable sister/person and a sweetheart, i must say! i love u wani!!! can i be ur friend? hehe

  25. babe,
    where to get the soap & glory fab pore tu ek? i gune za, thot nk try this out pulak. pore pack mcm xbest :)

  26. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments :)

    Syura: I dunno how to judge it.. Cuz I don't have a severe eye problem.. Tp I Palau je.. Huhu.. So. I pun xtau nk ckp dia ok ke tak. Lol
    Butbso far ok jer, I mean dia x thick takde buat mata I keluar biji2 tu..yg mcm oil tu..forgot what it's called..
    Anyway, I bought it at sasa..

    Mrs adnan: ok je. So far ok.. :)

    Dee: I bought it at Boots in UK

  27. Syura: Palau?? Lol! Sorry typo! It's pakai! Huhu ;p

  28. Syura: Palau?? Lol! Sorry typo! It's pakai! Huhu ;p

  29. hurm mini saloon menarik nie hehe

  30. aizat gedik!!!!!! huhu.. btw, aku rindu nk bwat facial ngn ko la mcm dolu2..huhu..

  31. Can u be my wife???!! Please... You're too sweet..I'm hooked on u! Hehe :)

    -silent reader for a month now-

  32. Hello sis Shazwani:)
    suka entry ni since saya pun minat buat facial kat rumah. tehee.

    one ques, where can i get the face steamer? sis beli kat mana ye? kena beli kat spa ke?:)

    really hope you can answer this..tq tq tq.


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