Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shazwani On the Media..

Last week I appeared on The Star, for a P&G/Pantene event that I went few weeks ago along with other bloggers...

This week, appeared again on Berita Harian, for that half-day spa event that we went at Vila Manja. - Super awesome, I tell you! (Will blog about it later!)

And today, I just bought a Nona magazine for September issue, that's featuring my mom's stories on Mekah......with me! heheh 

I think my mom look beautiful without her glasses! ^_^

It's actually an article about my mom's experience and story on her Haji/Umrah.. 

.....the rest of the stories

And I also appeared on some websites few weeks ago! Cuba teka yang mana? heheh ;p




  1. wahh dah mcm artis dah hehehe

  2. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki..
    nice knowing you shazwani..
    feel free to visit my blog too..

    happy ramadhan

  3. Again the lucky Schazwany featured in magz...May God bless U and family dear!

  4. your mom without glasses looks like hanis!

  5. I did read about the column spread in Nona and didnt noe that's ur mother until i saw ur an avid follower of ur blog all the way from Brunei...keep looking all those fab pics...:)


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