Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friends Like Them Make the "unFun" Office, a Happy Place! :)

Was looking through my iPhoto albums and I found these photos. Forgot I took them awhile ago..hehe.. So I'm just gonna upload them here just in case my laptop die again and I lost all photo. LOL ;p

So these are my fun and happy friends! Reasons why I go to work. Hahaha ;p

This is Anfaal. She's a little crazy...but she's so fun and not to mention, NICE! (Hye Anfaal! heh. Thanks for listening to all my babbles and stories. haha ^_^)

The girl in that maroon top is an actress! hehe. She's pretty and always so stylish! Love her sense of style! Her name is Faizah..  ;)

The rest...

And thiss.. Jeremy. I call him Jerjer. Such a cool dude.

Our usual lunch time spot.

These are my friends. They're happy. They're crazy. They're cool. They're nice. And they're fun! 


P/s: I was having a Bad Tudung Day. So don't judge! hahaha ;p ;p



  1. office ni macam sekolah/uni jugak kan? sekolah/uni tak best but sebab ada kawan-kawan yang best tak sabar nak pergi sekolah/uni.

    btw, tak suka betul when i'm having those bad tudung days. gila annoying sometimes pergi toilet 10 kali betulkan tudung je. stress habis!

  2. surrounding wif crazy ppls memang BEST! :)

  3. Hi,
    I see u just now in a newspaper with other 5 bloggers...u're so gorgeous girl with ur it!

  4. Bestnyer pakai T-shirt saja pergi office.
    My office so boring.everyday corporate suit.

  5. eh nice la your brooch..beli kat mana? boleh share? heheh..tq.


  6. which company are u working with hun? looks fun :)

  7. Me like your scarf and of course the handbag ^_^! I love pink!!

  8. u still look fine to me honey, despite u said ur in a bad tudung day! haha. love u wani! stay sweet!


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