Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our last "Makan Besar" with Family

On Saturday, that's before Raya.. my dad invited both my sisters' families to join us for an iftar at Pan Pacific Hotel before everyone balik kampung..

It was so merry as we have everyone there... There's my dad, my mom, my brother, Azhar, my sister Iza and Hanis. There's my brother-in-laws, there's our maids, and there's nieces and nephews running around everywhere! hehe

The food was great. But I think I prefer Marriott Hotel, as they have such variety of food and drinks.. But the ambiance, I prefer here. Marriott or any other hotels, during iftar normally are too noisy and too crowded! This one...okay la.. =)

Some of the food stations there..

Here are the rest of the photo during that night

Hanis's family

Along's family

Abang Razali..with his son, Hariz

Me with bibik-bibik

Me with my sisters

Raina si comel!

Isn't she gorgeous??! mother, like daughter. Pretty

Kakak dan Adik

The iPhone family. LOL. Everyone loves iPhone!

Family Tree! 
Abah on top, then sebelah kanan all the girls, and sebelah kiri, all the boys. Tengah-tengah Aizat's. hehe.. Anyways, Hanis's iPhone case is the most stand out ones! Pretty, glittery case. I did that before on my BB but took it off cuz I think it's kinda leceh. Huhu. but after seeing hers, I feel like doing it again! heheh ;)

There's other things beside iPhone that I like....

Like theseeee! Shoes with studs! hehe

Taking photo session before going back
(Btw Along, I want my pic with Ayra and Hariz pleaseee...hehe)

My bibik with Raina. Everyone loves her pretty face!

My nephews, Haikal and Hariz

Nephew and Niece


Junior. Intermediate. Senior. hehe

Have a great Raya everyone! ^_^



  1. ur dad and Raina share the same hairline.. woww... ;p

  2. love ur top! mind sharing where did you buy it? :)

  3. memang happy family :) selamat berhari raya sis..

  4. i like u bangle so much


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