Friday, August 26, 2011

I Can Smell the Kuih Raya Alreadyyy!

Oh I loveee Eid! Everyyy thing is nice. The baju. The setting of the house. The food. And the people! And yesss...especially the Duit Raya! LOL. I'm sooo looking forward for that! hahaha ;p
Anyways..yeah, you can see a lot of really really nice people in these two months; Ramadhan and Eid. They are generous. They are gorgeous. They are wonderful. And they are colourful!

In these two months, you can see people are giving out charity, sharing food, helping one another, giving out Duit Raya, or even handing out some presents! Oooohh I likey! hehe ^_^

And within this whole week especially, I can see so many people are busy baking cookies, sewing Raya garments, busy shopping for their Raya needs, making ketupat, lemang & rendang, pasang the newly bought curtains, and so on! Oh I love Raya! hehe. Speaking about Raya...have you guys prepared everything yet? Well for me.. not much to be done here in my house cuz I'm going back to my dad's hometown on Sunday and I can't wait to see (and maybe help, if I know how! haha) my grandma to make some lemang!! Yeayyy ;) And as for today, I'm going to pick up my Baju Rayas from my designer. I hope it'll turn out to be okay...

Oh hey... I just realized that it's only days away to Eid!!! And I can smell some kuih raya already! hehe.. Look look lookkk... These are some of my kuih raya for this year! Yums! Can't wait to open them and stuff my face with each one of it! hehehe ;p


Famous Amos

Crabtree & Evelyn

Something from Patchi

This is my favourite! Guess what's inside? hehehe

I love how they packed all of these goodies. Such creative people.

Oh....theseeeee! Fidani, I love youu! Come to mommehhhh!

And lastly.....

...a little something from daddy! Thank you papie! ^_^

Wishing all muslims Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin! Siapa buat open house, sila jemput saya. Saya nak makan. hahaha ;p

Okayy...Happy holidays guys! ;)



  1. selamat hari raya dik wanie....

  2. Crabtree Evelynn's double choc cookies is simply the best! Selamat hari raya wanie.

  3. just so u know, choc godiva tak halal since ade alcohol in it. just wanna share.

  4. Those are not kuih raya! :D I guess I'm still a little old school at heart ;)


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