Tuesday, November 9, 2010

That Small Little Things You Do

What is the one small little things that you do when going on a date? Some people would be picking up the perfect flowers/gift to give to his date, or for a girl, it'd be choosing the perfect outfit or dress and so on and so forth. Different people, different effort.
For me, besides choosing a nice decent outfit, it would be my nails! I've always like seeing clean, nice manicured nails..

If I'm a guy, I would be observing the girl's hair and nails. Because I personally think, those two little things somehow showed how she takes care of herself..

Anyways.. whenever I'm going on a date, I'll make sure my nails are clean, and nicely shaped.. Normally, I'd be doing it myself the night before, or if I have extra cash or simply lazy, few days before the date, I'll just go to the nail parlour and get it done in no time!

My favourite place would be here!

Chic Nail Spa by Soong Ai Ling in Bangsar Village II. Cantik kan? Very Paris-sy!

So I made an appointment a week before my date (this place has always been fully booked for every single day.. So I gotta make sure I'll have my seat in there, two days before my date! Hee). So I went there quite early, around 10 am to get some manicure and pedicure..

So..there it is! My royal seat! hehe. 

Why I like it in here because everything is well-allocated in this nail spa. They have a cute little basket to put your jewelries in, a place to keep your bag, and a box to keep your shoes. So you don't have to worry about your stuff missing or whatever, because all these are placed right next to your seat. So it's cool!

Yeay.. It's gonna start any minute now..

First off, remove my heels of course!

These are some of the tools used..

First step would be soaking up my poor tired tootsies into the warm bubble tub..

Nail filing began..

Next, she's scrubbing my feet...to get that silky smooth effect..

At the same time, Margeret was doing my nails too..

Just like that pretty girl over there.. I bet she's enjoying the service as much as I do! hehe
Oh, I really feel like a VIP when I'm being treated like this! ;)

Since I haven't got my period, so I can't do the colored ones, right? Because it'll be such a waste if I color my nails and then I had to take it off for praying. So, I opted for the normal buff ones. But it'd be nice if I do the French Manicure. Always been a fan of that! So niceee. And so girly. But oh well, nevermind.. =)

So she started applying the little buffing cream to my nails and then buff them professionally

While they were doing their duty.. I observed this place.. This place is really, really nice and has that a comfortably chic and cozy feeling.. 
Their d├ęcor is more like the Parisian and Victorian-inspired, and adorned with vintage wares that gives me a comfortably away-from-home feel.. 

For a moment there, I really felt like I was in a shop somewhere in Paris! haha

Now this would be the place to do the manicure if you choose not to pamper your feet..

Acca Kappa and Annick Goutal products are now available in this store!

Lots of Annick Goutal perfumes on the display! I would love to own one! It's in my wishlist! But it's too darn expensive for a perfume! Sob sob.. I'd never spent so much money on a perfume, although I'm a perfume freak! Cuz most of my perfumes are all presents.. ^_^ 

I get bored easily.. So while waiting for my hands and feet to be done and ready.. I'd camwhored. haha ;p
(How do I look with massive amount of kohl jetblack eye liner all around my big round eyes? Do I look emo enough? haha ;p)

A cuppa tea is served during my pampering session!

Almost done..

Okayyy.. and it's done! So shinning, I likey!

A happy and satisfied customer!

Will never want to do my nails or foot spa all by myself ever again now. Hahaha. Lazy me! ;p
Even though the prices may be a little above the average mani-pedi fee, but this Chic Nail Spa is worth it as it definitely gives you the luxurious comfort feeling! Mmmm! ^_^

P/s: Hmm... Cepat lah, ask me on a date lagiii! I wanna find an excuse to go to this place again! Heee ;p



  1. Cantiknya kedai ni Wani! Very the girly. Aiyya cant remember bila last time i buat mani pedi ni. P/S: Your eye liner cantik la Wani, but not emo enough. Mcm Taylor Momsen or Avril Lavigne barulah emo. Hehe.

  2. make up awsome jer :P

  3. Hi Wani! Without a date pun boleh purak2 ada date, sbb nail spa dia sangat cosy. ;p Btw, i nak mintak kebenaran letak your blog URL at my blog list boleh? Sebab sejak akhir2 ni asyik baca blog Wani, tapi klik dari blog org lain. Mmg addictive la this blog. ; )

  4. wani ur leg so smooth la
    did u removed the hair o mmg kaki u xhairy?

  5. how much for basic mani pedi over there?

  6. nice. care to share where it is?

  7. wowww .bestnyaaa !
    sys gorgeous gilaa :D

  8. wani???lorr...kenal salmah lagi x???terkjut ar tetibe jmpa dlm blog nie...tu pon member yg perkenlkan blog nie...

  9. oh wani! i saw this place when i went to hamman spa!! looks so chic and stylish the pedi mani area!!! how much? :O

  10. u're very girly and very pretty lah wany!
    if im a guy..i'd definitely wanna take u out on a date! hehe

    anyway, great post! thanks for the info!


  11. so true!
    i went there for my 1st mani-pedi masa nk kahwin early this year.

    mmg superb experience la.
    mahal sikit but soooo worth it.

    u make me wanna go there again wany!

  12. Looking at ur nails, i feel like bbeza sgt. My nails are horrible.. Not perfectly shaped like yours.. I always keep my nails pendek dan tak pernah buff. Maybe sbb selalu masak kot jd rasa macam tak berbaloi nak buat pedicure. kadang2 malu jugak sbb jari ada sisa kunyit lah, kuku scratch lah dan macam2 lagi lah malu nak cakap.

    Kalaulah boleh pegi pedicure sekali, nak jugak pamper myself, just once at least.. huhu

    ps: Macam mana Wani jaga kuku bila masak lepas pedicure? Tak rosak ke, since buat keje 'heavy-duty' kat dapur? Ada tips tak?


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. reena: kan..kedai ni cantik kannn..
    Hahahaha.. Kalau i buat mcm taylor momsen tuhh..i rasa org lari kot tgk i..haha..dah mcm hantu pulak nnt! ;p

    cik nur: really? hehe.. thanks

    ayu: hello there! of course u can honey! (thanks for reading my blog!) ;)

    moumo: hahahahahaha.. I ni ada keturunan afghanistan. So of course, i got hair on my legs! hahaha.. I penah buat laser treatment dulu... Tp now, ada jugak bulu.. Tp sometimes i wax or kalau malas...shave je! LOL ;p

    anonymous: cant exactly remember the exact price la.. but i was over 100++

    mushymush: like i mentioned in that post.. its in bangsar village II

    pink: kannn? mmg best pon! ;)

    cik sal: OMG KAK SALMAH!!!!! hehehehe.. Hye kakkk!!! how r youuu?! teringat dulu penah sama kelas Service mktg dgn akak! hehehe.. Class yg paling best skali.. I tak kan lupa akak sbb Sir zainurin selalu sebut nama u kalau nak buat lawak..hehehee
    Omgg rindu nya klas tuuu =(

    Miu: its about 100 plus.. cant remember lorhhh.. =(
    hey let's go together nakkk? we'll have a girly day out! hehe

    ina: awwww thanks honey! *blushing*

    memey anuar: Jom pergi lagi nakkk? hehehe

    anonymous: hmm...i kalau tolong my mom kat dapur..kalau misal nya ada kesan2 kunyit tu.. lepas dah siap semua2 tu, i cepat2 rendam dlm my nails in a nail polish remover.. (although takde la hilang terus..tp at least kurang sikit kaler dia.. lepas tu i akan sental dgn sabun2 i yg lain... sbb i tak suka jari/kuku kuninggg! haha (so not girly! LOL ;p)

  15. oh really,that's y la u pnye eyes cntik, mix afga rupenye,
    tu la..my leg too hairy la..
    i tgh cri place to do laser n remove all the hairy part. :(
    kt mne eh u buwat?
    n how about the cost?

  16. i been here too! like the fresh design and the royal seat too...the place is quiet and very relaxing to be in!! however their price is slighter higher than outside salon :P

    met soong ai ling, she still so gorgeous !

  17. moumo: i buat dkt hartamas area.. It was a place called DermaGenesis.. Cost me about 10k for full leg and under arms area..hehe.. Mmg costly.. Tp mmg berkesan la.. =)

    Jessying: Wahh..u get the chance to meet her! That's so cool! =)

  18. Hello,

    I am planning to go here soon. May I know how much they charge for this treatment they did on you? its just the normal shaping and buffing right?
    Hope to hear from u soon!


  19. hi there. i just stumbled upon your blog when i was googling for nail buffers hehe anyways, do you have any idea how much it cost to do the pedi? i would really love to try this shop! :D


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