Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Simple Make-Up Look Tutorial

Hey girls! It's up!

The video is up! Hehehe. Sorry for taking quite some time to upload it! Thing is...this Shazwani Hamid girl, likes to talk toooo much! hahaha. So I had to cut a lot of clips in there..and did a little bit of editing! (as there were so many bloopers! - You know me, the clumsy girl. Asik jatuh barang la, tersilap pakai la, etc. Pfft. =_=' )
So..that explains why the publishing date has been delayed! ;p


In the video I actually explained why I use this and that product and why I like it and so on..but I had to cut all of it and just mentioned the products that I use, because YouTube only allow up to 15 mins of video to be uploaded. tskk. (My original video was about 28 minutes! Hahaha ;p - And I slashed it to 12 minutes and 23 seconds! Heee), I'm gonna upload the video in here to share it with you girls.. =)

Oh..and, pleaseee, bear in mind.. this is the unprofessional make up guru, ohkayy! I just did this because you girls requested on it.. hehe

Shazwani Hamid. The Make-Up guru... NOT! ;p

So, here it is! (You'll about to see my naked and my muka-sembab-baru bangun-tidur face! tskk. Oh, and you'll also see how simple and very unprofessional my make up is! haha ;p)

Ok..I'm gonna shush now. Too much talking now. Or rather typing. Or whateverrrrrrr.

Okay, enjoy the video. I hope you learn something! hahaha (Penat bebel and explain sorang-sorang tauuu! LOL ;p)

So here's the pictures of the final result!

Simple, eh? (I don't like to use too many colors on the eyes. Oh well.. more like, I don't know HOW actually! Hahaha! ;p)

Do you like my lip color? I do, I do!! hehe ;p

"Okayy..I'm gonna get ready noww! Toodles!"



  1. banyaknyaa product u guna Wani!


    if you're in rush pulak mcmana u make up?

  2. Banyaknya step Wany! Tapi hasil dia memang cantik :)

  3. Nice vid tutorial... Loves that benefit products and thank u 4 sharing the make up tutorial...really help on applyinf eyeliner n lips...and this vid tutorial is wayyyyy better then last time!!!luuurveesss it so much!!! Tq

  4. nampak mcm rumit tp wani dah biasa mcm senang je,this mekap nampak fresh :) tq for sharing

  5. LOL. Macam-macam benda you letak Wani. I thought that simple means very very simple LOL. But it is indeed very sweet and nampak natural. Good job!

  6. Wowwww ,you are so gorgeous in your way :D
    Love your style and thankss ya for d tips ,sys ! I like it ,heeeeee

  7. Ko suka sapu gerakan membulat ek kat pipi? huhu. Just a tip, when applying moisturizer, start from the center of the face and sapu upwards and outwards. it's like to "lift" it up so that nanti skin tak cepat sagging la gitu2.

    Tapi foundation, aku sapu kebawah guna sponge seperti yg diajar masa Shu Uemura workshop. diharap skin tak "jatuh" ;p

  8. nice and simple.. suke !

  9. u have a beautiful skin dear... tp cincin besar itu ttp menjadi pujaan ku haha

  10. maybe it would have been easier for you if you were to speak in malay? quite difficult to understand with the heavy "rr" accent and constant pauses ...

  11. hi wani! i gotta say the look is great. and it's so simple and easy to apply! i have a question tho. where do u buy young blood products from? i feel like trying the loose powder!

  12. Ina: hahaha.. byk ke? I rasa biasa jerrrr. heeee ;p
    Kalau im in a rush, i'll just use powder n mascara je =)

    Reena: oh..ek? byk eh? LOL. maybe i da biasa make up, so i rasa yg ni step dia still kira tak byk..hahaha ;p

    Red Clutch: ur welcome! n yes, the first video kan..was my first was still a bit awkward to talk in front of the camera..haha.. n yes, actually this time around pon ada jugak benda jatuh..but i had to cut lah kannn..hahaha ;p
    Anyways, glad u like it!

    Kak Suzie: ur welcome! well..for me, takde la rumit pon..sbb tu i ckp simple..hahaha ;p

    Mia: hahaha. what i meant by saying simple is not the procedures! haha.. it's the look. I mean, it doesn't really look like i put too much make up on me! heeee ;p

    Pink: Awwwww thank u my dear! Alhamdulillah. N ure welcome, honey!

    Along: hahaha. sbb muka aku bulat? wahahaha.. tulahh...dah biasa... Gotta change now lah..otherwise i'll have saggy face by 30's! tskk

    Cik Tipikal: thank u!!

    Efa Fairuz: hehe. thanks! =)

    Sue Andy's: Thank u.. N yes, i love that ring too! Verry girly eh? hehe

    Anonymous: Yeah maybe. =) But the constant pauses.. were because it's actually quite hard and weird to be talking alone in front of the webcam! Hahaha. Seriously, u should try talking with yourself for 30 minutes! Verry funny, I tell you! I wonder how do they do it! I was so blank, like the whole timee! hahaha.. ;p

    nk: Thank u my dear! And for the Young Blood products u can get 'em at Shins =)
    Their foundation is great too!

  13. wani,

    kalau pegi umrah wani guna agent apa?boleh recommendkan?

  14. Anonymous: Haritu I pergi, I tak guna agent mana2..bcuz that time I pergi sbb ikut my dad.. Ada business meeting. Hmm..but u can try Triways or Andalusia =)

  15. u have such a tegang skin n flawless.sgt snang when applying the moisturizer,powder n foundation kn~ mine is not flawless n tembam n xtegang sgt~ susah cket~

  16. wany cantikla ur make-up!!
    me likeyyy too!!!
    especially ur lips..gorjes okay...
    btw i bru je try2 make-up..hehe..
    ala lgpun my face quite oily and pimples...
    too bad la...
    sedih okay...huhuhu...end up i just pkai eyeliner dgn lipstick je.. =(


  17. hi wani,

    love what u had on there. just a quick question, when u were still using stila illuminating liquid foundation before, the shade was 20 watts right? was it ok on u? not too light? i'm thinking of buying one online :)

  18. saya sukaaaaaaaaaa!! mmg nampak cantik. tp too many step. susah sikit la for me as a beginner ni kan! ;p

  19. thanks for the tutorial :) ur skin adalah sgt flawless...

  20. hye, may i know where to get the agent provocateur lip
    balm? can u put the review on it? thanks!

  21. you look old..! jangan make up byk sgt...! u look pretty without make up...seriously!

  22. you should've use your native language wany, as your english n grammar is all over the place! had a hard time trying to understand you.


  23. hye wany..sory i want to ask u about nokia c3..sory out of topic=)
    okay xu pkai c3???
    or u still pkai ur BB???

  24. hey..chanteekkk! :)
    anyway,u guna eyeliner brand ape ek?xde sbut pn dlm vid..nmpk senang je u pkai :)

  25. hi girl. do u put on contact lens or is that your original eyes? if you dont mind sharing =)



  27. kulit wani mmg dah cantik.. pipi tegang je.. jadi mmg senang nk apply apa2 pun.. u look great dear!

  28. wani, i've been your silent reader for quite some time, and i just have to leave you a msg to tell you what happened just now..
    i was watching your short tutorial on how you apply your daily make up, and half way thru, i just have to be away for a while to perform my solat.. while performing my solat, i noticed that my 2 girls were watching that tutorial, one is 4 and another is 3, and i thot that they dont really pay much attention coz they dont really understand what you were saying/doing... boy i was wrong. my 2nd girl put a lipstick on her cheek, just the way you put on your blusher... and she actually broke my favourite Estee lauder lipstick.. nak marah pun tak boleh.. kelakar pun ada..

  29. Wani, boleh tak tunjuk ajar cara u pakai tudung plak... i sgt2 suka ur style of wearing ur tudung, dah try tp x menjadi plak... hope u can demo cara pakai tudung plak kay...... sharing is caring..... love ur syle...

  30. hari2 pasti jenguk blog wani..mang best n menarik byk benda boleh di pelajari cth : tentang makeup nie, sy sorang yg lasak jarang makeup kecuali tdesak jer...h3h3 tqqqqq anda mgajar sy...

  31. Girl your eye lashes were perfect!!! I bet youre using something to make that look like its perfect!!! Your so pretty...
    Grow Eyelashes


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