Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Festival of Sacrifice, equals to : The Festival of Being Fat! :p

Salam everyone!
I would like to wish every muslim a very Happy Eid ul Adha.. (I hope it's not too late to wish you guys in here.. - I was away, balik kampung.. So can't online! hehe)

So anyways.. How did you guys celebrate this Festival of Sacrifice? Well..mine's just a plain boring ones. I had my period on Wednesday.. So I can't perform any Ibadah..and can't do much things with this period cramps.sob sob..

Hmm.. Okay I know that my readers are not just Malays/Muslims.. So, for those who doesn't know what this Eid ul Adha festival is.. I'm gonna explain a lil' bit here.. Well..on the 10th of Zulhijjah (that's in our Islamic calendar - which falls on 17th Nov, last Wednesday), Muslims around the world would wear their nicest clothing and attend a special prayer gathering in the morning. (but I miss this! Well.. I am not allowed to..) And this is followed by a short sermon, after which everyone stands up to hug and greet one another. The traditional Eid greeting is "Eid Mubarak", which means "Holiday Blessings". Next, people would visit each other's home and partake in festive meals with special dishes, (and that's our usual lemang, rendang, etc), beverages, and desserts on this joyous occasion. (I hate Open Houses. It makes me fat in no time! >_<)

Anyway, in addition to the above explanation, like all the pilgrims in Makkah, those Muslims who cannot afford to do so, offer domestic animals, such as sheeps, or camels or cows and other livestocks, which are to be slaughtered as a symbol of sacrifice to commemorate Prophet Abraham's sacrifice of his son, Ismael. This is not only done in Makkah by the Haj pilgrims but by Muslims all over the world as well..

Picture source: Mr. Google (Thank you!)

And then next, the meat would be distributed for consumption to family, friends, and to the poor and needy ones. This Eid ul-Adha is a major religious event in the lives of Muslims.  ^_^

Anyways..I did not bring my camera when I went back to my dad's hometown, last two days.. So can't really post any picture related to Raya...
But hurmm... since the last Raya, I still haven't posted this Open House event that was held at my house in last October.. So now.. I think, I'm gonna interject some photos from the last Raya for this entry! hehehe (Just to give it a little Raya vibe! heh. Since I had no photos for this Raya Qurban! ;p)

So anyway..

My parents made an Open House for Friends and Family at our house last month.. It was just a small gathering for close relatives and acquaintances ..

The caterer was from The Pan Pacific Hotel

A day before, they came to our house to set up some of the stuff..

On that morning.. everyone was busy preparing stuff.. You know like setting up the tables in and outside of the house, bringing out the food and so on and so forth..

And me..on the other hand, was busy doing something in my room.. So I missed the chance to meet the first batch that came to my house.. (Sorry!)

Anyways.. here are the rest of the photos that I managed to get some..

This cheeky boy tak boleh duduk diam diam! Lari sana sini je kerja dia.. hehee

..and that's me, taking some food!

We have.. Roti Jala, Nasi Beriyani, Some rendang daging/kambing, Satay, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Lemang, etc etc..

I have to say... Their food was really marvelous! Seriously.. EVERYTHING is super nice! Good choice, daddy! (Next time, on my birthday parties - if you wanna do any, lah kann..haha.. Make sure the caterer would be from Pan Pac as well! Haha ;p)

I ate like two rounds I think.. Can't remember.. But seriously, everything is super delicious... And I mean evveryyything! I tried all the food! (which is very the unusual me.. Normally whenever I attend Open Houses, I'd take only some of the food..not all, like I did that day! haha)

This counter is my fave.. Why? Because it has two of my fave drinks! Teh Tarik and Sirap Bandung! I think I drank the Bandung about 11 glasses! Hahaha.. Seriously, it was thatttt yummy! ;p

Can't stop finding food to fill the big tummy of mine. haha ;p

I give this Mee Rebus 10 stars! Simply superb! (I hardly like Mee Rebus actually..)

Ohhh...and thisssss, The Cream Brulee! My God, it's really yummy! I had 3 bowls! hahaha. Yes I know, I'm Little Miss Fattie! ;p

Cendol! Mmmm.. ^_^

My bro's international friends. (Now I know where he get that  n*gga's black's accent. LOL ;p)

My neighbours/friends 

Cousins fought over a painting in my house! hehe

And meet Haikal, my nephew!

We are the Capricorn people..hehe

Mmmmuacks! Love you baby boy!

And that's it! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha people! Have a good one! (And don't forget to diet and shed that lemang you made it stuck in your body! hehe)




  1. all the foods lo soo yumeyyyyhhhh....
    how much eh for the catering???mind to share...

  2. Wani, I like your pink baju kurung! custom made or ready made?

  3. hahhahahahahaha..wani2..sabor2..dahsat sungguh nengok muke time amik makanan tu hoih..hehehhehe

  4. The word "nigga" is very offensive. i have thousands black friends, i dont think they appreciate the way you used the word here.

  5. woww..Kaya gilaa.. Sampai catering pon panggil hotel.. Perghh..

    Brapa la agak2 nye ek?

  6. I agree with anonymous that the word "nigga" is VERY offensive and insultive. As muslims we should try our best not to use negative words to refer to others.

  7. best nyeeeee!wani.. boleh tak buat entry on jeans. i kinda like ur jeans la nampak terletak je cantik. susah la nak cari jeans yang x stretch out. pls pls pretty pls hehehe

  8. 2la psl anon..
    kayoo gilosss okay!!!
    huhuhu ;p
    yes i'm agree..'nigga' words are quite sensitive for them..
    just my 2cents... ;p

  9. wani nak tanya, u pergi umrah amik agent mana ek?boleh recommendkan?nak pegi disember ni

  10. anonymous: indeed it was yummy!

    purplelurve: thank u! it was a custom made from rizman ruzaini. =)

    nonie agnes: hahahahahaha. tu la pasall... aku pantang nmpk makanan! LOL ;p

    anonymous: thanks for pointing that out =)

    anonymous: ishh..takde lah.
    well, my dad is the one who paid all this. so i dunno. sorry. Maybe if ure interested u could call them up.. and ask pan pac for yourself for the rate and everything.

    hafsa: well, i did not mean to insult anyone. sorry. ma bad! thanks for reminding me though =)

    anonymous: sure! nnt i buat kay =)

    anonymous: i tak pergi dgn mana2 agent. i buat sendiri dgn family i je. but i know one agent yg bagus, if u would like to know, do email me.

  11. Very Beautiful Pictures and i think you really enjoy this event.

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