Monday, November 15, 2010

Banking via Mobile!

Yeah yeah I know, banking through your mobile is kinda common these days.. But only if you have internet access on your mobile, right?!, not anymore! Even if you're using that Nokia 3310, you can also enjoy this service! Yes, you heard me! With this new service from Bank Islam, no internet access required (that means you don't have to subscribe to the 3G service, WiFi or whatever is needed!) and no downloading of software required and not required to be a registered internet banking user, and not even limited to specific phone models at all! (yes, it can be used to ALL types of phones - be it Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc etc, just as long as your phone works with any Telco network in Malaysia!)

Have you ever had any experience in a bank where you need to settle a few 'little' transaction that's only gonna take a few minutes, but only to find yourself ended up queuing for hours? Well..with this new TAP which is a Transact at Palm (TAP) Mobile Banking-i, enables you to perform a banking transaction anywhere and anytime via a "menu-based" platform without having to access the Internet! So, no more hassling at the bank! How convenient!!!

Noww..what is a TAP and how does it work?

Well, TAP uses innovative smart card technology that displays a similar banking menu to the ATM menu, but better...BECAUSE IT'S ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE! A screen that most customers are familiar with, thus take no hassles in remembering to keywords/commands or download applications.

It's current features are:
Balance Inquiry
Fund Transfer
Prepaid Top up
Bill Payment

And these are the 'Coming Soon' ones:
Bill payment for Open Biller
Financing repayment
Credit Card repayment
Cross Border Transfer

You can check out here, to find out more! And starts TAPping through your phone!



  1. wah sounds so great..thanks for the info babe..

  2. its indeed very reliable, but im doubting the security...
    how to delete the "cookies & files" for phone ek? :(

  3. LadyVerde + Mr.Doc:
    This mobile banking does not have "cookies & files" as Bank Islam using SMS technology for their TAP. Cool hah...quite hard to diffreciate between Internet base and SMS base.

  4. this is very good nokia mobile phone .

    this is very intresting mobile phone.


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