Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Sneak Preview..

(Ceh! Title poyo je. Hehehe ;p)

Oh well.. I received quite a lot of requests from my readers on how I did my make up...
So..saya dengan rendah diri nya, ingin mengajar dan menunjukkan bagaimana saya meng-apply make up saya di dalam tutorial saya yang akan datang... heh

Actually, I was getting ready to do my make up as I was getting ready to go out..and then, suddenly I felt like..Hmm..dah alang alang nak make up, why not I do a tutorial terus since there are lots and lots of requests I get on that! (Heee...Korang ni, malu saya la..huhu)

Honestly, I am not a pro. I don't know why do girls wanting me to teach and to share to you how I apply my make up..because really, there's A LOT of make up gurus in YouTube. Seriously. You name it.. Memang banyak and lagi interesting and cantik... So...I actually feeling quite shy to share this with you.. Bagai murid yang baru belajar Maths ingin mengajar..errr... rakan rakan sebayanya Add Maths. heh. 

But since there are so many requests I get... I feel like I have to show it jugak jugak.. Then you'll unpro I really am actually! haha. Oh..and a little warning here.. you might find the video a bit boring kay.. (I seriously do not know how to do a tutorial on make up! Ajar add maths, saya boleh la..hahaha ;p) I'm just gonna upload the before and after pics only as I'm still editing and cutting some clips.. (I bebel so much that I need to cut a lot of clips! hahaha ;p)

So...stay tune to see the video kay!

The before picture. My pale face. Without any make up. tskkk
(so terpaksa la buat muka konon konon feeling feeling sexy gituu. Hahahah! ;p)

And... after applying make up..

I think I look like a grown woman with make up. And without make up, I kinda look like my age, but paler and err..too plain and boring? heh. Don't you think? ;p

The after picture. With full make up. Heee ;p

Okayy..stay tune for the video girls! Heeee ;p



  1. yeshh...!
    thanxz wani~
    after this, i can try to wear make up n not juz only wear the liners n gloss~~~

  2. tak apa pulak nampak rambut ya??

  3. Again nak cakap that i like the thing yg u pakai kat kepala tu! Hehe. I pun tak sabaq nak tengok your tutorial. I pun dapat banyak request tutorial makeup tapi i rasa better depa tengok u punya tutorial kot. U lagi terer. Hehe.

  4. wow.. i love ur make up..can't wait 4 that..=)

  5. omg wani! cepat la upload video!! dah tak tahan tngu ni!!

  6. without make up pun dah cun melecun...

  7. kim kardishan in me5/11/10 1:34 AM

    really can wait to watch ur tutorial on make up,,, sgt2 cantikk ur make up,, simple yet gorgeous (=

  8. have u ever said that u hate the eyeliner on the bottom?time u went for the jakel launching ari2? but i can say it is just fine with u~isn't it?

  9. gosh, i envy your skin.. sooooo clear.. >.< can't wait for the tutorial! =DDD

  10. comel... >_<
    i like the ribbon-like thingy kat kepala u and also ur robe~

    psst... pakai fake lashes ke or the power of Mascara?? cantek bulu mata


  12. hai Kak Wani.ive been ur silent reader for quite a long time and u know what, since we share the same name, i just realize something. we share quite alot of things u know!:) just like, ur post 'im a daymaker'? i feel like im reading about friends always says the same thing to me. yg i ni suka fikir psl org lain dulu before diri sendiri. sampai i kena marah dgn dorang :( and yeah, babies is not into me either hehe. all my nephews lg prefer to manja2 dgn my sis instead of me. and chocolates? godd i loveee them till i die. and many many more. i baru terasa nak cerita all of these with u sbb i betul2 yakin its true. now, macam terasa besar sgt kuasa ALLAH TU :') ok, i only want to share this. i hope u believe what i said, because its true! each time i read ur blog i feel like reading about myself :) anyway, i wish u the best ok.

    Lots of love,

  13. cik wani cantikkk, sila laaa upload vidiyo itew dgn segeraaaa. saya tak sabar!!

  14. gadiskaca: yup2.. tp nnt la kay i leatk the vid..

    cikpuanmuda: thank u! =)

    reena: thanks! that's just a tie rack scarf! hehe
    oh btw, i think if ur reader dah mintak tutorial tu..that means ure good lah.. just show them..hehe.. sbb i punya seriously simple n boring.. tskk

    yuhanis shazlini: thank u! sabar yer... heee

    anonymous: hahahaha.. ure very funny!

    red clutch: awww thank u.. but i still think i look so pale =/

    kim kardashian in me: is indeed very simple.. smpai malu nak publish the vid cuz its too simple.. heee ;p

    ummuhabibahmohdhilmi: be honest, i prefer my look without eyeliner on the bottom part of my eyes.. entah lah, i rasa kalau letak eyeliner at my lower lashes tu mcm nmpk too much.. but then again, kalau tak letak, i rasa mcm tak abis mekap..haha.. so i pon tatau la apa yg i nak sebenarnye..hahaha ;p

    unique daisy: eheh.. it's called make up! ;p
    it is actually not that clear! (oppsy! ;p)

    sue andy's: awww thanks! well...u'll find out soon about that kay! hehe

    anonymous: hehehehehe... seriously, ure very funny! sabar ye sabarr... hehehe

    akma syazwani kasah: awwwwwwwwwwwwww! ure very sweet. sep sep! nama sama, perangai sama! hehehe ;) *kiss kiss hug hug!*

    anonymous: omg..u guys are making me scared.. its really nothing la! aduhhh..malu dah ni... =/

  15. OMH WANI.. so pretty.. love the way u tied up ur hair like that and that pink robe!!!!!!!! eeee!!can see ur hair too!!!!! normally see u with tudung, now i see with hair bun up.. you look like audrey hepburn!

  16. dear wani,
    tak saba nak tunggu video tutorial u tiap2 hari i bukak your blog to check whether u have upload the vid.

    i love ur makeup! flawless! shimmering! cantik sgt!

    cepatlaa uploaddd plsss hee :D

  17. omg wani, i tngu video u everyday k. i bkk 10 kali sehari page u. cepat upload. please! hehe. mesti u igt i stalker gila kan? but i love ur vid. i nak blajar cara u make up!


  19. naked face or with make up... dua-dua ok! :)

    tak pakai make up pun sis dah cantik ^^

  20. miu: omg! audrey hepburn??? awww ure so sweet miu! reallly??? i look like her? hahaha.. I adore her so much u know! thanks for the compliment! ;)

    anonymous2 sekalian: hehehehe.. kejap yerr.... nnt i upload la.. bawak bersabar yer... heee ;p
    the video is really2 simple.. so, takyah la excited sgt.. i jd segan pulak..huhuh

    mya amira: awww thanks! but i feel weird not wearing make up though.. feels so naked! ;p


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