Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of an Old Movie, and A Pair Of Big Bold Eyes

Hey there!

Ever heard of the film called Sangam? hehe. Yes, thattt old hindi movie.. which was in 1960's. Oh well.. when I was a little girl.. About 5 or 6 years old.. My dad always play the movie on our video tape recorder.. (Note: He likes Hindustani movies/songs. hehe). And I used to watch this movie almost everyday! LOL! Oh, and not to forget.. I used to sing by heart, all of their songs in that movie and memorized some of the scripts/lines too, without knowing what it actually meant! hahaha. ;p

But then, as I aged.. I forgot already all of these songs..and I can say, I forgot about the movie too! But the other day, when my brother tagged me, one of the songs in Sangam called Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega on Facebook.. Suddenly.. I remember everythinggg! I remember my childhood memories when this song was being played... I dunno why.. But I get a lil' mushy and sad..when it was being played.. yeah I know it's odd, but that was exactly what happened and what I felt like...

I grew up with this song being played quite the whole time. So when it is being played, suddenly.. I remember everything.. My childhood memories.. The things I do when I was a kid.. and stuff like that.. And suddenly, I feel so old! I grew up so fast!!

Anyways.. after seeing the video and hearing the song.. I decided to find the movie and watch it again..

I really really forgot how Radha (the girl in the movie), looked so damn beautiful!!! Honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off her throughout the movie! She's just too pretty! Her eyes are SO BIG! Her hair is really thick and dark (I have a thing with dark haired women, fyi! hehe), she has a white porcelain skin, her eyebrows are full, dark and amazing, and did I mention her eyes are bigggggg??! Yes, they really are, SO BIGGG! I'm so jealous! hehe.. And they don't have those 'dolly-eyed' contact lenses in those days! It was all natural! Ahhh...so pweetyyy la this Radha girl... or whatever her name was..


I love her simple make up in here! Loving the eyeliner!

I'm inspired to try this simple look!

I love her eye liner especially! And the color of her lips too! She looks so soft and innocent! Sweet, I like! ^_^

Patut la dua-dua lelaki dalam movie tu nak dekat dia.. Sebab memang cantik sangat! hehe ;p

Perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect brows, perfect nose, and perfect lips! Ahhhh... How niceee!

I am so gonna try this look and pretend that I'm Radha! hahahaha ;p



  1. haha. u cute, try to pretend like her :D

  2. cantik kannn.. i pun suka tengok hindustan movies, tp the first movie i ever watched was bobby, then sangam n then the rest is history.. hehehe..

    cantik sangat sangat.. well you know kan fashion industry ni dah rotate all the good things from the past..kalau tak kenapa puffy shoulders dresses dah so in sekarang, bed headed hair from the 80's pun sekarang tengah in jugak, eyeliner pun skrg ramai yg suka pakai ala 60's kan? so org dulu2 sgt genius sebenarnya..they invented something, sampai sekarang orang follow.. hehehe

    ok i talk too much when i'm in your page..aura wany agaknya, suka cakap banyak so i jangkit :D

  3. I pon suka sangat2 cerita nie.. dulu pun hari2 tengok.. citer ni sedihhh ending dia... hehee.. cantik kan Radha nie..sekarang ntah cmnerla rupa dia agaknya hehe

  4. Wani,
    It's my all time fav hindi movie tooo... luv the songs...

  5. I heard a rumour that someone (a die hard fan of course) went insane chasing for Radha (Vijayatimala) (in real life). If you want to watch the film, watch it at Zee (108 Astro). The film is evergreen although it is overly melodramatic, but i like the attitude of the actors and the setting.

  6. yelah Wani..how come mata hitam dia soo bigg eh?? comey..U osso have dark thick hair and big eyes what..lg cantek dari this Radha ape..nnt post sini makeup mcm radha ok..try out contact lens yg besarkn mata itam tu ok..request nih..

  7. i pon adore her looks. hehe, anyway im new and would like to share and exchange ur blog with me. Thx!

  8. Ingat tak lagu ni, dulu masa kite kecik2 suka giler! ;p

    henna bolo bolo...henna bolo bolo.
    papa ko mami he, mami ko papa he..
    pyaarrr hey pyarrrr heyy..


    zindegi heksafer hesuhanaaaa
    yahakel kyar ho kisnejanaaa...

    hahah. bantai jer ejaan ;p

    Gee I still hafal most of the songs from Sangam n Andaz movies, believe it or not!


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