Friday, November 12, 2010

PowerShot S90

A friend left her camera at my house last few weeks ago.. So you know me, the camera freak girl.. of course I wouldn't miss a chance to snap some photos of *ehem* myself (who else? haha) with that superb camera, righttt?! hehehe

Oh..I love that camera! The photo quality is just amazing!! Plus, it's compact and not too heavy like mine! (But well..mine's still bettter! It has some great features - even though actually, I don't really know how to use everything that's inside that camera! hahaha ;p)

So there you have it... That's me using an S90 cam.. And yes, I camwhored in my room. hahaha! That's before going out to mamak stall, to return it to her. LOL ;p

After snapping some pictures, and having fun with this camera.. I think I like this camera lah!
Hmm.. Picture quality wise... Hurm..... I think it's quite similar to mine.. But I just like the fact that its size is quite compact as compared to mine.. Plus, it does not look so complicated as mine.. 

I should have bought this camera instead of that G11  lah the other day.. because I'm not really a good photographer, so.. I don't really need all those fancy camera.. (Note: By fancy, I mean those cameras that has a lot of buttons which I don't even know what and which to press.. Oh and when too!! ;p)

Well I just want a camera that gives me great vivid pictures when being set to the simplest button - and that's "Auto" for me! hehe (so I don't have to think which buttons to push and to touch all the settings and features on the camera. LOL). That's all I want.. I want a simple thing that gives me some nice photos.. Oh, and compact and sleek too!
Well, mine is not too bad. Okay fine, I should rephrase that. My camera is superb too.. - I should give some credits to it jugak la kannn.. Tak baik tak appreciate camera sendiri..haha.. And yes, it won several awards actually.. (though I know nothing about it.. and why it actually won the awards! LOL)
The only thing that I don't quite like is.. I think it's quite bulky.. I can't put it in my tiny Fendi clutch and even in my spacious Ferragamo snake skin clutch! Sob sob... I should have buy S90 lah the other day... But that SA said G11 is better..(oh well, of course lah.. S90 is cheaper than G11 kannn. So of course he persuaded me to buy that G11. I should have thought about this! Hmm..)


Maybe I should put this S90 camera in my Wish List. A birthday wishlist, to be exact.. who knows.. somebody so generous (and so nice), would give it to me in another 2 months time! hahaha ;p



  1. never ever left ur camera at wani's house..hehe :)

  2. you're very funny n cute la cik wani oi..hihih

  3. ct soleha: hahahah! U bet! nanti habis i godam ;p (or..u know what i'll do! LOL)

    anonymous: haha.. am i? heee..thanks ;p


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