Friday, November 26, 2010

Vintage Glamour

If I have to pick one item for a 'must-have' pieces in my wardrobe, it'd be a blazer/jacket! A blazer or a jacket can turn any boring outfits into a more elegant look! Don't you think? =)
What I love about blazers is that you can pair it with anything — a t-shirt, a tank top, a sweater, and just about anything! You can roll the sleeves up a bit, for some added edge.

Just look at the girl! She wears a dull colored t-shirt, but she looks instantly chic after pairing it with the blazer! 

Anyways, I have a few pieces of blazers and jackets in my closet.. and they are mostly in dark colors.. I don't know why, but when it comes to blazers and jackets..I prefer them in dark colors rather than in bright ones..

And this season's must-have item is the Embellished Blazer! Last time, it was the 'Boyfriend Blazers'. But now, they 'upgrade' it a bit with some detailing! The suited-up style is getting a bit glitzier these days, ey?! Everything is blingbling or has some embellishment or some detailing in an outfit! But yeah. I do loveeee the epaulets, especially! I think they are pretty cool, on a blazer or a jacket!

What I love about this style is that the blazers now are slightly more fitted as compared with the Boyfriend Blazer, and with a bit more volume in the shoulders for that extra drama! This season’s embellished blazers incorporate beads, sequins, studs, and more, for a look that’s edgier, more eye-catching, and ready to hit the town!

Oh well.. I loveee this style so much! I think this style can turn a jacket, from that professional to everyday look, with a bit of glam added, without looking too much! I've seen a lot of great pieces from TopShop, Warehouse, Karen Millen, and so on.. And I'm so gonna collect some! hehe.. I love the shoulder detail trend, as it makes you look versatile and polished!

My jacket with beaded epaulets from a vintage store

Despite that extra shimmer, I think these picks would still remain chic and stylish, and does not look like you're overdressed or something! I think it's edgy. It's vintage yet modern... And simply fab! hehe. You can wear it with a dress for that girlie look, or dress it up your favourite skinny jeans and a tank top with that blazer, and of course, with a pair of super high heels!

Don't you think the shoulder detail, looks more chic and sleek than your high school prefect uniform?? haha ;p

I wore this vintage jacket with a zebra printed tank top to add a little vintage-modern vibe, which is quite retro, but without looking dated!

I'm lovin' my new jacket!

Okayyy.. Epaulet/Embellished Blazers, you're now on top of my list!!! Gotta hunt for more!!

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  1. OMG.... love ur jacket... where did u get it? its hard to find vintage in JB though... sad..

  2. saw the pic on ur FB profile and thought it was zery zambry's. rupanya vintage ye. love the chains. kewl and definitely chic!

  3. cantik!
    kalau buat kat blazer office ok tak? hahahaha.


  4. Boleh DIY jugak. Kalau dah ada plain blazer/jacket, just pin kan je benda alah tu kan? :)

  5. mana beli tuuu? cantekkk mcm micheal jackson punye hehe

  6. wani ni cantik la...

    pakai apa pon cantik!

  7. hi wani! u look great in that jacket!

    come and check out our unique shawl collections at

  8. reena: i was thinking the same thing!

  9. eh cantik la jacket tuh :)
    u look awsome :D


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