Friday, November 19, 2010

Gotta Love Drugstore Make-Up!

Remember last time I got the chance to be featured in Remaja for the Maybelline Simply Fabulous "Jom Mekap Bersama Liyana" segment? Oh well, I was a guest for their episode of mascara...and yeahh..I don't look like myself at all in that vid, kan?! haha. Yeah, whatever I'm just a guest, not LJ, right? ;p (I had to berlakon for the vid, during shooting and everythinggg.. It was quite funny actually. haha)

Anyways, I received some of Maybelline products on that day. And to be honest, I have never buy any make up from a drugstore brand except for one thing and only one thinggggg...which is: mascara. That is all I buy and use from a drugstore brand! Seriously. (Unless of course, people give me or something.. But to buy them myself.. Hmm..I just won't! haha) I don't know why...I'm just not so open to try those other make up stuff.. It's not about the value (you know like "I-only-buy-high-end-products") or anything.. It just never occur to my mind to try drugstore brands..

Like foundation, I already hooked on Chanel. And then powder, I only use white loose powder a.k.a baby powder, and lipstick/lipglaze and eye shadows: Stila... and so on..

And just so you know, the Body Shop was the first make up brand that I've ever buy for myself! I was only 14 at that time! That was the first time I buy some eye shadows! haha. But never tried them on, though.. because back then, I never really know how to apply make up except for mascara and lippies! haha. And Stila was the first brand that I buy and use! And I was 16! hehehe. I still remember my first purchase was the Christmas Set which has 3 eye shadows, 1 Lip Pot, 1 Lip Liner, and 1 Convertible Lip & Cheek Color. (Now already given to my friend, Naz. And she loved it very much too!)  I realllllyyy love the set! And like I mentioned in my previous post, I love Stila since high school! So yeah, because my real make up that I buy and try on my face was Stila (and hooked ever since then), so it never really occur for me to try other products! Heee. if you read my previous postings, you'll know that I'm a huge Stila fan (and so sad now that they're not here anymoreee T_T)

So nope, it's not really about the value of the product, whether it's high end make up or whateverr.. Because I do love Maybelline mascaras. And yes, I personally think that mascara is something that is not really worth buying from a high-end/expensive ones. Sekali sekala okay lah. But to buy it every time and for a girl like me who has to wear mascara 'everyday' and can't live without it, it's really not advisable to do so! hehee (I'll be broke in a jiffy then!)


So here are the things that I got on that day..

Some BB Cream and Foundation, 5 Eye Shadow Palettes, a Blusher, 3 tubes of mascaras, 3 liquid eye liners, 2 pencil eye liners. and 2 tubes of lip colors

And...I must sayyyy...


I never knew they produce such high quality make up! hahaha. (Pffft. How come I do not know about thisss already? haha) Seriously, I loved them! And I'm not lying! I love all the products that I got. Each of these that I got, is superb! Oh well, except for the BB Cream. I don't really like to use it actually. It kinda gives my face/skin looks fake.. huhu. But the AngelFit foundation is simply fabulous! SERIOUSLY! I think, this would be my new Chanel cream foundation! hehe. (Fyi, I read in MakeUpAlley dot Com, this foundation was rated 4.2 out of 5 by the's members! How awesome!)

So yup. I think, from today onwards..I gotta try more drugstore brands and gotta love them! hehe =)

Oh yeah.. some of you asked me where's the video of me on that show.. (*maluuuu* haha ;p)

(Please click on the above image to view the video)

Well..this video is on Facebook, on Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous page. So here's some of the snapshots from the video..

I want super long eye lashes, pleaseee! 

Tiar used some technique to wear mascara on me..

Wiggles..and wiggles some moree.. 

And put about 2-3 coatings..until it is long enough..

And there it is! The power of mascara! Lifts, bolds, lengthens and curls! hehe. Oh, and makes your lashes look flirtatious too! Heee ;p

Okay.. That's it for today! Now I'm gonna upload the make up tutorial that I promised, on YouTube... Stay tune! (Sorry for the delay! Gonna post it tomorrow, Insyallah!)




  1. that is a lot of maybelline!!! haha. mascara tu nampak berkesan lah kot. tapi too clumpy. hmm

  2. wah.... jadi model for Remaja ker?...

  3. WOW wani...Maybelline mmg BEST..I pun guna some of the products...hehehehe btw, u mmg cantek la

  4. salam dear...
    boleh x u bt entry on how u pakai ur tie rack...xreti nk pki...pretty pleaseee........

    btw, i'm ur silent reader ;p

  5. Yup, true. Mascara tak payah spend beli mahal2. Membazir je. And yes, drug store brand pun ada yg bagus.

  6. bestnya dpt brg free!

    n yes, u memang cantik. i tgk show tu..memang nmpk LJ lg actually yg sebenarnye, u yg lagi cantik drpd yg lain2 tu...

    Cuma maybe diorg mekap kn u lain sikit kot..

    P/s: I love ur lashes so much! (N i simply adore u!)

    -silent reader-

  7. i love the green top you wore in that video! you look great! xx

  8. nn: Kann?! Byk sgt dia letakk..huhu

    ini blog ayin!: Taklah. Just an invited guest je

    alin: awwww thank u! Alhamdulillah. =)

    mermed z: insyallah. one day i buat kay

    reena: yuppy yup!

    anonymous: hahaha. u're very funny.. =)
    thank u honey

    nk: really? i thot its so simple. hehe. But i love the color!
    thanks for the compliment, anyway! =)

  9. wani, your contact lens is super cantik!
    it looks nice on you!
    what brand is it?

  10. wow.. banyaknye dorang bagi...!!


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