Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tomorrow is The Day!

Well..after been studying in IIUM for a whole 5 freaking years..tomorrow is the day to celebrate it! hehe. It's my convocation ceremony y'all! =)

Oh well.. I don't really feel excited and happy actually.. haha. Pelik gila! Orang lain semua excited..aku je tak. Takde la rasa tak happy. tapi takde jugak rasa happy.. Dia rasa biasa je.. Macam takde perasaan..heeee ;p

Well..I think it's because first, I have studied in UIA for far too long (1 year Matric in PJ, and 4 years degree in Gombak), that I don't really feel the excitement of graduating nowww.. Yelah, lama sangat kotttt! Dah basi dahh..hahaha.. ;p
Sebab dari dulu tak sabar sangat nak keluar from UIA...but now when the time comes, dah takde perasaan sangat sebab..Perasaan tu dah luput dah..haha

Hmm..oh well, secondly, it could also be because of the robe, I think! haha Look at the color! Blearghhh. What is thattt? Blue? Green? Turquoise? Hulk? I want black robe! Baru la nampak professional! heee. Okay Wani. Jangan gedix pleaseeee ;p (Dah la tak matching with my hot pink Kurung Modern from Jedan tuu. tskkk.
And thirdly because, I simply don't really like studying there.. (I realized that since Matric actually..but too afraid to speak up and tell daddy and mommy. Oh well, nevermind. Dah habis belajar dah pun.. And actually, UIA wasn't too bad after all. It's just me.... - Mengada sangat. haha ;p
But I also glad, that by studying in UIA, I have found my soul sisters, Nazirah Ishak. Love you mucho!)

Anyways.. I'm gonna say it now.. (I don't want you to think that I'm a freak for hating my own convocation day or whateverr..hehe..) Well... yes, I AM happy to have finally graduated from IIUM (Woohoo!)..
But this kinda thing would also make me feel like, Oh God...this is it..

This is the starting point of my life.

I'm an adult now. Geeeshhh.. Even the thought of it makes me sick. I hate to be a grown up.. =S
I have to be on my own noww.. I have responsibilities. Commitments. Bills to pay and stuff.. Work, work and workkk like a dog! Heeeeekkkk... Tak best nya dah besar!!! =(

Ok dah. Tu je nak bagitahu..

P/s: Hmm...I wonder will I get any flowers from anyone, tomorrow? Saya suka Calla Lilies and Daisy Gerbera. bagi la saya, bagi laaaa.. Anyone?? haha. Banyak pulak cekadak dia. Bunga Raya sudahhhh..hehe ;p



  1. congrats for ur convocation..
    also cannot wait for get out from my Uni and start to pay my own bills..hehe

  2. been there done that 4 years ago :)
    robe masa I grad UIA dulu lg least u dpt robe baru hehehe :)

  3. Tahniah! Selamat berkonvo, Wani :)

  4. hi wani, congratulations on ur graduation!

    i dulu pon rasa camtu juga, takde la excited sangat mana pon cos to me rasa cam habis sekolah jek habis degree, what's the big deal la kan?

    ..but trust me,do yourself a favour and amik gambar sakan semua and dress up bagai cos when time goes by and you look back, ada la sket2 rasa menyesal tak go through the trouble of the pomp and splendour of convocations.. cos times like these datang sekali jek (unless u nak buat another degree la kan..masters and phd doesn't count sebab dah lain ;))..tak boleh nak re-create 'the' moment..

    have fun!
    -dari akak yang dah banyak tahun selepas konvo degree-

  5. congrats dear......aloh....bila dah start kerja.....lagiiii best tau.....ehehe

  6. huhu cOngrats cik wanie.. (^^,)

  7. congrates~ i am so agree with baiti. it is true. just enjoy the moment. and being u, who just love taking picture,i know u gonna strike ur pose here and there. hehe ;D

  8. congratulation wani...!!! lepas ni bermual la segala era yang baru..dunia kerja dan segalanya lah..takkan nak sentiasa kecik je dik..tak nak kawen ke?? hehhe sian mr Azhar..hehhe

  9. ur feveret flower same as mine..
    calla mase convo dlu i gt diffrnt flowers from friends and parents
    sdey :(

  10. congrats yaaa.
    my sis pon konvo skli. tp hr sabtu sidang petang lah.

  11. Hyi,wani..

    Congrats..Selamat enjoy ur convo..

    I miss convo moment..Part plg I suka amek pic gedix2 dgn member coz ble tgk balik this day, rindu jea saat itu. Bila kawan2 dah keja+kawin+beranak susah nak jumpa..Gambar muda mudi la pengubat rindu..

    Ooppss ntah apa I bebel..Sooryyy...


  12. congrats! bestnye dah grad!!

  13. hi,
    sy pegi convo ni semlm,
    adk yg convo,xtau yg awk pun ada sama
    anyway congrats

  14. Congratulationss!! Oh don't be sad, you can always come back to student's life when pursuing your higher degree! ;)





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