Friday, October 15, 2010

I Love Spankin'!!

Hey ladies!

I am now a Spanx lover!

Do you know what Spanx is?? Well.. for those who don't know, Spanx is a line of shapewear which designed to smooth out bumps and provide control to create a slimmer look! The brand offers panties, bras, pantyhose, shorts, bodysuits, camis, and a whole wide variety of other undergarments..  (Go check out their site!) So if you are looking for a smooth line under your clothing, Spanx works very well!

With many styles to choose from, you are sure to find the garment that works best for your needs.

It won't make your figure look static and "awkwardly robotic" like what my sister said..  You know like those undergarment that has lot of  wires and some laces or whatever.. Spanx is not like those typical undergarment like your bustier or girdle or corset or whatever the name is... This Spanx, used a special material that gives you that smooth and seamless look and silhouette, which I like so much!!

Picture curik from my sister's ;p

Now I've been reading my sister's review about it in her blog, but never tried or bought it I have one full set of PB myself. So why membazir right? Both kinda like the same thing to me.. But the other day, when I had an important date (hehehe ;p) and was kinda having a fashion emergency as I've bulging everywhere every time I wear and try my fave tops.. I got panicked.. Didn't know what any other ways to lose weight in a day! So I tried so many ways to hide those bumps and bulge! I even tried to puke myself..hoping that my tummy would look flat..hehehe.. And wearing my PB corset doesn't seem to help..because to be honest, I don't really like that corset. - simply because it makes my boobies look 'too high' and does not look natural and looking kinda weird..hehehe. And secondly because, it has a lot of lace and some wires that kinda makes my body look like a robot and looking so 'keras' and static.. hehe. Err...don't really know how to explain it! ;p (But overall, the corset is fine actually...It's just me. I prefer to wear it during bedtime only..)
My point is, it does not look natural on me. And I don't like it.. Of course I do not want my date to know I'm wearing a corset, right?? hehehe. Nanti malu saya! So, at last..I remembered about my sister's I asked for a permission to borrow it from her.. And so I wear this..

It's from the Hide & Sleek Suit range.. 

And I super love it!! I don't look like I'm wearing any corset or whatever, underneath my dark purple jumpsuit! And best of all, it can really hide my bulging tummy! Heee.. (Okay you, yes youuuu! Now you know my secret la kann.. Hahaha. YES, the other day I wore a shapewear. So whatttt??! hehehehe ;p) does not look like am wearing any shapewear or undergarment underneath that jumpsuit, ey?? Mmm I likeeey.. =)

Otherwise, there'll be so many parts yang terkeluar dari landasannya! haha. So this Spanx is like my saviour! Thank God! God bless Sara Blakely for inventing this thing called Spanx! =)

And last few weeks when my sister said she wanted to buy some Spanx online... Saya pun tumpang sekaki! I chose this one..

This one can be attached to my bra! Well..any bra actually! hehe.. And that's cool! So you won't really have to suck in your boobies in there and making it look like some kinda ayam penyet or something, when wearing that full bodysuit! (If you know what I mean!) haha. Pricing starts from $72 to $76.

That's it for today! Spanx me! Spanx me! I love Spanx-ing! haha =P

Spanx Lover.


  1. OMG Waniii..
    I want it tooo...
    I have tummy prob too..
    And most of the time bulges would come out and made me look like triple cheese burgerr..

    Anyway,I'm linking you to my blog.
    Hope its alright yea?
    And visit my blog..


  2. omg babe i need to have this! can u provide us the link to the website?? thanks wanie.

  3. yup, mmg best pakai spanx..masa mula2 nak pakai je seksa, bila dah pakai rasa selesa je..

  4. I love it too..totally
    especially when to wear kebaya and mase 2 byk benda nak terkeluar dr landasan (hehe)
    it totally save my shape in my kebaya..anyone can;t notice that I've gain weight :)

  5. Dear Wani,
    I'm so in love with ur chic style even though u're wearing hijab, u mmg berani. i love ur scarves (may i know where did u get all those fabs scarcves? shame on me~ tanya2 pulak). all this time i silently followed ur blog and finally i took a chances to comment on ur post, sorry (>_<)

    -suzy effendi-

  6. wani!!!! greetings from brisbane@@@

  7. peminat spanx tegar16/10/10 9:34 AM

    hahah! I've been a fan of spanx since last year... I pon ade satu set PB butttttt blueeeeekk.. menyesal aku beli! buat kaya penjual dia je.. mmg menyesal sungguh2 sbb tak pakai pon mahal je lebih..serius menyesal sbb ruginye duit tu... dengan harga 1 set PB tu dah boleh beli macam2 jenis spanx yg sememangnye berkesan dalam meng'hide' kan apa2 yg patut... besstttttt kan??? hehehehehe ;)

  8. I luv spanx too..Nmpk body cantik je..i've got PB too n pkai sehari 8jam for 3months dah tp xde kesan pape pun..xloose weight pun..end up minum slim diet 2 n turun 7kg in a week n my skin tone jadi lebih cerah..PB memebuatkan badan saya sakit2 n susah nk bernafas n summore mcm memaksa badan..really hate it..luckily i bought PB only 900..consider cheap

  9. cool. thanks for sharing.

  10. hai wani, first time akak read bout spanx ni.nampak macam menarik and easy to wear. Yang akak pakai sekarang ni bertali tali but still comfortable. tapi bila u write
    "it makes my boobies look 'too high' and does not look natural and looking kinda weird.." akak ter"realise" plak yang boobies akak mcm tak ori time pakai corset sekrang ni..hahahahah..

  11. mata sangat besar! chantek!
    bulu mata sgt byk...! chantek!
    kamu mmg sgt chantek!

  12. hai wanie...
    im ur silent reader...really interested in buying spanx...tapi bila si browse the website...banyak sgt jenis spanx..ader hide and sleek ader slim which one yg bgs?

  13. hi wani.super agree with you on wearing one and it is very comfortable and it works to hide those lemak2 terkeluar landasan :)

  14. looks spankin good.
    the spanx, of course.


  15. ohho i was gonna make a 2nd review about spanx too.

    btw ayam penyet?? hahaha tak tahan! ;p

    well i think i prefer the bodysuit than the mid thigh one. tapi bodysuit leceh kalau nak terkucil dan terkacil. habis merembes segala kumbahan. eww!

  16. nabilah: hahaha! yeahh...i feel u babe! go go go n get one spankin' new spanx for yourself pleasee! hehe

    anonymous1: i don't know la dear.. go ask my sister for that.. she's the one who bought it for me..

    anonymous2: kan??! =)

    ct soleha: yup yup! thats true!

    sue andy's: awww thanks! err..nape nak sorry? hehe.. i wont mind la people asking me questions.. =)
    anyways, most of my scarves are from tie rack

    rachel: oh hellowww thereee!! =D

    peminat spanx: pb tu is actually more like untuk kesihatan.. tp i pon tak berapa suka nak pakai.. sebab i jadi 'keras'..hahaha ;p tp pakai kat rumah, ok laa..

    anakefli: hello helllowww! =)

    anonymous3: oh well.. pb is more for kesihatan i think.. so, nak turun berat badan tu i think, agak lambat kot depending on that person kot..tah la.. saya pon taktahuu..eheh

    tijah: ur welcome!

    teachernunu: hehehehehehe.. yeah, corset does make our boobies looking too high and doe snot look natural kannn...hehe.. that's why i kurang suka pakai corset..heee

    littlenerdy: awwwwwww thank u dear! oh well, maybelline and lancome did it for me! heheh ;)

    darina: be honest, i pon tatau mana bagus.. tp i beli yg slim cognito tu.. sbb ada word 'slim'. wahahaha! ;p

    white purple flower: yupsy! best kan! =)

    arief arf: =)

    along: merembes bahan kumbahan??! wahahahahaha!

  17. omg, so love this post.. memang nampak beza la.. u nampak kurus!! ke u mmg dah loose weight wani? anyway, kurus or not, u're still wani we love! hehehe

  18. kalau pki Spanx ni mesti susah kalau nk terkucil kn?? tmbh2 kalau tgh sakit perut, nk cantik punya psl, kene bhati2 la kn..hehe

  19. Utk akak yg dah tua ni (of course lah compared to adik2 readers lain..hehe) & malas nak buat sit-ups. Spanx really help to hide objek2 menggeleber. But it's temporary effect, bukan boleh buat kurus. Jadi penyelamat bila pakai kebaya or kurung moden.
    Recommended, but still la korang kena jaga badan jugak, no short cut there :)

  20. Salam Sis

    I pun pakai Spanx, I'm loving it.
    Mmg best.

    I order dengan :
    (a) KS,

  21. peminat spanx tegar

    spanx hanya temporary use je bukan permanent.. kalau takat beli satu pb dari dealer x de lah kaya mana pun org tu.. silap2 u beli installment kot??

  22. peminat spanx tegar19/10/10 6:43 AM

    salam the queen bee,

    erkkk.. gini rupanya attitude penjual pb tegar?? seriously?? ape hina sangat ke u igt org biasa bukan penjual pb tegar tak buleh bayar cash kalau beli apa2 pon?? bezanya kitorg takde nak eksyen beli apa2 pon cash no credit card.. adoiiilllaaaaa... ish ish ish.. again, seriously????

    nway, I wonder why oh why penjual pb or cdm ddm ddx dvd u all takde pon yg permanent body cun? semua nya saiz yg... errrkkkk.. nooooo my eyes won't lie!! or maybe the picture wouldn't lie... :D *peace*

  23. Hi wany,

    I nak tumpang promo boleh?

    I ada in stock spanx n accept pre order any spanx design.

    Just email me:

    or visit me @


  24. waneeeeeeeeee cantik nya awak niiii!!!!!

    please ajar make up tutorial pleaseeee!

  25. yes, i agree with peminat spanx tegar.. i would rather say PB is more benefit for health issue.. not for kurus lah.. nk kurus u hv to control ur diet, or ambik product lain same.. but maybe utk maintain kurus.. i pun xbrapa suka pkai PB walaupun ada.. i just pkai girdle sia shj sbb it helps me bila duduk lama2 punggung i tak sakit.. n setuju sgt bila peminat spanx tegar cakap all cdm,ddm,dsm and what ever m yg ada dlm hai-o tu bdnye semua 'sedap' belaka... pastu letak gambar yg masa tgh selim melim... haih, berniaga kena jujur nanti hidup tak tenang sbb asyik kena menyumpah dgn org.. lgpun PB is 70% health and 30% beauty kan..

  26. I agree, PB wearers punya body nampak pelik... boobs macam tinggi sangat and very curvy. The sellers should potray that they're slim, then baru boleh attract more customers....

    My 2 cents... and i love spanx too !

  27. Pic yg before n after utk testimonial pb tu semua nmpk giler editingnye..time before nye pic u all lebarkan n time after shrink giler2..nmpk tol2 xreal n xnatural especially pic kak ayu biler jmpe cdm ddm n semua testimoni2 in reality..mmg 'sedap'..haha

  28. I wish I had a couple thinner ones so I could use them as belts, though! I get most of my ideas from street style sites.

  29. kenapa hanis nak melenting pulak, pelik betul, suka nak terasa2..and i pun guna pb jugak actually, for slimming, it doesnt work on me, wud say that herbalife yg help to shed off tos unwanted pounds, for health, i tanak komen as i x sure ape efek dia to me, tho am wearing it like 8 hours daily, da drink 3 litres water daily..and yes, dealer mcm selalu cakap yg pb boleh tone down the body, i tgk badan dia makin naik je..and so thus dealer yg i beli from pun..weird..

  30. ShoPPe LISTa have it too!

    bought mine from her

    i just bought from this fb page, loving it !!


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