Friday, October 22, 2010

I Just Realized Something...

......after Syawal has passed few weeks ago, now only I realized I haven't posted any Raya pics of mine in here! Hehehe.. Sorry for the delay..  ;p

Oh well..better late than never ey? hehe. So here's some of the belated Raya pics! =)

On Friday, the morning of 1st Syawal.. Before going to Shah Alam (tempat berkumpul for the whole family- my mom's side)

In my Mak Long's place.. With daddy and little Ayra

Oh..and this cute little white thing, she's adorable, I want her already!

With my cousin's adorable daughter, Emlyn Farischa. Comel sangat kan dia niiii??! Haihh..geram nya akuuu!

Even my dad likes her! She's toooo adorable, kan?! 

My family..

My siblings.. From left: First, third, last and second

..with my fave brother (cehh..macam I ada abang/adik yang lain! heheh)

Awwww and these two would be my fave nephews. Mereka sungguh comel!

Seeeee... Aren't they cutee? hehe

And this Haikal Razik is my most favourite one! Probably cuz he is so friendly towards me! (Read: Most babies will hate this scary looking, unfriendly-but-still-nice Aunty Wany, I swear! Sobs...) 

See thatt... We get along pretty well...heheh ;p 

Aunty loves youuu!

Probably cuz he is the most quiet baby I've ever seen, so it's kinda easy to be friend with him..hahaha.. Oh andddd... it could also be because we're Januarians. He's 10, and I'm 17. The gap is only 7 days. So, I guess..that's why he can accept even this scary-looking aunty to hold him and kiss those cute little cheeks! Mmmm..geram!!

P/s: Selamat Hari Raya everyone.. Oh's not the month of Syawwal anymoree.. It is now Zulkaedah la Wani! Okay fineee.. Happy Diwani Diwali then! ;p



  1. hye wani.lama x post a komen here.i love love love ur beaded hot pink kurung tu.cantek!

  2. i like ur teeth!..

  3. you are very pretty, wany.. Even with less make up. I simply adore u!

  4. fieza: thank u honey!

    hanis: yup, alhamdulillah =)

    bit zamri: haaa really? huhuhuhuh ;p
    thanks dear.. I still think its a bit weird! Feels like wearing braces again la..heee ;p

    anonymous: omg..that is really sweet of u! thanks honey.. and alhamdullilah =)

  5. saya suka baju pale pink yang last tu.. ade lace or beading kat bawah dada kan? tak nampak sgt dalam gambar.. hehehe

  6. hai i suke tgk u pkai shawl...can u teach how to wear shawl???i br nk bjnak2 nk pkai xpndai...

  7. efa fairuz: thank u! aah ada beading bawah dada.. ni baju lama je nasib baiks till muat! hehe

    wahidah zakaria: wow really? good to know that! anyways, u can refer to the video i made few months's the link:

    Good luck!

  8. i would love to be your niece aunty wani, lol!

    rugi la kalau tak nak baik dgn aunty wani, cz aunty suka shopping okeh!



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