Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Majlis Perasmian Jakel Shah Alam

My mom is one of Jakel's regular customer.. And last week, she got invited to the launch of their new flagship store in Shah Seksyen 7. So, my mom brought me along since Nona (one of the owners of Jakel or something..) has reserved two seats for her.. Yeayyy..lucky me! hehe

And.. Oh my God... I must say, this is one of the most grand event I've ever been to! I've been to so many launching boutique or party or whatever..but the most extravagant event I've ever stepped into!

Just look at how they've spent for the yummy food, table setting, the celebrities and models who came for some shows, fresh flowers (which were like..EVERYWHERE!), the canopies, the kain rentang and whatsoeverr..
Seriously, macam majlis kahwin! heheh

Yes, this is just for launching of their new store! hehe. I don't know how many guests they invited.. But it seems like thousands!

They really, really spent, huh? Oh well.. It's Jakel, kottt! A verrry big company now! hehe.. Plus, our Sultan Selangor was there too! So of course, kena buat grand, right?

The early bird. 
We arrived quite early on that day... Oh well, it's actually not quite.. It was verry early, I suppose! (We were one hour and 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time for the event to start!)

Look, fresh flowers are everywhereee! And they are sooo pretty! I like!

Mother and Daughter

So this is the beautiful Nona 

And this is the uglie Wany. Goddd... I hate my scarf and make up on that day! Seriously, those so called awning style scarf is sooo not for me! Oh, and wearing eye liner on my lower lash line tooooo! Blearghhh.. It was too much! Kan? Huarghh! >_<

The Sultan Selangor sitting next to the Jakel owner..

While waiting for the speech whatsoever, we snapped some pics! 

Cantik kan dia ni? Terlalu cantikkk. Muka lembut je.. 

I couldn't stop starring at her, sampai my mom cuik kaki I kat bawah meja - to ask me to stop doing that! hahaha.. But I just couldn't help it! She's toooooo lovely. I love everything about her! Her body, her height, her face, her smile, her eyes, her skin, her make up, her baju, her tudung..etc.. Oh God. I do sound like a lesbian now. Heeee ;p But seriously, I really really like her. I like looking at her face since the first time I stepped into their store in KL, last few years.. huhu

The Jakel clan..

Sultan Selangor giving out Duit Raya to the orphans..

Oh heyy..Rizman was there as well! (And so does other designers too!)

Ziana Zain performing..

Me in Hatta Dolmat's Baju Kurung. (please excuse the kembung2-ness of my baju..Forgot to adjust it, before posing for the camera! hee)

...and the moment I've been waiting for: Makan time!!

And during our makan, there was a fashion show going on.. These models were showing off Jakel's exclusive designs and materials that were wrapped around their body looking like they were one piece of an outfit..

I didn't snap every models though.. They were too many! Plus, I wanna enjoy my yummy food! heee


(I swear, I'm never gonna wear this kinda make up anymoreee! I only posted this pic because I think my mom looks cute in here.. heh)

Okay..Got my goodie bag (which was some kain..Very nice design and material!), so now, it's time to go homeee and remove all these eye liner and hideous make up! Blearghh! >_< now I have another kain to make a Baju kurung for my work attire! Yeay! =)



  1. Waaw Wany you are so lucky! Thank you for sharing this with us, as you always do :) Definitely a high end event. Wow I couldn't believe they went all out like that, it looks like a party/event setting that I saw in an Oprah show before heh. Canggih, mewah sungguh. I wonder who is the event planner. Pandai betul la diorang ni..
    By the way your baju is really nice. That's a nice color, rarely see it on you.

    From a
    Occasional random reader of yours ;)

  2. you didn't look weird wani! you were gorgeous! what's wrong with the make up? hehe
    & yes, the awning of the scarf was abit out of place. i think you should make it a little less sharp then you're good to go :)

  3. salam..
    As a person that spend most of her childhood time in Segamat. I totaly proud with Jakel.Their 1st company is at Segamat. Masa itu semua perkerja dia adalah anak-beranak dia jew.hehe.

    Masa I kecil2x dulu, Jakel ini syarikat kain kecil jew. Tapi tengoklah sekarang, dah berkembang maju hingga tahap multi-international dah.

  4. salam..
    As a person that spend most of her childhood time in Segamat. I totaly proud with Jakel.Their 1st company is at Segamat. Masa itu semua perkerja dia adalah anak-beranak dia jew.hehe.

    Masa I kecil2x dulu, Jakel ini syarikat kain kecil jew. Tapi tengoklah sekarang, dah berkembang maju hingga tahap multi-international dah.

  5. salam..
    As a person that spend most of her childhood time in Segamat. I totaly proud with Jakel.Their 1st company is at Segamat. Masa itu semua perkerja dia adalah anak-beranak dia jew.hehe.

    Masa I kecil2x dulu, Jakel ini syarikat kain kecil jew. Tapi tengoklah sekarang, dah berkembang maju hingga tahap multi-international dah.

  6. No la wanie.. u look matured. but still cute n sweet =)

  7. ur baju cantik sgt cuma awning tudung tu tak terbentuk cantik tu je...overall ok sbb make up nampak soft je k.suzie tgk.that lady mmg cantik la,pernah tgk kat tv wife one of the Jakel's owners,haryani yg nama dia diambil sempena tudung ariani pun mmg sgt2 cantik orgnya

  8. Cantiknya Nona tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..........

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  10. Oh my babe!
    I was like...WOW WOW WOW from the beginning!hahah couldnt stop making this face :-O( excuse me for being so jakun!)

    What a day!

  11. eh tudung awning u cantik la..custom made eh?cume kat bhg awning tu x berapa kemas sikit (hiii bnyak comment lak)

    and nona..yes,she's gojes.penah jumpe die ftf.tak berkelip n memang asek nak tengok kat die je :)

  12. make up u cantik je dear.. nothing wrong with it.. love it :)

  13. love ur baju kurung la wany.. hehe.. btw, miss nona tu memang lawa la u.. sweet.. klu in real life mesti lagi cantik kan.. :P

  14. hi wani! so..beautiful!! grand gila!

  15. lagi satu!! ur baju cantik sgt!!!

  16. Cantiklah ur makeup. Betul! mana ada buruk and OTT. Ok je

  17. wanie... tak hodoh pon mekap tuuuu..
    I think this makeup really suits u.. tak look weird pon!!.. but CHANTEKKKKKKKKKKKKK :) serious

  18. Salam,
    Terima kasih kerana menghadiri Majlis Perasmian JAKEL SHAH ALAM. Pihak pengurusan amat berbesar hati dengan kehadiran cik dan keluarga.

    Disini saya ingin membuat sedikit permohonan, bolehkah sekiranya pihak pengurusan JAKEL menyimpan (save image) dan menggunakan koleksi gambar yang telah diambil oleh cik ketika Majlis Perasmian sebagai simpanan dan untuk paparan di laman web JAKEL? harap cik dapat membalas soalan saya ini dengan mengirimkan email ke

    Terima kasih

  19. woah. nona yg owner pon duduk seblah korang..your mum mesti some sort of vip eh? best nya! lucky u!
    btw, ur make up is fine huney. n im lovin yr baju kurung! so nice! must be very expensive eh?


  20. Your makeup ok la Wani. Tudung je yang tak bape ok. Awning tu tak kemas.

    Cantik event ni. Yeah macam majlis kahwin!

  21. i tgk cantik je, baju cantik, tudung cantik, except at the awning jela too much muncung kot.. kalau betulkan muncung tu sikit mesti perfect.. u pun nampak slim, n your make up is fine.. everything's ok! takpe, sometimes kena extraordinary sikit.. it's a rare wani but still adorable.. dont think too much la, we still love u! :D

  22. dear....
    baju cun... tudung kena adjust skek jer... make up pun cun but i think maybe a lil bit shading will give better impact..

  23. alamak.. rugi la plak I turn down the invite.. dah dpt call n sms from jekel shah alam.. rupanya best... and wany.. you looked great..

  24. wahhhh..JAKEL siap comment lagi tuuu! Hebat lah u wany! sampai org JAKEL pon tgk blog u! Thumbs up for u!!

  25. hye there...
    wany why u posing like that(during please excuse the kembung2-ness of my baju tu)
    u boops looks so big la...
    xcantik la dear...
    no feeling hearted okay..
    btw nice and extravaganza event!!
    lucky u dear

  26. salam wani...i have silently been reading ur blog for quite sometime now..I am wayy much older than you and I hope u take my humble advice and sorry if it hurts you. From most of your posts, you always been very critical and see only the negative side of yourself. "This looks bad on me, that looks ugly on me", etc..but the fact is you looked pretty, well-groomed and dolled up to perfection!!..Please dont criticize yourself all the time, it is bad for your self-esteem and confidence.You are pretty and everything you wear looks perfect and suits u well !
    -kak jos-

  27. salam wany:i also agree with kak always cticis urself...
    u should be agrateful person coz u have everything dear...don't be ungrateful person ye wany...
    it;s just mt 2cents...


  28. kawan wani9/10/10 9:17 AM

    as wani's fren i know dat maybe sumtimes she seems a bit negative or maybe always negative but dats certainly not bcoz she's not grateful..i know she's grateful wit all that she has but being a girl or woman, we tend to criticize ourselves most of da time so dat we'll be better in da future (at least better la dr dok criticize org len kot..hihi)lgpun being a blogger is always not easy for her..if dia ckp dia cantek nnti org len salah fhm ingat dia prasan plak tp bile dia ckp x cantek org ckp dia x besyukur..ssh kan jd shazwani hamid?? hihi.. so lets juz put it tis way people..kite anggap la blog ni umah wani..she's free to do wat eva she wants in her house kan? she can say wat eva she wants coz its her home so as her guests maybe we shud respect her freedom but its ok if we wanna contribute any constructive opinion coz i know wani wud love to hear from all of u =)

  29. wany, i m no expert in makeup..i dono hw to put on make up n i m too wayy much older than u BUT fr wat i see, ur make up is ok, looks good! why u kutuk2 urself? cantik lah!

    btw nona mmg cantik like u said and kalau i pun akan stare to admire the beauty, wat more guys, sure stare2 ;)

  30. nona seriously cantik gile...! N i LOVE! ur m/up lah dear~Yet the tudung is quite not for u..heh..

  31. hi shazwani...nak tanyela kat mane ek venue perasmian jakel ni? so in love with the concept and canopy. tmpt nie msti mcm padang besar kan. kot2 sesuai tak nk buat wedding kat situ?

  32. assalamualaikum,perkenalkan sy sdri - nur atiqah yap.....


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