Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chocolate Makes Everything a Little Better!


Oh. My. God. Who doesn't love chocolate??! Mmmm mmmm goood..

Sinful is how I have always described chocolates. It always feels so nice to have chocolates melted in your mouth, delivering its wonderful taste right through your tongue, doesn't it? Mmmmm.. Well, at least that's what I think! I've always been a fan of chocs. There's just something wonderful about eating chocolates. It just makes me feel a whole lot better when I'm feeling down...I mean, how weird is that? It's just...err.. a bar of some milk and cocoa? heh. But really, pleasuring myself with chocs just makes everything a little better even when I had the most unpleasant day!


Have you heard of Dove Chocolate yet?  Well in some countries (that is in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East), it is called as Galaxy.  I've tried some Galaxy chocs before. Did you like Galaxy? Cuz I do! It's verrry creamy! But this chocs called Dove, I haven't try it yet! Not even a single bite, though it's already in the market! hehe.. So I'm ought to try it!

And the other day.. I got these babies to try for the first time... Mmmm!

Hello, Dove Chocolate!

If there’s one thing that defines Dove chocolate, it’s their silkiness. The bars aren’t that large, but they pack a lot of chocolatey-ness into each little segment! And Dove chocs last and linger, it makes the me-time moments last longer too! Ahhh... 
Dove chocolate melts quickly on the tongue, giving a thick taste of chocolate instantly! ^_^

I like thissss, Chocolate with Crispy Rice! Yummmm! 

It's true what they claimed, "Dove Silky Smooth Chocolate".. 
Do try and take a bite of their Milk Chocolate to taste the real silkiness yourself... Mmmmm! 

These are the flavors that I tried:

1. Milk Chocolate (My fave!)
2. Chocolate with Crispy Rice
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Raisin

I think it’s great Dove is offering variety in their chocolate choices, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy these interesting flavors, but me, I think I’m going to stick with the original milk chocolate! Mmmmm!

Do try it guys!



  1. Wani, ni Dove sama company dengan Dove shampoo tu ka?

  2. tak tak.. ni under Mars company :)

  3. omg.. i also eatin dove.. lol!!!

    U know wani... i wanted to do.. dove shampoo n dove chocolate can also be use in the bathroom..

    show mandi in tub full of soap eating dove chocolate.. sExyeehh (x berani tunjuk haha)

  4. hi wanie! Dove? shampoo? seriusly, this choc memang mengganggu keimanan! grrr...nomnomnom

  5. i've tried Galaxy before but never for this one..wanna try Dove Milk Chocolate instead..sounds tasty..;D

  6. miu: walllaaa...that'd be nice miu! hehehe.. Or better yet...u melt the choc and then slather it on ur face making it as your face therapy, while waiting to rinse off your Dove conditioner! hahaha ;p

    shinnaz: hehe... this is not from the Dove shampoo company my dear.. It's just that..they have the same name.. Tapi dia under mars company..

    serenity: yup2 try the milk choc one! mmm =)

  7. pengsan tgk coklat byk2 sedap nyer

  8. malaysia ada jual x?..sangat menggugat iman..camne nak diet nie hurmm

  9. yup...mmg sedappp... they gave free try last weekend time jusco member's day... then terus in love with Dove Chocolate...mmmm... yummy...yummy...

  10. ahhh sinful temptations! :P miss wanie, this is rather random but may i ask, what do you do if you're stressed out? :(

  11. Sgt sedap okeh..I bott dove in milk choc!Heaven gle~

  12. yup2.. sedap kan? hehe

    Sila lah beli. Murah je! =)


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