Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adik Rintik, Kakak Borek! :p

On one fine I was doing some work on the net, somebody knocked my door.. So I opened up the door, and saw my brother in front of my bedroom door, with his Macbook Pro in his hands, and with his black man's accent, he said, "Ey yaw..what's poppin'? Whatchu doin' sis?".

And I replied, "Work? Why? What you want n*gga?" 

"I'm bored. Let's borak borak, jom? Miss you lah"

"Hmm.. Borak? Sure. What's up? Any interesting stories to share?"

... and then he went up my bed, baring, guling guling and started Facebooking and showed me some of his friends' pictures and started telling me stories.. And then he told me this and that stories..and I shared mine too.. (Btw, he is more like a friend to me.. We are not like the typical brother-sister punya style..hehe ;p And plus, our age tak banyak beza. So, I guess that's why boleh ngam dengan dia ni.. He's 19 by the way..)

And then after that..he said, "Eh..I bought this one headgear in Istanbul the other kinda looks like a turban or something.. Jom ambik gambar dengan aku nak? I wanna wear that thing.."

"Hmm...malas lah. I got work. Plus, I am not in my best look. Malas nak make up-make up ni la adik.."

"Haa make up la then.. Jom laa kakakkk. Aku tunggu. Jom la... Make up larrr, tau? Make up lawa lawa. Macam ala ala arab ke.. With all those eyeliner of yours ke or whatever you call it! And I'm with this look. And then we make an album in FB called, "Fc*ked up Arabs". I'll wear my DKNY jacket with this turban. Hahahaha.. Nak tak?"

"Gedik ahhh.. Jap lagi.. jap lagiii.. Aku nak siapkan a few stuff ni.. You do your thang first"

....and about an hour later, I was in the mood already, and all dress up for the camwhoring session with my brother! hahaha

While waiting for me to get ready.. Haha..

Oh adikku yang poyo. hahahaha ;p

The Black-and-White team!

Sumpah, adik aku ni lawak. Dengan his black man accent lagi. Adoyai.. Aku layan kan jerrr..hehe ;p

...he wanted to kiss me and show some love towards his sister..

And then I said.. "Euw, no way".
Then he replied, "Oh c'mon man.. I'm your brother. I love you. And we're siblings. What's wrong with that?"

..and I said, "Okay.. Fineeeee. Whateverr". hahahahaha ;p

He's my buddy, he's my brother.

Do we look alike? Nahhhhh...

He's 19. And she's...erm.. 21. tskk. Oh crappp.. I'm old! ;p

"Wani, wani...buat muka mahal" 
"Huh? Muka mahal? Muka mahal macam mana?" 
Hahahaha.. Itu je la muka mahal yang dapat ku pamerkan disituu..Wahahaha! ;p

Gucci versus Chanel? Which one is much more glamourous? Mine, of course! hahaha ;p

Aviator versus Blingbling. 

What's with the face lahh bro?

Dia anak mak. Saya anak bapak. Sebab dia ikut muka mak saya yang berketurunan Cina dan saya ikut muka bapak saya yang berketurunan.... cuba teka? Heheh ;p 

Si machiow dan si gedix ;p

Sepia. Adding some 60's vibe. heh

"Oh, we're in Paris!"

"Hoyeahhh.. Paris! Paris! Wooohoo!" LOL ;p

The gedix sister. ;p

And the Arab mix with N*gga brother! (he always so perasan wanting to be a half n*gga! wahahaha ;p)

And then after camwhoring session, we recorded some videos pulak! hahaha. Oh, it's really cool to have a brother yang satu kepala dengan saya lar! hehe..

Adoyai. Korang mesti dah penat tengok kami menggedik depan camera kannn. hahaha. Well..what can I say... we, the Generation Y people dan orang orang muda seperti kami memang begini. Kami jakun nampak camera! LOL ;p

P/s: Bonding session with the brother is really really nicee especially if you have a brother that's cool like mine, kan?! hehe. So how do you usually spend time with your brother? =)

P/ss: I love you, my one and only brother =)



  1. wow that's so cool! lucky u to have bro yg sekepala!
    as for me i've 4 brothers! so usually we just fighting over something. i guess that's how i spent time with them ;)

  2. entri ni buat tambah rindu kat my brother. he's 18 and i'm 22 but sometimes i feel like he's my big brother sebab badan dia besar gila!! selalu story pasal love life, crushes and gossip pasal member2 dengan dia. and kalau pergi shopping dia kena jadi my bodyguard. hehe.

  3. so sweeettt. suka je tengok.
    used to do this kindda thing with my sister. merepek2 aje.
    tapi dia kedekut tak bagi share kat blog. :/

  4. cute.. gambar kat paris tu lawak okehhh.. mcm pak arab sesat kat sana

    anyway, how i wish i ada sibling yg dekat2 age.. i'm the youngest so konfem la tader adek but my sister is 7 years older than me :(

  5. sumpah ko lawa gler kt sume gmbr!!!! aku sokaa!!!!!!!!!

  6. ya ampun..dua dua gedix oke.. hahaha ;))

    siap nigga salam kat dia eh..

    btw, lawa mata..nice makeup!

  7. hahaha...ada2 jer 2 beradik ni...

  8. so sweet tengok keakraban u all n so jealous..wani u are so pretty lorr..


  9. i only have siste..
    and we spent time together we do what girls like to do ofcz shopping la kan :P

  10. you guys remind me of my younger sis and bro. both are only 1 year apart and they are very close. dah tu muka lain2 pulak dedua, ramai orang tersilap ingat bf and gf..hahaha..

  11. wani

    cantik betul kulit awak!!

  12. SUBHANALLAH...wanie kamu sangat comel. sungguh indah ciptaan Allah ni. =)
    suke tgk kamu n adik kamu. sgt cool

  13. Wani,

    I love your make up here.Clean,bold eyes and you look more younger with this style.

    May I know you lipstick colour.

  14. wani..lawak lah u guys..ehh..thanks for making my 10mths old gelak part u & your brother gelak..then bila wani nyanyi..dier diri goyang2 badan..tonggek2 kan now kena ulang banyak2 kali video u guys..hihi..anyway..your mata is so cantekk!!

  15. hi sis, im one of ur reader, ;D
    ur brother tu from taylors kan?? slalu nampak dia kat cafeteria. heheheh.anyways, loveeee all ur blogpost! RAJIN UPDATE TAUUU! hehehe

  16. wehhh kau ni bapak lawa dowhhhhhh!! tunjuk ar mcm mana mekap tuuu!



  17. si cantik. Cantik sangatttt!

  18. adik u hensem ar....

  19. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! Yeah, me and my bro make a pretty good team, ey? hehehe ;)


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