Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Current Obsession

It's Taylor Swift!

She's just so so so so SO PRETTY!!! Not that I don't know it, before this..but, I just never really really observe her (like I always do on VB or any of my idols, simply cuz she's blonde - I prefer brunette girls, fyi).. But after seeing her in one of my fave songs (White Horse), I fell in love with her instantly! And decided to watch (I mean like really really watch every bit of her) in all of her music videos! Heeee. I just love love loveeee to see her eyes, her hair, her make up, her clothes, her smile, her porcelain white skin...and so on! She's just so pretty! I likeyyy!

Do you ever notice how she always look like a princess in most of her video clips? She's just so purrrrfect! Kannnn?!


Dah la suara best, lawa, comel.. Haihh.. Geram nyaaa! I SO want her hair, her skin and that kinda look - simple but sweet! Mmmmm.

Mode: Nak pergi main make up lah!! hehe. Ok, ladies enjoy the music..Toddles! Oh ya, and later am gonna buy myself her album lah! She's one of my fave girl now! Yeayy!  ^_^



  1. yeayy!!welcome to d club wani:DD i love love lovee taylor swiftt!i love her songs cz they're all real<3 and shes reeallyy pretty n like u said,sume2 la kan,suara best,cntik,cute.suka2!shes one of my fav girls too,like u:) nanti jgn lupa speak now release on dis 25th oct!can't waitt!enjoy replaying her songs now;D

  2. i like like like her too! *wink*wink* she really is cute. and the songs are all worth to listen too. ;D

  3. yup yup! i like her tooo! she really is PREETTTY!

  4. baru tau white horse dh ade vc!! best!!!!!!!!


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