Monday, October 11, 2010

Review on the Nokia C3!

Pssstttt.... I got a new phone! hehe

It's the new Nokia C3! It's Nokia’s most compact messenger phone right now.. It is a light phone which is catered for those who are tight on their budget, but love the online multimedia services like Twitter, Facebook, IM and emailing.. (Which seemed to be like the current trend these days! Everyone 'need' to be connected with everyone! hehe) 
So with its sleek design and a full Qwerty keyboard, the Nokia C3 should grab the attention of the active social media consumers!

The display format is pretty standard, and this Nokia C3 Smartphone itself is easy to handle and user-friendly..

Well its core function feature of this phone is the Social Networking.. So of course, Facebook and Twitter and Ovi are all integrated in this Nokia C3. However, this phone is not 3G supported.. but you can still be able to browse the internet through the EDGE/GPRS/GSM speed or even the Wireless Lan.

And the headers under the display at the Home Screen, give immediate access to the most important thing, which the Nokia C3 mobile phone is meant for, namely messaging, e-mail and social networking.. These applications can be accessed immediately from the start screen. So it's very convenient and handy for those who likes tweeting or Facebooking! (Read: me ;p) So you can get in touch with your fave people immediately!

And of course, next is the Push Email which is supported by the Nokia Messaging which makes you much more connected on the go, as it can be able to connect your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Mail, Ovi Mail and others.. So yes, you can reply your emails even while you're on the go! (Just like having a Blackberry!) Coolies!

Oh and this Nokia C3 cell phone is equipped with a 3.5-inch plug and USB interfaces, and it has a micro usb slot which means it is expandable for up to 8 gig

Side note:-
On the 15th of October 2010 (2.30pm – 5.30pm), interested parties can head over to the Celcom Booth at La Bodega, Pavilion KL to sign up!
The 1st 50 customers can get the Nokia C3 at RM99; 2nd 50 get it at RM199. Interested parties must register to Celcom RM88 (CE50 + D38) or RM118 (CE50 + D68) package plan -12mth contract). Advance payment needed (RM300) for new customers.

Another good news is that customers who purchase C3 on the day will also be entitled to a lucky draw: with 5 C3 units + other goodies to be given away!

Alright, I think that's it for now.. You can get this Nokia C3 only at the Celcom Blue Cube, to register for booking, click here



  1. slack betullah tak ada 3G :/

  2. noted- tulis dalam diary.
    15 okt 2010 at pavilion....:)

  3. murah murah tu bape..bestnya...

  4. wah kita samaler..baru aje tangkap seminggu yg lepas..worth buying!!

  5. i want the pink one! btw harga dia berapa? like, kalau nak beli biasa-biasa dekat kedai phone

  6. RM99!!!!
    thats cheappppppppppp!!!
    definitely a steal!
    i wonder mesti que panjang giler hari tue

  7. Uuuu~ thanks for the info wani!

    Can't believe how affordable it is!!

  8. nn: tu la pasal! so, dia agak slow sedikit.. hehe

    notti netti: selamat berebut! heee

    aznee yunos: yeah..this phone kinda nice.. n bila dgr harga dia pon mmg worth buying la!

    strawberri: not sure la dear..

    littlehumblelynn: yup! this phone kinda cool actually.. Go get it!

    Iman: err...not so sure la dear.. i got this phone.. so i dont really know the price.. nnt u pegi la check dkt counter

    ladyverde: definitely cuz its bloody cheap!!

    idina: ure welcome! =)

  9. thanx to you, i manage to bought it for rm99!! =) btw, i am the 30th person in the line.. the queue was so long starting from 2pm all the way till 5.30 pm... and it was great! =)

  10. i dpt tau harga less than 500..murah kan...weee..nak bli satu


  11. my sis dah beli kaler pink
    function best tapi tak ada 3g spoil jew kan

  12. hi im ur silent reader, nk tanya..
    biler chatting gune YM, or gtalk tuh gune kredit ke?


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